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Mark Of The Beast

Nicole: The word "Catholic" means "universal" as in the universal church of Christ - of which I consider myself a member. So, you could say that I am a Catholic too. (I am also a Baptist, a Presbyterian, etc. for similar reasons.) I am also a SDA because I believe in the Second Coming of Christ and the Bible Sabbath.

The word "church" is technically the "people" of any denomination. Thus, I make the distinction between the Catholic people (whom I love) and the papal hierarchy (which I do not).

How do you reconcile your conservative American beliefs with the obvious Communist wealth redistribution and Muslim-pandering of your current pope?

How Does God Prove Himself

God proves Himself to me in answers to specific, personal prayers.

Finish It Here May 2018

Kathr: You talk about freedom of speech, but the Communist Democrat Party has invented political correctness to stifle it. They are also at war with our freedom of religion (unless it's Islam). How can a Christian cling to a party of baby murder and sexual perversion?

Haz: Like Ephraim, Kathr is joined to idols: let her alone. (Hos 4:17) The brainwashed mind is a closed one.

Mark Of The Beast

ax: "Is it possible that the Beast will be the RCC at some time in future?"

No. The RCC is the Catholic people. The Beast is Satan, and the Woman riding on the Beast is the papal system. I believe that you are right in that the mark is yet future, when a law is enacted to kill anyone who does not worship the Beast or the Image to the Beast.

Mark Of The Beast

ax: I think I spotted your problem. In my Bible, Rev 12:16 is not as you stated.

I think you wanted Rev 13:16, as:

Rev 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

But the ALL that you speak of does not include everyone on earth, but rather only those who will not be saved, as defined earlier as:

Rev 13:8 And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

Note that both the mark of the Beast and the seal of God involve worship.

Mark Of The Beast

ax: "people ARE forced to receive the Mark of the Beast"

Not true! They "receive" the mark they CHOOSE in their mind (forehead) or by their works (hand). The mark is a sign or seal of whom one chooses to worship. God has a seal and so does Satan.

I delineated the biblical clues to the Beast's identity below. Scroll down.

Mark Of The Beast

riolin: You claim that SDAs "promote doctrines that are not of Scripture".

Name one!

ax: "No entity in the past has met the criteria."

Wrong! The RCC has indeed met the BIBLICAL criteria I listed. The criteria you listed are not biblical. No one is forced to join the RCC, or to receive a mark - it is a personal choice.

Would you care to name some entity that meets the BIBLICAL criteria?

Mark Of The Beast

Nicole: As you know, I have the greatest respect for devout Catholic people, and freely admit that there will likely be more Catholics in heaven than SDAs. However, this does not alter the truth that the RC Papacy (not Catholic people) is the only entity in all history that fits ALL the "beast, antichrist, man-of-sin" clues given in scripture. If you can name another, I am willing to to be persuaded.

Mark Of The Beast

Cluny and ax: It has been 3 weeks and neither you guys nor anyone else has accepted my challenge to suggest an historical entity who meets the Biblical characteristics of the Beast. Why is that? Ignorance on the subject,perhaps?

Mark Of The Beast

Cluny and ax: It has been 3 weeks and neither you guys nor anyone else has accepted my challenge to suggest an historical entity who meets the Biblical characteristics of the Beast. Why is that? Ignorance on the subject,perhaps?

God's Spokesperson

What qualifies a person to be God's spokesperson?

Isa 8:20 To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.

Give Up 2nd Amendment Right

Sam: "All Despotic governments are in reality far right."

What? And you with a degree in history?

I suppose you consider Stalin's Russia, Mao Tse Tung's China and Pol Pot's Cambodia Far Right. Or perhaps you don't consider these murderous dictators despots.

Perhaps to you black is white as well. Can't you see what Marxist indoctrination has done to you? I'll pray for you.

Catholic With Muslim Boyfriend

jm: Why would you want to marry a Muslim? Do you want to give up being a person and become his property? Do you want to wear a bag over your head outside the home? Do you mind if he has other women as wives or concubines as well? All these are afforded him in the Koran.

Give Up 2nd Amendment Right

ax: "150 years ago, Democrats were conservative capitalists and Republicans were progressives."

Once again, you get your history from a Democrat handbook. Why not try looking at a real history book for a change? Democrats are evil today, revealing the ugly truth of their Communist heritage. They demonstrate it daily in the news. They hate Christians, so why are you a Democrat when you claim to be a Christian?

Give Up 2nd Amendment Right

ax: "But unbridled right-wing capitalism and expansionism killed millions of Native Americans a century ago too when it ruled America."

Once again you demonstrate the false narrative of the Communist mindset. It was Andrew Jackson, originator of the DEMOCRAT Party who murdered all the Indians - not capitalists. But you don't seem to care about truth - rather only about making Marx' dream of Communist Utopia come true.

Give Up 2nd Amendment Right

Cluny: "Jerry, to be a Communist, one nost [sic] be an atheist. I canassure [sic] you the [sic] StrongAxe is not an athiest [sic]."

I'm not so sure about that. The Pope is no atheist and he's a Communist in his philosophy (as is the axster).

If you believe in government-enforced redistribution of wealth, If you believe in man-caused climate change and government's abliity to solve it, If you believe that people are animals - random evolutionary accidents of nature rather than God's creation, If you believe that more laws, more regulations, more government is the solution to society's ills rather than the problem, then you ARE a Communist.

Give Up 2nd Amendment Right

ax: I realize that you and other leftists don't want to be called Communists, preferring softer terms such as liberal, progressive, etc., but a snake by any other name is still dangerous. You are collectivist statists, and as such are enemies of the individualist-inspired Country where I live. Your philosophies have all but ruined our once great nation, and We the People are tired of playing nice with you.

There are many examples worldwide where you can examine the effects of your Communist, gun-grabbing philosophies. Why not emigrate to one of them and leave us alone.

Give Up 2nd Amendment Right

ax: "restricting access to assault weapons like AR-15s."

Ronald Reagan said it best:

"The problem with Liberals is not that they don't know anything, it's that what they know is wrong."

The "AR" in AR-15 does not stand for "Assault Rifle", but rather for the name of the company that originally invented it - "ArmaLite Rifle".

The AR-15 is functionally identical to my 13-round, semi-automatic Remington hunting rifle. Strangely enough, I haven't felt the urge to shoot up a bunch of kids.

BTW, I recently purchased a 10-round pistol and enrolled in a 5-year membership with the NRA. Don't try to tell me that you Communists aren't interested in gun confiscation.

As Lenin Said Useful Idiots

Haz: "U.K even has thought police"

Isn't socialism great? They are also cracking down on Muslim hate speech in the Axe's native Canada. Isn't it strange how lefties like to visit someone else's home and then mess it all up?

Is Left Behind Rapture True

Michael e: "[He will] stand on the Mount of Olives just as sure as its there tonight"

I think you are speaking of the third coming - not the second one. The Bible says that Jesus' next coming will be in the clouds, and that we will be "caught up" to meet Him in the air - no feet on the ground. That's one way we can distinguish the false Christs that are prophesied - if they are walking on the earth, then they are NOT the real deal.

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