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I Love A Catholic Guy
I know how you feel..but feelings are sometimes deceitful...try to give time to yourself and God. Talk it over with God, read His word, find direction for yourself. You have read and heard advices but if you are still uneasy and cant find peace. Seriously, I suggest you fast and pray for it.Its your life but God cares for you so much. Surely God has plans and purpose..dont give in to temptation and dont compromise or else you will surely suffer the consequences and regret what you have decided. Remember marriage is a lifetime commitment. Godbless you..

Sleep With Men On A Date
When you find the answer, I would be interested in knowing it as well.!

Da Vinci Code Anti-Christian
I read the book and saw the movie. I know it is fiction. I believe some men are lead by God and some by the other way. Those that don't know how great our God is might be working for the dollar. What else can they act on. We can't make any more scarier movies. Their all used up. Love stories? Their all used up. Sex? Their all used up. So now what's left? Religion. I believe satan is trying to weaken all of Christianity by this performance.

Is It Biblical To Get A Divorce
you have to fully trust and give god time to make it work also as being a women some time we enjoy just chilling out and spending time to our selfs that doest mean that we have forgotten you but it mean that we are thinking of way to get back with you and make our marriage work so please PATIENTS MY BROTHER love your sister in christ

My Life Is Going Backwards
Seems like you feel you've nothing more to give, and perhaps you wish others could nurture you, that you could 'throw a tantrum' like a 2yr old and still be told you are loved unconditionally? God does love you unconditionally, but it's hard for mankind. We are called to balance between meeting others' needs and we can expect others to meet our needs. The difficult part is knowing how to balance the giving and taking. If you can find that balance, I think you could find your life moving forwards again.

Sleep With Men On A Date
When you find the answer, I would be interested in knowing it as well.!

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