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Is Entire Bible From God
Of course it is the inspired and God breathed word of God. How can a person be a true Christian if they do not believe the inspiration of the Holy Bible. Every belief in God stands upon the inspiration of the holy scriptures, The Holy Bible.

What Is Vicar Of Christ
I am not sure what a vicar is referring to. I belief it means an ambassador or representative for Christ. The catholic religion refers to their so-called pope as vicar and person of authority, as for me I only have one person I call Father and ask for forgiveness for sins as the Holy Bible teaches. The catholics have a form of godliness but do not uphold the gospel of Jesus Christ. The just shall live by faith, as the Holy Bible says, not their mass, mary, sacraments, relics, or whatever else the catholics believe in to be saved. We need to contend for the faith of Jesus Christ.

Requirements To Be Saved
The Holy Bible says to believe ion the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. That is all period. When the thief on the cross asked the Lord Jesus Christ (when being crucified with Jesus Christ) to remember him,Our Lord Jesus Christ, said "this day ye shall be in paradise with me" This tells us he didn't need to do anything else except realize that he was a sinner and believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God. Being baptized is only the outer sign of being joined to Jesus Christ in His death and burial and resurrection. Church membership, confirmation, works, have nothing to do with obtaining salvation. Only the precious blood of Jesus Christ being shed for the payment of our sins can save us.

The Gift Of The Holy Spirit
Our Lord Jesus Christ promised that He would not leave us comfortless, that He would send us another comforter (beside himself as He was going to be at the right hand of the Father in heaven after His resurrection). This comforter is the Holy Spirit. It is a Gift, not something to be prayed for, praised for or tarried for. Every believer in Jesus Christ receives the Holy Spirit. The fruits of the Spirit (love, peace, joy, longsuffering, etc. are evidence of the Holy Spirit inside of us). The Holy Spirit regenerates and santifies us. We are sealed by the Holy Spirit unto salvation.

Is Entire Bible From God
I would like to go on record in the defense of God's word, The Holy Bible. As the Holy Bible says it is not of a private interpretation, it was God inspired and God breathed. Men spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. None of the writers of the Holy Bible contradicted each other, the problem does not lie in the Holy Bible but in man's ideas and private interpretations. Those who would deny the fact of the Holy Bible being not of God or contraditory have fallen away from the truth, just as the Lord Jesus Christ said many would do in the last days. As I read about the National and World Council of Churches info online I was shocked at the falling away of so many Christians.

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