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Why Do Good Works
Blessed are those who have part of the first resurrection, against such the second death hath no power. This verse in the beginning of Revelation also is what Hebrews 2:9....( read ALL of Hebrews 2) is about. FAITH in the promised Redeemer before the cross or after, ( SAME PROMISE) explained in Hebrews 2....verse 9 WOW....shows why WE need to be Born Again...those Born Again, INCLUDING all before the cross, who died IN FAITH Hebrews 11 who are NOW made perfect ..Hebrews 12( the spirits of Just men MADE PERFECT, also will not face the second death.

Those who TODAY have died with Christ...Romans 6 aka Crucified with Christ...aka BORN AGAIN, Born from above, will also,not face the second death. The SECOND DEATH is the lake of fire.

Is Donald Trump The Anti-Christ
Cluny, I've always heard it was the RCC. I'm actually seeing something and not following the " it's the Pope, RCC crowd". Certainly The majority of American Christians have been taught it is the Pope and RCC. So are you saying the godless lost democrats are now believing in the anti_Christ?

Also Cluny if you read my question I NEVER SAID anything about America being the anti_Christ.....the MOD misinterpreted my question. Anyone anywhere can be a prelude to the anti_Christ who gets its power from powerful nations, of which America today is just that. Trump does seem to be throwing his weight around the world butting into other countries business as if he were God....with many delusional enough to think he is.

How To Confess Sin
David I believe the Holy Spirit, our teacher as scripture states, teaches how to rightly divide the word of truth. I know today, that according to Colossians 2 the Church is not bound by the sabbath 7th day, I also know that I do not have to rely on a year after year for the atonement for my sin, as did those before Jesus death and resurrection....I know today I can eat pork and bacon if I choose to do so...i know the covenant God made with Abraham was not annulled when God gave Moses the law for Israel. I know Abel , because of his blood sacrifice was acknowledging he was a sinner and also,his sacrifice pointing to the Promised redeemer Hebrews the same faith we exhibit today, where that was ALL needed for salvation, INSTANTLY.

Why Do Good Works
Again Steveng, you sited the Gospel according to Steveng. You try to reason out of your own lack of understanding what you FEEL AND THINK God will do...when He has already stated many times exactly what He will do.

Is Donald Trump The Anti-Christ
Cluny that may be true, however reading 2Timothy 3 and 1 and 2 Thesselonians and 1and2 Peter just to name a few seem to suggest they were talking about something and some specific time. When the Holy Spirit ascended at Pentecost.....was not the exact description Peter gives of "coming as a thief in the night". Two entirely different moments in time. One has come...the other is still to come. Jesus even warned about love waxing cold.....which I am also seeing even more so now than ever....since Trump seems to have opened that Pandora's box without apology.

Is Donald Trump The Anti-Christ
Cluny, you don't know that. I do believe we are closer to end times than any other time in history. I also believe all these strange occurances are in some way aligning events...that prophecy says will not be good. I also know Trump is being directed by the Paula Whites, Falwell jr, and the guy from Dallas, who may be giving Trump a false direction based on their false understanding of end times. I also know scripture states the BEAST will first bring peace to the world before all hell breaks loose. Why is it so important to make peace with LIARS and Tyrants like Kim and Putin? If we are even CLOSE to being a Christian nation.....then this unholy alliance is again not scriptural.

How To Confess Sin
Scripture teaches scripture David, mine comes from scripture backed up by supporting scripture. I don't put my faith in one verse without finding two or three supporting scripture witnesses.

Why Do Good Works
David, where are you coming up with your false accusations? My my just another KellyAnne Conway dishonest deflection here.

I won't discuss with you any longer David.

Is Donald Trump The Anti-Christ
Jerry no one is talking about Nancy or Maxine who have no power over world events. Trump may get impeached for treason....Nancy and Maxine won't.

How To Confess Sin
Romans 5:15 But not as the offence, so also is the free gift. For if through the offence of one many be dead, much more the grace of God, and the gift by grace, which is by one man, Jesus Christ, hath abounded unto many.

G. R. A. C. E.

Grace in the NT is not Gods good humor or even some word hard to grasp. There is no GRACE in the NT apart from Jesus finished works on the Cross. We grow in His GRACE is AFTER we are saved....not before. No one can grow in His Grace to some level and THEN God saves you. This is NOT scriptural.

Is Donald Trump The Anti-Christ
I didn't ask if Trump is the anti_Christ. The false prophet comes before. I didn't even ask if Trump is the false prophet....however is his antics some sort of prelude to these end times? Realigning America with evil dictators ..Russia for one, offending our allies?

