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Who Loves God
Haz27 doesn't know the difference between slander gossip etc, and defending the faith. Markv and I, yes, had heated discussions about the doctrine of CALVINISM, another false doctrine. YET neither of us spoke some wammy jammy condemnation over the other or told the other God was judging them, and they were going to hell. Melody doesnt discuss anything but condemnation and judgement.

This is a forum with many different doctrines. Some want to turn it into politics or use it to condemn others who dont agree with them.

My relationship with the Lord is just fine. We had a long talk this morning, and NO, I'm not being JUDGED. Just more LIES Melody spouts here when she is not agreed with and her feelings get hurt.

Who Loves God
Haz27, those who are one with Christ are those who are IN CHRIST.

Maybe you didn't know that.

And those one with Christ or IN CHRIST have the mind of Christ, which is not political. Those apostates who ride the back of the harlot ARE POLITICAL.

There's nothing emotional about it Haz27, either you are in the world or IN CHRIST. You appear to be in the world.

And it's emotional people who jump on others emotions like you have Melody who scream emotional. Your not strong enough to stand on your own, you need to run to other emotional people, here a woman, to cry with. Now your weakness is evidence you are emotional. HA!

How To Read The Bible
Samuel, I hear what you are saying, but I don't agree. There is a difference between Covenants and dispensations. The error some make, as I think, forgive if I'm wrong, you have is you stated you believe in Covenant Theology. Those who think they believe in covenant theology vs dispensational divides, believe in something never taught in scripture. Covenant theology IS CALVINISM, where they use the term, "Covenant of Grace" they say was also in the OT. Their definition of GRACE is God's good humor is picking who He wants to save, and throwing the rest away.

Now you may have a different definition of Covenant Theology, but it will again be something not clearly defined in scripture.

White Men Should Fight
Haz27, the problem here is, those IN CHRIST don't mind earthly things. Also those IN CHRIST are not Christ.

May want to check to see if you are really IN THE FAITH.


Who Loves God
Melody, I'm not going to debate with you on your behavior. Many have called you out, and even shown you GODS WORD as well, you seem to want to pick and choose which you will follow.

After 2-3 admonitions "REJECT." Consider this your third.

YOU ARE DELETED! Your words not mine.

White Men Should Fight
The only echo chamber is Haz27's broken record he plays over and over and over, same words same phrases, etc. Sounds like someone had a grand brainwashing done on them. And here I thought we were to fill our minds and heart with the Word of God. I just can't seem to find any of Haz27 words in scripture.

HAZ, my mind is on higher things. Wonderful things. Colossians 3:1-4. Also did you know, Paul said in Philippians 3:17-21 "THOSE WHO MIND EARTHLY THINGS ARE ENEMIES OF THE CROSS" . Exactly YOU Haz27. So here we see SIN! Haz27's willful SIN. "SIN" HAZ27! But Haz27 says he's saved and now can do and say ANYTHING he wants because he says he's sinless, giving Christianity a bad rap. UGH!!!

Political Hate Crimes
Cluny, I never asked this question.
But here's my answer to Nicole:

ALL attacks on another is a crime. Those who are attacking Ms Fords family should be arrested and go to jail or prison. And DT and son should accompany them, since DT and son have used her for political purposes at his rally's, stirring up even more hate.

But if you want to make it a hate crime, then let's start with the attacks from both parties towards one another during elections that are responsible for fueling and fanning the flames the ignorant now go out and follow up with physical harm.

Maybe all HATE SPEECH should be prosecuted as a HATE CRIME...Starting from the very TOP. Yes I'm all for sending DT and nit wit son to PRISON for that too.

Who Loves God
Like I said Melody, your pride has blinded you to yourself. You've exalted yourself. And your doing more than sharing the Gospel. Your cursing those who don't hear your voice. You have to open your mouth and make it worse every time you are rebuked. It's called Pride.

So if you are so sure of your words, show us where Jesus or Paul or Peter condemned folks who didn't follow them. Jesus said BLESS AND CURSE NOT.

Listen, I've already told you your doctrine is false, but never cursed you or pronounced some whammy jammy wording over you. It's something we are not supposed to do. There are warnings to us that we are not to think more highly of ourselves than we ought. And that pride comes before a fall. Watch your step.

Finish It Here September 2018
Nicole, you have gone in circles contradicting me and even yourself. Your very last statement shows this.

We are saved BY THE FINISHED WORKS OF CHRIST ON THE CROSS, AKA GRACE THROUGH FAITH. it is a gift, not of works lest any man should boast. I am crucified with Christ, ........I do not make void the GRACE of God by going back under the LAW. Grace is the opposite of LAW. GRACE saves, the LAW does not.

If that is over your head, just pray about it and meditate upon it. You were not saved by your infant baptism. No scripture supports that doctrine.

