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Can I Pray To Mary
Looking at Eleanor's answer-are those dead? Jesus told the thief that he would be with Him in Paradise that day---would he be with him as a dead man?I don't think so. What about Moses? He appeared at the Transfiguration, was he dead, too? I think the spirit lives on which makes them alive.
Loving is not the same as having a relationship. Christ teaches us to love one another unconditionally-we are to take the words in the Bible to heart.

Must We Worship Mary
Oh but the Mysteries of God...Faith happens--and Faith in the Trinity, and Faith in the Spirit giving us new life, for "how can a man be born again?", Faith in Baptism, Faith in the Resurrection, Faith in Heaven, Faith in the Eurcharist, Faith in God.--none easily explained but with the eyes of Faith....

Can I Pray To Mary
Love is not of the flesh, but of the Spirit. Therefore, whether one is dead or alive they can be loved, for we are to love as Christ loves. My relatives and friends may pass away from this world but my love for them does not die. I am to love all, not just words, but real love, that is the mission. That is what we are to learn in all the Scriptures. See how our Lord loves all, see how others learn to do the same and die to self and be Christ to others.

Can I Pray To Mary
Helen, you speak of talking,listening to God, to His Holy Word, do you really take it to heart? It is better that it be written on your heart than just quotes to memorize. You mock my loving the Apostles. Are you forgetting" one another, even as I have loved you,.." ".. the greatest of these is love," and how about you must "love your neighbor as yourself". You speak of knowlegde yet you seem to forget, what good is it without Love.

Denominations Since Reformation
Could it be that people don't like the standards they should live up to so it is easier to start a new church that satisfies this weeks craving than abide by the virtues taught from the beginning?

Can I Pray To Mary
What is this? " the side of the Mary people"? I think the confusion is in the perceptions of those who want to believe that people who love Jesus and His mother and His Apostles and you are somehow worshipping Mary. I trust my mother to teach me the right things but I don't worship her as God.

Denomination Follows Bible Best
The 'denomination' of Sts. Peter, Paul, John,etc. for the Word was written in their hearts long before any printed Bible was published. And as St. John said that 'even the world itself could not contain the books that could be written.'john21:24-25

Christian To Marry A Catholic
I should have said a Roman Catholic Church,for there are some churches who claim to be catholic, but there is a be aware of that. The RCC has been around since the Apostles the other ones are new. My prayers go with you.

Moderator - The Catholic Church as we know it came into being in the 5th century.

What Is A Rosary
Honoring and worshipping are not the same. You are correct in saying that you do not worship your own mother, but I certainly hope that you honor and love her. Asking someone to pray for you to our Lord is added prayers. Jesus' Blessed Mother is not placed above Him in any way. She was chosen by God to bring us the Christ and I pray thanks to God for His gift. I pray to our Lord that your mind be open to these words. I am certain that He loves her and so I do.

Rosary Beads Or Holy Spirit
It is very sad to see how many misconceptions there are about the Catholic Faith. Those who seem to be so angry, having received misinformation somewhere may be also unaware that we, Christians, were one Church for much longer than we have been many. So maybe it is best to not speak about what you do not know. But thankfully we all worship the same God, so there is hope that we will love each other as He loves.

Moderator - Using rosary beads is against the scripture. The Bible isn't misinformation.

What Is A Rosary
Madison, check out Luke 1:42-56 and John 19:26-27
Is Mother's Day special to your mother? Why? I love my mother and respect her, but to give honor to my Lord's mother would surely not dishonor Him nor take away from my love for my mother or my husband's mother.

Rosary Beads Or Holy Spirit
AS a hymn,a picture, or nativity scene may aid you in your time of meditating on the life of Christ, so too a rosary. I don't think any of those are agst. Scripture or are paganistic. Did you know that the prayers said during a rosary are from Scripture?

Christian To Marry A Catholic
Obviously, you have some issues that you have not been honest about with your intended. The two of you should attend premarital classes at the Catholic Church to understand what you are getting into. It seems that the 2 of you are not very knowledgeable of either practice. First learn from a class at a Catholic Church before you make judgement.

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