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How To Calculate 666
The best understanding that I have on this is that 'VICARIVS FILII DEI', meaning 'in place of the Son of God', is counted out to 666 when only Roman numerals are left as all other numerals are canceled out. This was on a pope's triple crown and on display in Rome at one time. I believe that this saying expresses the number of the beast to come who also will be a pope. The 'seven hills' of Revelations are in Rome also. They are the Sistine, the Palatine, the Aventine, the Caelian, the Esquiline, the Viminal, and the Quirinal.

Are Blogs An Assembly Together
I believe we can assemble together via internet in spirit. We should fellowship with people in person where possible and where their doctrines and actions are not anti-Christ. That said, we should most importantly be led by the Holy Spirit in these things.

Does God Send Evil To People
Scripture tells us that God sent lying spirits in the mouths of false prophets in the Old Testament. It also states that God will send strong delusion to those who choose to believe a lie and be damned by it in the second book of Thessalonians. He sent evil upon Israel to get them to come back to Him as well as to punish some of them for their sins. I believe He has done this with Christians at times as well. If I had more room, I could prove and teach this more at length.

Anyone With Unsaved Family
The following may be disagreed upon by some:
I believe some of those in my family claiming Christ will not make it in the Rapture because they will not complete the process of sanctification by faith (the just shall LIVE BY faith). Therefore I have prayed that those left behind will have enough faith to hold on to what they do have and give their lives, being part of those beheaded. Simple fact: If a believer is raptured, they cannot also give their life.

Does God Have Emotions
God has emotions. In fact, we have emotions because we were created in his image or likeness (like Him, in other words). Even jealousy was first an attribute of God involving emotion.
It is no wonder that we are to be molded more and more after His image considering we need to learn reasonable use of our emotions. Our flesh will cause us to react negatively with emotions and we will be molded more after the image of satan. We do not want this.

Salvation On Your Death Bed
The thief on the cross accepted Jesus Christ on his 'death bed.' Nevertheless, only God knows whom He truly has accepted and will accept on their death beds. He has stated "I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy."

Saved By Grace Not Works
Unfortunately people who try to live holy lives by faith through grace are at times accused of believing their works save them. However, works have always been a great part of Christianity. Such Scriptures as 1 Peter 1:16 ("Because it is written:'Be ye holy as I am holy'") and "Faith without works is dead" can be interpreted in no other way. The word repentance used from the Old Testament through the end of the New Testament makes it obvious that works are necessary although they do not save us.
If you have been hurt by people who were impatient with you in teaching Truth, this does not mean you should allow satan to convince you that works are unimportant.

Prayer of Salvation
One of the problems is that people are not discipling others like they should and that some who are discipling and teaching are teaching lies. This topic reminds me of the 'Roman Road to Salvation.' A careful look at the context of many of the verses used in that 'Roman Road' speak of repentance unlike the way that man has formed the Roman Road plan.
We are to become new creatures in Christ. These things are hidden to people when they should be so obvious, simply because some of the leaders in Christendom are without understanding. May they learn Truth.

Judgement Prophets Today
According to Paul, God set prophets in the church as well as apostles, teachers, pastors, and evangelists. Nowhere does Scripture say that prophets would not be in the church today. Some people have heard false prophecy and thus decided that prophets do not exist today. Others have been told that prophets are not in the church today. Finally, there are some who have not tuned in to prophecy and so they reject prophets. Let us examine the Word for our answers.
Counterfeits do not mean there are no real ones any more than a fake apple makes every real apple false or non-existent.

How To Become A Atheist
God operated with long-suffering and grace in the Old Testament as well as in the New Testament. Just because the law was there, it does not mean that God was an angry, unjust God. Yes, grace came through Jesus Christ, but this does not mean that no grace at all was kin effect in the Old Covenant days. Otherwise King David would have been destroyed when he slept with Bathsheba and had his friend sent to the front of the battle to be killed. Many OT Scriptures speak of His former grace.

Women Obedient To Husbands
Women are to be submissive to their husbands and the husbands are to love their wives as Christ loves the church and gave Himself for it. Men, may you not use the woman's submissive role as an excuse to burden your wives with bitterness and aggression. I say this for your sake and hers and because some men have abused their power in the Gospel to be forceful with their wives.

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