What gave you the idea there were two kind of salvation?

Who Loves God
Melody, please stop setting yourself up as the only person here or on earth that speaks truth. You are not. And I'm not the only one here who has called you our on your hypocricy and arrogance.

You've been tooting your own horn since you came on here. You make noise but goes nowhere. What you are doing is CURSING others. You're not doing anyone a favor. You drive folks away from the Lord, not to the Lord.

Your KINGDOM NOW doctrine is of the devil. Its EVIL.

You dont speak for God. How many times do you have to be told that? And you dont speak for stop telling others what they can and cant say.

Who Will Be Raptured
Samuel, the time of Gods wrath has nothing to do with persecution, it has to do with "VENGENCE BELONGS TO ME, I WILL REPAY" says the Lord. Gods wrath or vengence is not persecution ....why can't folks understand this?

OUR time of persecution is NOW, right NOW, from the day of Pentecost to TODAY. The time of Jacob's trouble is something altogether different. Its called "The day of the Lord," or the day of HIS WRATH. All through out the OT is warnings of THE DAY OF THE LORD. Its not gonna be pretty.

Who Will Be Raptured
Cluny, please go back and re- read that post. That prophesy belongs to earthly Israel. I'm not part of that either. Not all prophecy is directed to the BOC aka THE CHURCH. Like scripture states, Gods wrath , also a "PROPHECY" is not directed towards HIS BODY, BRIDE, CHRIST HIMSELF, since we are IN CHRIST.

Who Loves God
Melody, did you know your attacks on others is actually witch craft. When you are called out, because you are thinned skinned, you resort to hiding behind scripture , not empowered by the Holy Spirit, since you are using it in your own flesh, to attack another. You sound like Ron Parsley or the likes, which again is a FALSE TEACHER. You began attacking me when I called you out on your behavior and false doctrine. Your yadda yadda yadda does not bother me, as I see no LORD in your words, only Melody. You misuse and ABUSE scripture to abuse others, not lift them up. And if you need an example, read Pauls words in 2 Corinthians 3:6. . For starters.

Your own words show you to be a phony Bologna Melody.

White Men Should Fight
Why is Haz27 allowed to trash every blog question with his propaganda and his name calling to those who dont support his worldly minded chriatian political agenda?

He has said absolutely nothing NEW since the day he started his bla bla bla. BULLYING other believers who dont hold to his mentality is also unchristlike. No scripture supports Haz27 position here. we are in the world, not of this world. We are ambassadors for Christ NOT DONADL TRUMP Or any earthly political party.

Many here are getting tired of Haz27, whos only support seems to be Nicole and thats gonna make a difference.


Who Loves God
Melody. You need to stop being so cranky. It is like a drip drip drip. You also need to keep your PRIDE in check. Maybe if you showed more humility here, you wouldn't have so many repremanding you for your attitude. I'll be more than happy to also list scripture here concerning pride ....arrogance, Judgemental towards others etc. Just let me know.

Who Will Be Raptured
Trey, the actual word is "translate". Also TRINITY is not in scripture either, so should we deny its existance. Just as Enoch was TRANSLATED, so too will the Church, aka the BOC be. So yes, it is in scripture. Enoch represents those of the raptured or translated saints. Noah represents those saved during the Great Tribulation. Notice that Enoch was the 7th generation from Adam. 7 also meaning Complete.

THE Great Trib AKA THE WRATH OF GOD, we have been given assurance we are SAVED FROM THE WRATH TO COME. THE BOC will not be put through Gods Wrath on the disobedient.

But if you don't believe in OSAS, then maybe that's why you think your assurance needs to be tested with GODS WRATH, not Satan's.

Who Loves God
Melody, ill make sure your verses are passed on to Ms Ford.

Who Loves God
What I THINK and BELIEVE Melody is that you have Cluny confused with someone else. You may actually believe Cluny has offended you, but I believe you are confused. Or it could be you want some kind of revenge against Cluny and just made this whole thing up against him. Or possibly you are the one guilty of the offense, but out of revenge want to blame Cluny. It really doesn't matter what You say or feel, it only matters what I say or think... I Think you are mistaken.

Who Will Be Raptured
Actually Cluny, it may be just the opposite . Those left behind will be deceived into believing the anti_Christ is Christ and will bow down and worship him. That is what anti_Christ means. An IMPOSTER. And according to Thesselonians he will come with Lying signs and wonders, that Only those who have not obeyed the gospel will believe the lie. The Lord already told us WHO WILL BE DECEIVED.

Well the Gospel of Grace is about the Mystery of God, as seen in Colossians 1:24-17, and the beginning of Colossians 2, referring to THE CHURCH, those In Christ, WILL meet the Lord in the clouds and will forever be with the Lord. So since You don't believe this, it may possibly be you here worshiping the beast.

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