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Garden of Eden Blocked
Paraphrasing Galations 3 -- 'Or, you foolish individual, who has bewitched you?' Salvation is a gift from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Do you really wish to disdain His gift and try working your way into heaven?????

How Did We Get Different Races
You are dear wrong!
Every intimate couple bears within them the propensity for an almost inestimable number of uniquely different children -- including those of different colors, different morphology, different temperaments, etc. God is not the author of confision. He is the Creator of a beautiful rainbow of humanity! The very nature of the question posed is offensive to me (a white/Native American person) and I'm quite sure, to God.

Online Marriage Tips
The first words are committment and tenacity! After that, make a genuine effort to increase your communication and conflict-resolution skills - they are the basis for agreement or understanding in all other areas! There are good online marriage enrichment courses such as those that we offer.

Is Punishment Forever
Yes, and no. Punishment of the lost rebels is permanent and perpetual in the sense that they will be forever separated from God, however, regarding hell fire - there is ample evidence in the Scriptures to suggest that the lost are 'eternally burned, or burned up (physically); not eternally burned, or perpetually burning. For example, Isaiah says the saved will walk on the ashes of the condemned!

Divorce For Emotional Adultry
In Matt. 19, Jesus stated that the only permissible reason for Christians to divorce was a lifestyle of unfaithfulness (using the Greek word 'pornea' This has to do with one having a lifestyle of defrauding the other regarding the marriage vows. Adultery, which is not the word used here by Christ, means to be doubly bonded and, the Word says if one is in adultery to GET OUT OF IT!

Bound To Walked Out Husband
Read 1 Corinthians 7 ~ if one's spouse leaves, the other is no longer bound and the marriage is dead releasing one as much as if the departing party had actually died

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