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I Am Divorcing This April
There is no such thing as a Christian divorce but there is Christian grounds biblically for divorce. Abandonment and marital infidelity are within the Word but I think the word abandonment can be used to to our benefit, therefore releaving us us of the vow we took before God.

I Am Divorcing This April
If the unbeliever wants to leave let him go. I propose since Christ died for me that I might be free in Him how can I agree to let another in marriage take from me what Christ has died already for? This is grounds for divorce; physical, spiritual and emotional abuse that may cause a death in any of these areas. Since Christ died for me I can't come into agreement and let another trample on what my Lord and Savior has already done for me.

Why Are Teens Cutting Themselves
Like some psychological disorders this is about feeling control whether it is or not. Destructive tendencies are not of God but then our human psyche is destructive until we are submitted to Him in Christ.

Are Catholics Christians
All men are one of two kinds. Either they believe God within their heart or they don't. This applies to everyone including Catholics...

I Will Be Raptured Because
This is asking about something only the Holy Spirit can reveal to each individual. Even Trinity is not in the bible but the revelation of who God is held within each believer's heart is it not? Since God's Word says not to argue about His Word let the Holy Spirit do His work in each of us amen and amen.

Church Furniture Causes Growth
Furniture does not make a church grow, the Holy Spirit does. Should Christian persecution happen within a church ironically then the church grows...the pew makes no difference.

Fornicators God Will Judge
Use the Word of the bible without implication of why it is presented and let the accused be brought to repentance, His Word cuts deeper than any two-edged sword. There needs not to be any accusation but let conscience be opened by the person's own perspective and not by your accusation.

Ear Piercing A Sin
There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. We are free in Christ, He fulfilled the law, we need only to die daily to ourselves and let His Spirit direct ours.

What Is The Worst Sin
The unpardonable sin seems to be the denial of the power of God which is invested in Jesus Christ (Matt. 12:31)

Can Religion Save Me
Religion does not save, only faith in Jesus Christ does. Romans 4:22 This is why it was credited to him (Abraham) as righteousness. The words it was credited to him were written not for him alone, but also for us to whom God will credit righteousness-for us who believe in him who raised Jesus our Lord from the dead. He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification. (italics added to NIV were mine)

Why Do Christians Disagree
Christians are human and this is why we disagree. All that matters is this, is Jesus your Lord and Savior, and this is how we live according to what we believe. Arguments with the Word should be dropped, for His Word explicitly tells us not to.

I Used To Love My Husband
The only unforgivable sin is grieving the Holy Spirit. Cast all vain imagination out in Jesus name and pray that all of your thoughts are kept captured to Christ. I can do all things through Christ Who gives me strength, and let Christ do for you what you cannot anymore. I shall intercede for your behalf and pray for revelation to be given supernaturally for your husband's eyes to be opened. God can make a way were none can be seen.

I Hate My Husband
The only hope you have is the prayer closet. Only God can move the mountain of despair and destruction the enemy has put into your home. Scripture and other Christians praying Scripture with you can break the enemies hold. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities and powers of the air. Serious sin takes serious prayer to remove, how serious are you?

Are Republicans For Christians
I need to put a re-worded for and against, please forgive my haste to put something out there before I compromised truth with the wording...
Republicans are against embryonic stem-cell research, Democrats think this will cure diseases with the idea that intent shall overide the destruction of the unborn child's life (Democratic perspective;embryos are thought of as globs instead of life)

Can I Marry A Backslider
If you are truely Christian you love Christ. Because you love Christ you wouldn't marry another who doesn't walk with Him as you do and be unequally yoked.

Are Republicans For Christians
Republicans profess to be pro-life, the democrats say they are pro-choice. The Republicans are against stem-cell research, Democrats are for stem-cell research. Republicans want the Christian vote, the Democrats want any vote that is politically correct...need I write anymore?

Iraq From A Christian Viewpoint
My position on Iraq is that the terrorists are insane madmen who can not be reasoned with, nor trusted, or identified. This is not about all people that are Iraqis, nor Islam, or Asian, but evil men who hold guns to kill anyone who do not believe as they do. This is the vow they take and stand on, "Death to the infidels who are Christian." I know I am dead should they take over. My prayer is the veil of the Muslim land be lifted in Jesus name and may God's truth reign in people's heart...

About To Marry A Non-Christian
There are no guarantees in life but to marry a non-Christian is quite scary to proceed into for life is very hard to marry anyway. The moderator speaks truth, if you are a Christian, you can't marry a non-Christian. My advice is you will know them by their fruits, the fact that you say you are hoping that he will change his life tells me you are not marrying the man God has chosen for you. He wants you to worship Him together in Him. If you marry this is not an option until he knows Christ.

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