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First Scripture In Your Mind

Which Day Is The Day To Worship
every day should be a blessed day if only sundays what do you do the rest if we are looking for his second coming does the word state only on a sunday no looking for his blessed appearance,pray without ceasing evely7875

I Don't Like Being A Wife
when you decided to get married was it because of the child ,were you force into it melisa have you tried to discuss this with him or is he dominering towards you remember god loves you for who you are not what others want you to be evely7875

Can Females Wear Pants
chritian women should be modest,we christian ladies should be different from the world the scripeture sais be he not conform to this world 1thimoty2verse9to10 its important there is a difference evely7875

How To Have An Affair
what is wrong my sister do you still believe in fairytales wake up please i beg you as asister in christ this man is using you run run you have nothing to lose this man wants his bread butter both sides try to be interest in the things your husband does evely7875

Once Saved Always Saved
do not be fooled the scripeture sais workout your own salvation with fear and trembling.we also are to repent every day and ask god to search our hearts and see if there be any wicked ways in us evely7875

My Pastor And His Wife Are Worldly
jesus is the author and finisher of our faith we are to look to jesus we have not chosen them you pray for them until god answer

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