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Excommunicate Non-Believer
This is for all of you...if the believer, puts GOD first in their life ABOVE all else I do not believe any of you have the right to judge.As we all know you all cannot possibly follow the Bible truly in you're own lives.Otherwise GOD would not have had, to send his one, and only son JESUS to die for ALL THE WORLD !!! the only commandment we are to follow is the one JESUS said on the cross before he died. Follow this one commandment.."LOVE YOUR ENEMIES AS YOU LOVE YOURSELVES, AND AS I HAVE LOVED YOU " !!

Can Women Lay Hands On Sick
You are right about the jealous spirit. I faced many hinderances caused by more than 1 jealous spirit.

All the good deeds me & my husband did for the church either volunteerily or requested, were appreciated by Pastor but not too long after the praises we received, cunning attacks followed planned by the jealous members. Pastor is then blinded by these people and when evidents were proven and confronted, he always covers for these trouble makers because of closeness.

Can Women Lay Hands On Sick
Indeed, a couple of months ago, Jesus told me in my dream :"Go lay hands on the needies."

I shared this dream with Pastor and his wife but they didn't want to acknowledge my dream nor encourage me to do it.

I was then informed by my US missionery friends that in our church, Pastor only allows himself and his wife to lay hands and pray on these needies.

No exception for any one, including a guest speaker wife who is blessed with the gift of healing.

Focus On The Bible Not Traditions
Jean: Thank you for your most encouraging words. God bless you.

Focus On The Bible Not Traditions
Elder : reply (2)
We confronted him several times in brotherly manner. Sometimes,he'ld ask for forgiveness & prayers but has no conviction.

We didn't attend his church for sometime but he asked us to return. So, we did twice this month as trial.

1st Sunday was preached by a guest and 2nd sunday was by him. When he started to repeat the same hateful attitudes, we got up and left the church immediately.

This all happened before today's incident of condemning the feast articles.

Focus On The Bible Not Traditions
I arrived this country few months ago. We didn't know the truth about our Pastor until we experienced it plus the US Missionery couple told us.

We wanted to leave him but was advised to be patience while praying for the right church to attend.

We confronted him about his hateful attitude as he still lives in his pass. At times he would ask for forgiveness.

The last we attended the church was when we heard his condemnations against the catholics again, 2 weeks ago.

Focus On The Bible Not Traditions
Moderator: He left the bars & dance pubs when he became a protestant but returned to the same later. He said that he enjoyed making money from drunkards. Over spent in luxurious lifestyle and failed in political career, he sold almost everything he owned. He misses the bars and pubs so he and his wife have asked us to join them in a hotel bar lounge for "fellowhip" but we never went. When we wanted pizza for supper, he would choose it at a Bar or Pub that sells pizza.

Moderator - As you mentioned early, sounds like time to find a different church.

Focus On The Bible Not Traditions
Pharisee :
Stay cool!! This is not only about the matter of a feast as other info came in to clarify the matter further with Moderator.

We are in a state of shock cos' me and my husband have been exploited by the Pastor and were threatened to be expelled if we mix with the Catholics. Visiting their feasts means associating with them.

This place is 98% Catholics and all my in-laws & relatives are catholics. They never disowned us when we were converted to evangelists.

Focus On The Bible Not Traditions
Moderator: Info 2
U.S. Christian missioneries came to this church. After seeing the way our Pastor preached, they gave him 24-hr notice leave.

He also humiliated a new team (husband & wife) U.S. missionery and told them he hates Americans.

Pastor never has any pastorial training. He does not believe in counselling. Any couple has marriage problem, he advice them to pray and leave them off with their critical problems.

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