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My Husband Is Still Married
in gods eyes unless his wife comitted adultery and he caught her that is the only way for divorce. the bible says to give that person a divorce decree.if you dont have that piece of paper stating they are divorced,your marriage is not recognized by god.i pray you will get the answers you are seeking.

God Does Not Speak To Me
god speaks to us through his his word he said that we would suffer various trials and that we should count it all joy.after all look what jesus had to suffer through for us.its not the problems we go through in life its how we handle them.are you a quitter? are you a murmeror how do you handle lifes test? god needs people who will not faint at the sign of adversity. he needs people who will say for god i live for god i die ,no matter what situation. comes my way.we are more than conquerors.

The End Times Deception
the deception is that people think they know what hour jesus is coming back when scripture clearly states that he will come like a thief in the night.people are guessing and one knows and that is the truth.are you ready if he came tonight or tomorrow?

He Is A Perfect Non-Christian
i think you are heading for trouble.the bible states how can two walk together unless they his country is the religion there christian or muslim or can you be sure you can practice your religion freely there?is he willing to learn of our father?if he is thats something that you could work with,but if he doesnt show any interest i think you should really pray hard about this situation.i pray you make the right choice.amen

What Is Predestination
it simply means that our heavenly father already knows whats in store for us.he knew us before we were born.he knew us in our mothers womb.

Word Faith Negative Confessions
i know what the bible says and it states that life and death are in the power of the tongue. you must also speak those things that are not as though they were.isnt it much easier to speak life and have faith enough to believe what you have spoken.

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