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Why Do I Attract Liars
Deceitful people often prey on the honesty of others. Some will tell you whatever it is they "think" you want to hear, just to see how far they can get. BUT, remember, just because this is a christian site, does not mean you won't find an occasional SNAKE slithering among us. As everyone else has pointed out ... hold on to your values, guard your heart, but don't give up your search for a truthful person. They DO exist.

Where Are The Single Christians
I agree with Melissa. Only God knows WHEN and WHERE. He has a plan for each and everyone of us ... and it may be quite possible that we may not be meant to have a partner. Pray with conviction, and trust that He will answer your prayers in HIS own time and according to HIS own will. In the meantime, get to know some of the great folks on CN. The "right" person might be just a click away.

How To Make Friends On ChristiaNet
I agree with Tracy. I am one of those who is somewhat "selective". By that, I mean that I expect people to read my profile and respect what I have to say. I've received alot of "undesirable" mail, but God HAS blessed me with a couple of wonderful friends, so far ... and I'm sure He will continue to do so. GBU and DON'T give up, Micha.

Explain John 6:27
Thank you, all. We are studying the book of John, during our Wednesday night bible class, and this verse seems to have some of the members of the study group a bit confused. I've always understood it to refer to Christ, but some of them think the word "him" refers to US. I appreciate everyone's input. God bless you all.

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