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Resurrection Of Christ
I believe the resurrection is fact, first because the bible says so, but if that is not enough, check non-christian ancient history. That Jesus existed is verified, that the body went missing is verified, that the people against Jesus alive at that time did not dispute the apostles claims, and finally, Roman law had the tomb sealed and it was death to the guard and their family if that seal was broken during their watch. The Pharasees would certainly have to have told Pilate the guards did nothing wrong and that they told them to lie or the record of their execution would have been written. It wasn't. That's the short of it.

Is Harold Camping Correct
Scripture says, "Do not forsake the gathering together." Jesus, Himself, likened us to sheep. One of the reasons sheep flock together is those who stray off by themselves are at the mercy of preditors. Scripture also says Christ will return for His church. A 'church' is people in unity,not a building so how can the church be at an end.

Want To Be A Messianic Jew
The question would be, "why"? We are children of Abraham by our acceptance of Christ. Denomination and tradition should never override scripture and command.

Pastor Allowing Church Affair
According to scripture, which states to first go to them in love and in private. If they don't hear, go with another, if correct response is not forthcoming, then it goes to the church. Being a pastor does not change how he or she is to be dealt with. They are Christian first. Pastor somewhere after that.

Did Jesus Have A Free Will
Scripture states that Jesus willingly became human. He willingly submitted to being tortured and crucified. Note, He stated He could call 12 legion of Angles to fight for Him. He didn't. He did it all by choice. Choice means free will.

Accept Overweight Christians
"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."Then there's "Judge not lest you be judged." No one comes to Christ perfect therefore no one should exclude someone in the process of being made new.

Should Christians Be Perfect
If the word 'perfect' is looked at in the original language, it is shown to mean something different than the english language. It means more along the line of 'are you where you should be'. Ex. If you have a child acting like a "textbook" two year old, and that child is two, then that child is 'perfect'. If that child is fifteen,acting as two, there might be a problem. A christian's level of 'perfection' will certainly effect their ministry.

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