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Why Did Noah Get Drunk
After the flood there was less oxygen in the air, therefore he became intoxicated by drinking much less wine than before the flood. Also, it is likely that because he was in a different location than before the flood, a different bacteria fermented the wine, possibly at a much higher alcohol content than the wine he drank before. It was very possible that he got "drunk" by accident.

Wets His Pants During Spanking
do not spank your 5 year old son!!! anyway!!!

What Is Your Biggest Fear
i think you all need to stop concentrating on things that would make the LORD unhappy, and really think about things that affect society, both on a global scale, and those close to you. Are those not the people that really matter? If not, I would take a close look at what love really means to you. While it is understandable to have fears, i do not believe you should be allowing "the lord" to control your life, whether you are religious or not. you, as humans, have free will, and need to exercise that beautiful gift to the fullest extent in order to make the most out of your life. you have the choice, and you can make things happen.

revelations 4:21-24

Angels Taking Women For Wifes
The Sons of God are, as follows, Angels (Job 38:7), Adam (Luke 3:38), Believers (Rom. 8:14, 2 Cor. 6:18, and preeminently to Christ, signifying his divine origin and nature (Dan. 3:13, Matt. 10:27, 26:16,John 1:18, 5:19-26, 9:35). That rules out Jesus (for obvious reasons), and man (commanded to be fruitful and multiply, so it would not be a sin for man to take wives). So that just leaves the fallen angels as the suspects. On the case that they possessed the humans and "cohabitated with humans," In the Genisis story, it does not state that they possessed the humans, they just saw the women and took them as wives.

(I dont really know about the possessions, but that is my conclusion for now, I thought that I read it)

Who is Myles Munroe?
Myles Munroe said, though God is sauvereign,but when he says something it becomes a law that he cannot violate it himself. I'd like to ask a question:
Why God changed his mind regarding Hezehkiah'death. He sent isaiah the prophet with a clear message that he was going to die. before isaiah left the palace, God told him to go back to Hezekiah with another message.Please, help me to understand. Is it this case different?

Husband May Be Having An Affair
I had an affair and after recovery, my wife & I started a nonprofit website that even lists warning signs ... couplesrestored

Must Christians Tithe
I tithe because I love Christ and I love to help those in need..just as Christ love all mankind..not just some but all mankind..I give also to help with the work of the gospel..I tithe also to help pay our expenses..nothing wrong with those who refuse to tithe, I guess you want to RECEIVE but NOT GIVE..your selfish..and havent go Christ in you..also not christian

Are Televangelists The Annointed
Asheley, tut are so wrong absolutely wrong..not all televangelists are as you so wrongly accused..let me ask you, WOT HAVE YOU DONE TO SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT JESUS CHRIST??? nothing????..shame on you for wrongly judging others when you just sit there on your butt and moan yet do nothing..shame shame shame.. go do the work like these servants of God..Leave them alone..jealousy gets you nowhere

Lack of Proof For Bible Claims
Laura, if your a christian, then you should know what the true facts are of the bible..If your not, then you yourself is questioning the bible..or your not a believer who is mocking the bible

False Teachers In The Church
Salvation through Jesus and His church....which church is that??? the bible didnt say Jesus and His only said salvation through Christ..thats all..and it is through Christ only that we have salvation..the church has nothing to do with our salvation ...period

Is The Pope The Real Deal
the pope is just another fallible human being like all human beings..its a shame that some think of him as God when he is just a man...a fallible one at that..just like you and me...

Psychics Are An Abomination
Why do you people act as if you know all the answers about psychics? A lot of us were born with abilities that we didn't ask to have. Are you saying that Satan bestowed those abilities up us?

Antichrist Revealed This June
Matthew 24:36, If we are seeking Gods' Kingdom and wisdom, we need to pick up the right manual. Jesus is the focus point, not 666, but if you would like to know; divide 1998 and 2000 by 3 = (666)(666.666)

Why Are Teens Cutting Themselves
Dear Lord, We ask for Your Wisdom upon these Questions of our hearts, show us Lord by Your Spirit, what we need to pray for and whom we need to rebuke, to give us discernment over this spirit of mutilation,Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high ; Lord, I rebuke this spirit and Holy Spirit fill her with Your Holy Word to rebuke this spirit in her friends, by You Lord Jesus, Thank You amen

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