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Breast Is Leaking Fluid
if your breast has been producing this fluid continuously since you were breastfeeding last,then there is no problem. but if you breastfed long ago and this fluid is resurfacing then better see a doctor to rule out complications. i personally think there is no big deal

Salvation Up To God Or You
God created man in HIs image. that means that man has his own free will to be able to do anything. In order for God to draw anyone to Him, a person has to make a choice to remain close to God as God does not impose Himself. John 6:66-67. When Paul was persecuting the church he thought he was serving God. God looked at his heart, his desire and commitment...and brought salvation to him. In the same way God does not use a non willing rebellious person. you may be making mistakes, but God looks at the intentions

My Resentful Mother
sori that u r fighting with your mother. the important thing to know is that every mother loves their children very much. it is also important to know that everybody is growing, including your mom. many things make people bitter. when people are hurting they get it out on those close to them, those who love and stick around them. they do this without understanding. please try to understand what hurts your mom so much. you are not the cause of what she is doing to you. show her love and she will stop being jealous of your late dad. dont discus your late dad with her. This is a ministry God is giving yo. your reward will come

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