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.

Why does Trump see himself as a world authoritian telling other countries what and how they should handle their own business? He can't even handle OUR business. But one thing is....out of all of this mess...SOMETHING REALLY STRANGE IS GOING ON.

Are we to make peace with ANYONE at all costs? Peace FOR prosperity? Where does scripture say this?

Why Do Good Works
So Steveng, tell us.....can an unsaved person not filled with the Holy Spirit LOVE God? And your definition of LOVING GOD is to keep His commandments...Are these commandments the 10 commandments Or other commandment? So we see Pauls testimony....a blameless Pharisee who thought he perfectly kept Gods commandments. So much so, he even murdered Christians. Yet in Philippians 3 he seems to say all that was dung compared to the excellency and knowledge of KNOWING CHRIST, not having a righteousness of his own but having the righteousness of Christ.

Did you read the blog question before answering? OR perhaps did you stumble on here by mistake.

LOVE never compromises TRUTH.

How To Confess Sin
And by growing in his Grace, he eventually saved me. Not by Works, but by Grace. Which exactly what Jesus conveys in (John 14:21).
---David on 7/17/18

So you claim you were growing in the Grace before being saved? WRONG? We are saved BY GRACE through is a gift of God, not of works lest any man should boast.

You can't GROW in the GRACE and knowledge of Jesus Christ if you are not IN HIM ...and the ONLY way to be IN HIM, John to be Crucified with Christ and raised up together WITH HIM a New Creature, being baptized INTO His Body..ALA the Church, the BOC.

Hope you don't put ALL your faith in one verse you seem to be taking out of context. Most CULTS do this.

Why Do Good Works
David, your comment makes no sense.---kathr4453

If you dont believe a Christian can sin, I wouldnt expect confession of sin to make any sense to you.
---David on 7/17/18

Again, you are changing the narrative now by suggesting I don't believe a Christian can sin. Please find where I made such a ststement.

Again, you are being dishonest by making up lies to try to explain comments you made that make no sense.

There is no such thing as forgivness of sin NOT being covered or wash away by the blood of Jesus Christ.

You make up doctrine not in scripture. Back up your doctrine with "scripture"....not INSULTS to others who confront your nonsense.

Judge Amy Barrett A Christian
From a SDA site.

Seventh Day Adventist Church, which has no religious policies governing health care. Adventist hospitals perform abortions and provide a full range of reproductive care, Parris said.

We understand that these are decisions made between a woman and her physician, and we do not interfere with that individual decision, she said.

Job 27:8

8 For what is the hope of the hypocrite, though he hath gained, when God taketh away his soul?

Jerry, I think it's good advice to clean up your own house before trying to clean up the House of Representatives.

Does God Have Faith
Here's where people get off track ...It starts in Hebrews MISQUOTING scripture. THEY( those mis quoting ) say" By Faith God created......" WRONG

The verse says BY FAITH WE BELIEVE God created....

See the difference?

Now exactly WHY do,we believe BY FAITH.... Well, scripture states Faith comes by HEARING the Word of God. When did we first HEAR and believe God Created the World? WELL! Genesis 1,2 and 3 for starters.

By Faith We believe God promised to send a Redeemer. 1 stated in Genesis 3:15-16.....and many times since.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. GOD SEES Everything from beginning to end. Our HOPE is in the Promises of God.

Why Do Good Works
David, your comment makes no sense.

How To Confess Sin
David, I don't disagree with your statement. However, I believe its the power of God working in us to will and to do of His Good pleasure, conforming us to the image of Jesus Christ, and is the work of Christ in you, being changed from Glory to Glory by THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD. 2 Corinthians 3. So I give the Glory to the Lord. Are you claiming credit?

Does God Have Faith
No God does not have faith. Question...
Faith in what? Only WOF folks believe there is some sort of power on faith. OUR FAITH IS IN GOD AND HIS PROMISES.

Judge Amy Barrett A Christian
I thought Roe vs Wade was decided in the Supreme Court, where Justice Kennedy, a Republican, conservative Christian cast the deciding vote FOR abortion.

Justice Roberts a Conservative Christian Republican cast the deciding vote for Obama Care.

Stating Democrats are not Christian is so aweful. Believe it or not, many republican women have had abortions. We even had a Republican Congressman ask his mistress to get an abortion...and he was on the Committee against abortion. WOW!

So fact is LIARS AND HYPOCRITES are also not Christians either Jerry.

Try again Jerry

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