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Demonic Dreams At Night
You are probably paralyzed by fear, even in your sleep. I think even thinking the name of Jesus is sufficient.

My Husband Is Narcissistic
My husband spends most of his day taking care of his needs. He has little work time and lots of free time and makes plenty of money which he spends on himself. He'll tell you that he deserves it! He thinks I want to hear about how wonderful he looks or how wonderful he is. I've about had it and am also ready to throw in the towel and let him find someone else who wants to dedicate their life to worshipping him. It must be nice to have an expensive car and all the time in the world. Unfortunately, I have to work and do everything else so I don't have time to stroke his ego. I will have time to say see ya though...enough is enough!!!!

Women With Long Hair
this Christmas i wanted to give a meaningful gift.
i went to the beauty salon and had my long hair - which i had not really had shortened to any degree in 35 yrs - CUT off !!

does this make me any less of a woman? i dont FEEL any less of a woman INSIDE altho the outside of me now looks like a man.
but i did this for a reason, and God knows my heart:

you see, i did this in honor of my step-daughter, who is dying of cancer, and has lost her hair to chemo 3 different times.

Women With Long Hair
for nearly 35 yrs i've had long hair. i wanted it that way since my mother wouldnt let me keep it long when i was young.

ive also been in many churches since my conversion at age 25. one minister told me, with angry eyes, "DONT EVER CUT YOUR HAIR!"

another man at church said, when he saw my hair, looking long, combed and clean, "Now I know why God says, 'a woman's hair is her glory." that was a nice compliment!

Gospel Tracts For Witnessing
I write gospel tracts and sell them.
My newest title is Cadillac Dreams and the Glamorous Life. email me your info and I'll send you a sample.

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