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Church Sells Music & Books
The church I attend sells things on their website through a distributor in a different state,so there is no selling in the church. That way you can worship in peace w/o the commercialisim, & if you want to go online and look you can have it delivered to your home.I think church is a place to go fellowship with God, NOT a place to go shopping.

Baptism Guarantees Salvation
No. Baptisim is used as a outwardly proclamation to tell others you have accepted God, and want to follow him. Salvation, or grace, being "saved" is a free gift between you & God. baptisim is just the next public step. you can be baptized 100 x's but if you donot accept God inwardly it means nothing.

Cost To Covert A Soul
It should be for free. The saddness here is people are getting too greedy in the buildings they build for God. It is less expensive to have a simple church that isn't fancy, but meets the safty requirements for people to meet to fellowship with one another. As far as converting, our jobs are to show people the gospel, then let them go from there whether they choose your church or one on their own. The main point is for them to lead them towards God , not make more money off of converts.

Mega Church Pastor Salaries
I think it is none of our busines, but know he makes enough to live comfortably.However it is the members buisness to know how he handles the church money & where,l ike with the finacial commity.As long as the church funding is being met & he is not misusing the money , then his take home salary is N.O.O.B. (None of our business)our church is small with about 150 members not including visitors, & i got to sit in a board meeting this past week to discuss our new youth minister & how much the church is able to pay him, however what concerned me the most was "can he do the job"?not his take home pay.

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