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Top Priority As President

Not at all, Leon. I'd seek to get back to the Constitution. All of the "laws" I mentioned are unconstitutional, and hence illegal. POTUS is a criminal dictator who swore to uphold the Constitution, but who uses it for toilet paper.

Is The Universe Expanding

///...Relativistically, all locations see themselves as the center.---StrongAxe on 8/1/16///

This assertion is about as scientific as Astrology. I think you meant "relatively" rather than "relativistically" - a term which implies near light speed observational effects.

Over 20 years ago, the US (the country just south of your homeland) sent the COBE (Cosmic Background Experiment) into space to map the universe's residual background in order to find the hot spot at the point of the Bib Bang. The result - there is no hot spot, it's uniform everywhere. Other experiments showed structural organization of galaxies throughout the volume of the universe, and not a uniform scatter or a spherical shell.

Are 10 Commandments Changed

Axe: I never said that Christians should keep ALL OT laws. If you were a Bible scholar, you would know that the sacrificial laws and feast days were prophecies of Christ and His atoning sacrifice for us. Passover, for example, has been supplanted by the communion service. Paul's objection to the Jewish leaders was their addition of man-made laws - not the keeping of the Ten Commandments.

Now why do you maintain that it is not necessary to keep the Ten Commandment Law when Jesus Himself confirmed its necessity and permanency?

Questions unanswered:

What is your real name?

What denomination do you attend?

What gun law would have prevented shootings?

Are 10 Commandments Changed

Axe: "What abyss did you pull THAT from?!"

How about your comment: "That's what Judaizers would say."

As for Abraham, the Bible says:

Gal 3:29 And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

Are you Christ's?

If you are under the New Covenant, then God's Law (from the OT) is in your heart. Is God's Law in your heart?

You said: "Oh? Even Jesus, thousands of years later, STILL said he was sent ONLY to the house of Israel, not the gentiles."

Does that leave you out? How about the gentile woman at the well?

Questions unanswered:

What denomination do you attend?

Gun law?

Who Is A Saint

cluny: "So is anything of the SDA."

How childish. What's next? No, you are!

Thanks StrongAxe for the backup. It is true that most Christian denominations have the bulk of their doctrines in common. But there are some that didn't originate from Biblical sources.

Nicole: "I already asked for anyone to please give chapter and verse of calling ONE PERSON a Saint."

I don't see how that supports your position that a man can make ONE PERSON a saint!

Kissing Of Statues OK

Cluny: "Why is it necessary or customary to kneel and pray during the entrance of SDA ministers?"

Why not? Why is it necessary to "kneel and prostrate a lot on weekdays in Great Lent". Where is Lent found in the Bible other than the women "weeping for Tammuz"? (Eze 8:14)

Nicole: Is magic power transferred from popes to priests to make "holy" water? And does this water have magic properties?

People Scared Of Holy Ghost

Cluny: Why did you buy the mug twice?

Darlene: The gift of tongues is for the edifying of the church, for the spreading of the gospel, etc., and not for entertainment or to "prove" a person's approval with God.

I have heard of modern missionaries who have traveled to remote peoples and were instantly able to converse in the local language. That is the God-given gift of tongues.

According to the Bible, the "proof" of one's having been given the Holy Spirit is not tongues - it is the fruits of the spirit.

Prayer For Dallas Police

StrangeAct: You make a good Communist. The government works for us - not the other way around.

I challenge you to invent a gun law that would have saved the victims of these mass shootings. You can't, because the argument is flawed. Gun laws, like any laws, only work for the law-abiding, and terrorists thugs don't obey the laws - any laws. It should be obvious to even dull-minded Communists that all the well-intended gun control legislation foisted upon the citizenry has not done ANY good thus far - NONE.

Are 10 Commandments Changed

StrangeAct: Do you maintain that Christians are exempt from keeping the Ten Commandments? I'd bet that your denomination disagrees.

You are wrong that the Ten Commandments were invented at Sinai. They were in place at Eden and were kept by Abraham.

Are you an anti-Semite? You sound like one. Are you aware that Jesus was a Jew?

Kissing Of Statues OK

Cluny: "Are the members of the congregation worshipping the ministers?"

Don't be absurd. They are kneeling to pray. That is the first act of the minister upon entering God's house - PRAYER. Don't Orthos ever kneel when they pray?

Are 10 Commandments Changed


If your "church" does not adhere to every one of the Ten Commandments, it's man-made.

Who Is A Saint

michael e and RichardC have it right according to the Bible. Sorry Nicole, but the Catholic definition is completely extra-biblical.

Last Rights of the Church

cluny: "kathr has had MORE THAN A WEEK to come up with evidence of gnosticism in the RCC among the Eastern Orthodox."

What an insensitive _______! Kathr has been in the hospital with a heart condition. Also, the blogs were blocked for a week. If ignorance is bliss, you must be a happy guy.

Kissing Of Statues OK

OK Catholics, I get that holy water is supposedly made that way spiritually. But I liked Nicole's answer best:

"Holy water is waters BLESSED by a Valid Priest."

What distinguishes him from an invalid priest? Lack of pedophilia? How does a MAN have the power to make something holy. According to the Bible, God alone has that power. Do you consider the priest to be God? What happens if you drink holy water? Do you become holy? Cure diseases? Just askin'.

Jesus Believed In The Floodd

Brendan: I don't understand why you continue to insist that belief and knowledge are mutually exclusive. They are not. That would imply that belief (or even faith) is possible only in ignorance.

I know full well the meaning of non-sequitur, I studied Latin as well. But, your insistence that because Jesus experienced Creation and the Flood (and thus knows about them) therefore He cannot believe them does not follow at all. Do you also count as false everything you know to be true?

Immortal Soul After Death

Brendan: "After Adam died, his soul went before the Judgment Seat, where he was judged a sinner, and went to hell."

Where do you find that in the Bible? You don't. That doctrine (the immortality of the soul) is a holdover from pagan spiritualism.

The Bible says that the soul is a composite of the body and the breath of life (no body = no soul). It says that the dead know not anything, and that immortality is not inherent, but is "put on" at the resurrection at the "last day". Only God is immortal. The NT says that King David (a man greatly loved by God) is not ascended into heaven, but is still in the grave.

Who Is The Original Church

cluny: "PETROS and PETRA are different cases of the same word. They don't mean different things."

In other words, clooney, you don't believe that words have meanings.

Do you orthos also believe that Peter was the first pope?

BTW, I thought I was dead to you. What happened?

Jesus Believed In The Floodd

Jesus EXPERIENCED both Creation and Flood, therefore He cannot believe them. He knows.

---Monk_Brendan on 4/24/16

Jesus EXPERIENCED both Creation and Flood - TRUE

therefore He cannot believe them - FALSE, non-sequitur.

cluny: Noah's pre-flood address is about as relevant (and interesting) as the exact date of the flood.

Soul Before Birth

kathr: "We have NOW been given ETERNAL LIFE.....and in the future IMMORTALITY."

What's the difference between eternal life and immortality? Why would you need immortality if you already had eternal life? What does the phrase "But the rest of the dead lived not again (Rev 20:5)" mean to you?

God said "thou shalt surely die", but Satan countered "Ye shall not surely die". We each have to choose whether to believe God or Satan.

Man was immortal as long as he had access to the tree of life, but that access was blocked after sin. We are no longer immortal, but may "put on" immortality if faithful at Christ's second advent.

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