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Mormons And Joseph Smith
I think that the word "evidence" might not be the best word to use when talking about the Book of Mormon, because despite all the "evidence" that it is wrong, millions have found it to be true, and as the fastest growing church in the world each day thousands more people are reading it, praying about it, and being filled with the holy ghost. The work continues to go forward for Lucifer cannot stop the will of God. I know for myself that it is true because i have read it and prayed about it.

What Are Jesuites
AlanOfUk, that's a good one. A Jesuite` is a female Jesuit.

What Is God's Purpose For Men
God made us in his image. So don't criticize yourself or anyone else. God's purpose for us is to worship him. For us to become his children through salvation by Jesus Christ. It took a blood atonement.

How To Save My Husband
Do not give up praying & fasting. You are called to do that. & remember the fruits of the spirit. Humble, gentle, kind. This will break the evil ones spirit. God has his hand on your husband. Go to your special place every day,pray,believe for your husband,tell your children to pray, pray together. And remember that when you pray the enemy will come on like a roaring lion so be prepared for battle with your armor of God.It is a spiritual warfare not of flesh and blood. You will withstand the enemy.

Who is Juanita Bynum?
Remember Jim Jones, Don't drink the kool-aid.

How Do I Know God's Will
I recently made the most important move of my lifetime and constantly asked God's direction. I saw signs of His answer by the way He opened all the right doors for me, ie. He put people in my path,one had access to boxes, another that just lost a job and had the time to do the hauling & help with cleaning. God's timing is so perfect, I find its looking for His signs and always thanking Him for guiding our lives.

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