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Accept Overweight Christians
I am a christian, and I am almost 100 pounds overweight. But I have a health issue, I need surgery on the left ankle, it has had tendonitis and it has gone out 4 times in 5 months since last March 08. I don't have the money to get the surgery and the doctor gave me a tie-up ankle boot to wear so that I can work out, but I have also been unemployed and it's hard to to do both, esp. when money is a factor and it takes money to drive to the gym 3 times a week and walking won't help me lose weight as my indurance level is so high. So sometimes there is a physical issue, so we can't judge.

Husband Wants Dirty Talk
If you are uncomfortable with talking "dirty", then no matter what, if he is a man of God, I can't imagine why he would even ask that, that doesn't seem to be holy, but regardless, he should respect you and not expect that from you. I wonder if he is even saved? It does depend what he wants you to actually say, if he just wants you to be more verbal, maybe you need to ask him exactly what "dirty "means? As long as there is no profanity, and there isn't any kind of perversion, then he may just want you to express yourself, but like I said, if you don't want to, then if he is a gentleman, he will not force the issue, unless he has issues.

Can I Marry A Non-Believer
I'm sorry, but are you reading your bible and what isn't your church not teaching you? As a christian, you should know that the bible says do not be unequally yoked. It is a sin and that's why God said it, because what does darkness have with light or Belial with Jesus? If you go against God's word, then you are just asking for trouble. You will not be able to talk to him about Christ and he may stop you from going to church. God told us that to protect us from pain and lonliness. Don't do it, I know so many christians who did and they are in a very sad relationship, but they only have themselves to blame.

Tithe Or Not To Tithe
I tithe because God commands it. I believe God chose money and tested man because we tend to make it an idol and God wanted to see what we love more, money or him, so he decided to ask us to give. It was more to see who we put first. I also believe in the scripture in Malichi, if we tithe, will not God open up the doors of heaven and pour out a blessing you can not contain. This is the only thing in the bible that God says we can test him in. I believe it teaches you about faith and who do you put your trust in. God says if I feed the birds, will I not take care of you? Are you willin to trust God that he will take care of you?

My Wife Snores Too Much
I can't believe that you haven't heard of the nose pincher that stop snoring and also to put her on her side when she sleeps. Sometimes it's got nothing to do with weight, but a problem with her breathing and nasel passages. I would see a doctor and he should be able to suggest some nose things that can help her.

Keep Committing Adultery
Because you have continued in your sin, now the devil has a stronghold and you need to get prayer at church and have that spirit broken. Ask God to forgive you and when you repent, that means do not return to your sin. You need to tell your husband your weakness, you may not want to, but if that is causing you to stumble, then maybe you can call him or someone at church or maybe he doesn't have to travel and be away from home so much,whenever you get tempted, you need to get connected to a support group to keep you accountable when you get lonley and if you get involved in church activities, you won't be so lonley.

Prayer To Stop Smoking
When we get saved, we are all working out our own salvation. God said that he came to break the strongholds and set the captives free. You need to get into a church that believes in praying for you and casting that addictive spirit out of you and commanding that desire of cravings for cigerettes to go in Jesus name. It says in the bible that some strongholds were only broken by fasting and prayer. It works for me. I would also pray that anything that has been damaged, that God restore your body and bring it back to normal. God Bless you.

I Love A Married Woman
First of all, is she even a christian. God says not to be unequally yolked. Second, how could you have fallen for her, if she did not tell you this right away, why would you had anything to do with her until she gets this taken care of. The right thing to do is to wait and have no contact with her until she get unmarried and then she can contact you and only then. I know it is tough, but you let your heart lead instead of your head and it got you into this mess. You should have used wisdom, hopefully you will learn to be more careful next time. God bless.

My Husband Of 28 Years Died
I am so sorry for your loss. Jesus says in the bible that he is your husband. Take your pain to God and let him comfort you. Ask God to take away the lonliness and imagine yourself putting your head on his shoulder and letting him hold you and it will give you peace. I break the spirit of grieving over you and I command it to go in Jesus name. It 's ok to grieve but when it continues too long, it can become a unhealthy stronghold. Get connected with your church and get involved in doing stuff. When you get your eyes off yourself, and you stay busy, it will bring you joy helping others and it will keep you from thinking of the situation. Get your sisters in Christ to pray for you and support you at church

Can You Be Saved At Age 5
If a 3 year old can tell you what salvation means on her own, then I would believe it, but I don't think a 5 year old has a complete understanding of who Jesus Christ is and why he died for us. I would seriously question that.

Forgiveness For An Abortion
You need to get christian counseling and let God heal your heart. I went through 4 abortions and I went to church and God gave me all the names of my children and told me that there was an angel called Johnathan watching over them. Most importantly, you have to forgive yourself, there is now no condemnation in Christ Jesus and if you have asked God to forgive you, then your sin is washed away in the sea of forgetfulness.

Are You A Born Again Christian
I don't believe once saved, always saved. There are too many scriptures that contridict that. Many baptists believe this and I say that in Hebrews 11 it says if you continue in your sin, you will burn in the lake of fire and they were talking to christians. Also God says be hot or cold, but lukewarm, God will spew you from his mouth. That is for people that have fallen away from the faith. You can't have one foot in God and one foot in the world, you can't go to church and then live like a sinner the rest of the week and think that you are going to heaven. And God also says If you continue in your sin, God will hand you over to the devourer.

I Hate Christmas
You are right. Jesus wasn't born on Christmas, but evey church celebrates it, and I can't understand it either. Jesus was born around Oct. and the 3 kings didn't give him gifts at that time, but when he was 1-3 years old. Christmas, just like Easter and Valentines Day and Halloween are all pagen holidays and God says have nothing to do with the world's ways or follow what they follow, and commands us to follow his holidays in the bible, so I go to a Jewish Messianic church. The Catholic church decided to christianize all the holidays and force the christians to follow it in the 16th and 17th centurys and when they didn't, they martyred them.

How Do Jews Atone For Sins
Jews do not believe that Jesus has come back, so they are not reborn again, except for the the Messianic Jews, who have received Jesus Christ. If they do not receive Jesus and they do not believe in the New Testiment, they will go to hell, because they are not saved or do they believe in that and they have taken away the New Testiment and in Rev it says you will not enter the kingdom of God if you do.

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