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Having Affair With My Pastor
like I said pastors would say that the self is wicked & we should deny our'selves' but like using god for profit using scriptures, this scenario is using scriptures for sex. hypocrites

Fat Christian Women
yes, it is sad to see these women, so that is where compassion & unconditional acceptance comes in! they may be overweight but they may have beautiful & kind hearts. so do not mistreat them!

False Prosperity Message
pt3- what is wrong of prosperity messages is pastors, tele evangelist like mike murdock will tell you to give $1,000 as seed money & you will bec. millionaires. these people are lazy & they pervert & exploit the bible to get rich. they use god for profit. THEY SHOULD GET A JOB!

False Prosperity Message
pt4 - mal 2:7-8 for the lips of the priest preserve knowledge & from his mouth men should seek INSTRUCTIONs bec he is the messenger of god but YOU HAVE TURNED FROM THE WAY & BY YOUR TEACHINGS HAVE CAUSED MANY TO STUMBLE.
IS 56:11 they are shephards who lack understanding they all turn to their own way each seeks his own gain.

False Prosperity Message
pt5- those who oppose prosperity are probably broke, they are miserable so they want others to be miserable as they are.

False Prosperity Message
pt6 - while other pastors like Rick Warren is a hypocrite. he opposes prosperity messages, but his 'purpose driven life' has sold 24 million copies which $24 million bec. his profit. why can't he choose to be poor if he is oppose to such teachings.HYPOCRITE!

False Prosperity Message
pt7 - finally, these pastors who question prosperity messages do not choose to be poor. they are too important & too lazy to get a job. that is why they lack understanding & they do not practice contentment & 'denying' themselves. they get rich at the expense of those who work hard.they do not deal with stress, & politics at work. HYPOCRITES!

False Prosperity Message
part 1 - there is nothing wrong with prosperity, if you worked hard for it & if the method is honest, & legal.
prov 10:4 lazy hands makes a man poor but diligent hands bring wealth
prov. 10:15 the wealth of the rich is their fortified city, but poverty is the ruin of the poor

False Prosperity Message
pt2- prov12:24 diligent hands will rule, but laziness ends in slave labor
prob 14:23 all hard work brings a profit
but mere talk leads only to poverty
prov 22:7 the rich rule over the poor,
the borrower is the servant of the lender
there's a lot more where this came from proverbs.

Iraq War A Mistake
to greyrider - thank you for your services. it is not we are against the troops or military service people, but against the people who send people like you to a war that raises more questions than answers.

Iraq War A Mistake
to nurseroberts - I agree with you. the reason why they keep changing the reasons is they do not have a reason. that is why they are spinning it around.

Iraq War A Mistake
I agree with you nurse roberts. the WMDs are nothing but a 'scare tactic' so W will have his war. finally, what kind of decider is W when he blames everybody for his own decision.

Church Requires 15% Tithe
nothing but a scam designed to make the lazy pastors rich.

Is Self Improvement Sin
Part 1 - Ecc. 10:10 If the ax is dull & its edge is unsharpened more strength is needed, but skill will bring success.
ex. 35:34 - & he has given him the ability to teach others he has filled them w/ skills to do all kinds of work.
2 chro 2:13 I am sending harami...a man w/ great skills, he is trained TO WORK... & CAN EXECUTE ANY DESIGN GIVEN TO HIM...

Is Self Improvement Sin
Pt 2 - to jack, the question is nonesense? I wonder if you deny your'self' if self is sin. You are teaching laziness & victim mentality. maybe you are a pastor, enriching yourself using god for profit.Your thinking is to give 10% & let god do all the work. God told adam to 'TEND' the garden before he sinned.

Is Self Improvement Sin
Pt 3 - there is nothing wrong with financial abundance. Prov. 22:18 do you see a man skilled at his work? he will serve before kings, he will not serve before obscure men.
Prov 28:19 he who works his land will have abundant food, but the one who chases fantasy will have his fill of poverty.
Prov. 10:15 poverty is the ruin of the poor
pro 18:11 the wealth of the rich is their fortified city.

Is Self Improvement Sin
Pt 4 - when a person exp. abundance, he should continue humility. EZE 28:5 by your great skill in trading you have inc. your wealth & because of your wealth you heart has grown proud!
so if wealth is wrong, & parents cannot provide for their families, will you condemn them that they are 'worst than an unbeliever, bec. they cannot provide for their families?'

Unbelievers Prayers Answered
pt 3. to whisper - pastors & tele evangelist peddle god for profit, they are lovers of money, & they do not deny themselves, not contented, which is sin, yet they are 'blessed' & their prayers are answered.

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