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Thiefs On The Cross Baptized
"Special strokes for special folks" Emcee? God says He is not a respector of special treatment.

Is Cremation Biblical
Pastor Danny...please elaborate on your "no" answer. Just curious as to your thoughts and interpretation of scriptures. Thank you :)

Struggle With Honoring My Mom
You ladies will be in my prayers also. Sometimes it helps us to know we're not alone and I know God knows our hearts and the situation. I use to work for MHMR as a caseworker getting clients on Disability. My mother ALMOST enrolled for services, but refused when she found out they keep a chart. "I don't want NOTHING I say to be written down!". Her words. *sigh* The biggest lesson I've learned is how NOT to be to my children. I've truly been blessed with wonderful children praise God!

Struggle With Honoring My Mom
3. Isn't respect "earned"? When I look back, I think, "What kind of mother would do this to her child?", and part of me never wants to see her again, and the other yearns for a mother (dad passed away in '93). Then I have this GUILT trip. She plays up the fact that most take care of their parents in their elderly years. (I live out of state). I honestly don't think I can or even WANT to take on this caregiver roll. I guess maybe I just needed to vent, and I'd appreciate your prayers.

Struggle With Honoring My Mom
2. The "kicker" is, she DENIES ever having done/said things! I truly think she has mental illness going on, but even the most chronic schizophrenic person knows right from wrong! For some reason, her rage was taken out on us daughters, but when Sis married and left, I still had another 7 yrs. before I graduated and left. Sorry to whine here. I've forgiven. I don't dwell on it or wish evil on her, but to try to establish a daughter/mother relationship seems impossible. so.

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