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Is Purgatory A Real Place
I can always tell a Catholic by the way they name the saints of God with that title in front of their name, like they are so much above other Christians. These saints of God were genuine Christians, like we are. The difference is, they did so much more than most of us, me included. They didn't call each other St. Paul or whatever. Just like I'm not called St. Dennis, and I wouldn't want to be, even though I am a saint of God. The Bible says so.

What Is Catholic Lent
That's exactly what I thought when I was a Catholic, it's not idolitary, I'm not worshiping a statute. But it is. Any form of graven image is an idol. These things quench the Spirit of God. Read the Bible.
Emcee, You must think that Peter was the first Pope. No he wasn't, and the Catholic Church didn't exsist when Peter was alive. He was the farthest person from a Catholic as you can get. He would rebuke these usless practices, because he was a man of God filled with the Holy Spirit.

What Is Catholic Lent
Ed, Ok, just on the praying to Mary 30 seconds. Why? Do you think a little idolatry will not be noticed by God? Maybe you think, Him too busy, and will overlook the matter.

What Is Catholic Lent
Lent is just another one of those many dead works of the Catholic church. If the devil can divert a Catholic's attention of the truly important things of God, then he's got em. Lent, pergatory, praying to Mary and the saints, praying for the dead, rosary beads, Mass cards, etc. are all dead works that keep you off the mark. God has nothing to do with these usless practices. Read your Bible. There are instructions inside.

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