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How Churches Collect Tithes
the latest news is a Senator is investigating tele evangelist for their lavish lifestyle. Typical hypocrites! when you ask about self confidence - they will accuse you of Pride & sin or deny yourself & take up your cross. Now these tele evangelist are being questioned about their lavish lifestyle. they are not 'denying themselves & taking up their crosses'. obviously they are pocketing somebody else's money! WAKE UP do not be deceived by their perversion of the book of Malachi.

Churches Help The Voters
to jody - that is the problem, politics is dirty. Even a president who profess to be a christian or swore to uphold the constitution/laws of the land, will still put his agenda first & his 'group' than the people who voted for him.

How Churches Collect Tithes
Both Ryan Z & allan of UK are right. We do not know how our hard earned money is spent or if it is spent properly, that is why he made that kind of statement giving it directly to those who are in need. but the problem is the transporting of the money. that is where charitable inst. comes in but most of the time, how is it spent. CATCH 22

Should Christians Be Perfect
To Billie - Do you DENY YOURSELF everyday? do you put others first before yourself, sacrifice your time, & money for others? do you admit your mistakes or sins, or are you just an expert in the law? those people who died in jonestown & waco definetely 'denied themselves.'

Catholic And Christian Differences
catholics have numerous avenues to go to heaven like Mary, purgatory, & praying the rosary. They also believe that the pope is god on earth. they also have idols & saints.

How Churches Collect Tithes
Most churches never tell where the money goes. pastors have exploited the book of malachi to force people to give. And I question how a pastor, who does not have a job, able to buy a house & a luxury car. Ted Haggard's salary was $10,000 a month. Talk about being 'contented, or 'denying themselves & carrying their (pastors) cross.

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