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Disabled People Treated Badly
i have 12 physical disabilities and 5 mental disabilities. i look normal but I am in surgery every 2 months or more for lufe sustaining surgeries. I am missing over 6 body organs due to infections. my family treats me horrible because they think im lazy. my family thinks they should sit around or lay in bed all day because they have to work, and that I should wait on them hand and foot because I dont work. I spent my entire childhood working and had to stop because of a tumor hanging out of my face the size of a watermelon. it was removed and over 30 of them kept coming back. I am tired of people being jealous that im disabled... its really NOT fun.

World Ending In 2012
Rubbish.Shattering the Holy People then 1000yrs peace before Gog & Magog war. We are in last week!WHY?
WHEN of Daniel 12,time times & 1/2 times:-
first part God's time times, day[24 hours]X day [24]
second part Bible time times,1/2week[3.5yrs]times
altogether 24 X 24 X 3.5 = 2016a.d. revealed at End time[NOW]- wise shall know!
Since reemergance of the most popular king of the Jews [wants to supplant Jesus, 8th head Dan7 11thking,horn Rev13,name in Hebrew gematria 666, places name in 3// barguides you can't trade without number of name, Christ Y'shua = 999]was,was not & trodden down 3 kings was on 31Mar2009 the last week began & complete 31Mar2016 the Blessing 45days later[1335 day] Pentecost.

Want To Be A Messianic Jew

If Christ is in you, then you have a very Jewish, very Torah-observant Messiah living in and through you. It should not come as a shock to you when those who have Christ living in them, be led to imitate Him. Jesus is still Jewish.

The gospel is clear: repent (to the Torah), believe the good news (that Yeshua is the Messiah, and he is coming as the King soon), and be immersed (in the fullness of Messiah).

Converting to Judaism for purpose of being saved through Jewish identity alone or in addition to your salvation, is wrong.

Converting to Judaism because you are already saved by Messiah, is good, and is natural for any disciple of the Master.

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