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Is This Prophecing
Definitely no, this wasnt prophesying.

But Carla, Jesus wasnt the last prophet. Read Acts 11:27-30, Acts 13:1-3, Acts 15:32-33, Acts 21:8-11.
Prophets, i mean Holy-Spirit filled ones do exist.
Paul even had to teach Corinthians (1Cor:14) about prophecy.

Husband Is Too Old For Me
My response is two-pronged:

1. God's word says we can only divorce on grounds of infidelity. (Mtt:3133). And if this lady is contemplating getting married to a younger one, the Word says that can only happen once the other spouse dies (1Cor:7).

2. Practically, people should also consider age difference when getting married.


Who's The Best Blogger
Surely, dont create a contest on this blog. In no time you'll see bloggers trading insults .... surely something uncalled for on a Christian site.


Lost Books Of The Bible
My question was paraphrased, and slightly missed my main question.
My question was "How authentic are THE LOST BOOKS OF THE BIBLE & THE FORGOTTEN BOOKS OF EDEN?"

These are said to include writings by early Christians yet omitted from the Bible. Refer to John's list of such books.

How To Interpret Scripture
Scripture needs interpretation, and I believe there are Holy Spirit-filled men who can help others understand. Remember Evangelist Philip interpreting to the Ethopian Eunuch (Acts8:26-40) when the former was reading without understanding?


Write Down Your Sins
As long as its illustrative, to drive a point home, the idea would work. But not as a repetitive practice.

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