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IRS Tax Exempt Satanic Temple
And Clunkys, every blog I answer you with will be steeped with messpilled werds...jest 2 git on ur nurvezssssss.

Now that will occupy your time, you so desperitatily nead.

Happy Memorial Day!

Canada Hate Bill For Speech
The definition of Holiness is to be set apart. God set Israel apart from the rest of the world. God has also set His CHURCH apart from the world...this is why we are Crucified to the world and the world to us...translated out of this present evil age into the Kingdom of His dear Son, Jesus Christ. This Haz27 calls left wing propaganda. HARDLY! Sorry, it's anything BUT.

Its obeying...BE HE HOLY AS HE IS HOLY. HAz27 accuses ANYONE of being the enemy if they don't follow his UNSANCTIFIED MIND. BEWARE OF THOSE LIKE HAZ27 WHO CLAIM TO BE CHRISTIAN.

Be YE Holy...means to be separate from this come OUT of this world and be not judged with her, which includes right wing nuts as well.

God's Grace On Noah
The like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us (not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God,) by the resurrection of Jesus Christ:

Hebrews...OUR CONSCIENCE PURGED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. No amount of water can affect your conscience. The like FIGURE means a type and shadow of the CROSS...that NOW saves us.

Salvation is being Crucified with Christ where we DIE TO SIN, not washing sin with water, but being washed IN HIS BLOOD, the blood shed at THE CROSS, justified BY HIS BLOOD and SAVED BY HIS LIFE. Saved when we are raised up together with Him a NEW CREATURES...just as the number 8 is a TYPE and FIGURE meaning NEW BEGINNINGS. NEW LIFE.

God's Grace On Noah
Water baptism by John the Baptist was a washing away of the sins of the flesh. However this baptism in Peter is NOT the washing away of the sins of the flesh by water, but the Spiritual baptism as the result of the resurrection of Jesus Christ...Romans 6. Many types and shadows in the OT pointed to the CROSS.

It's amazing that the words In Peter are so clear that it isn't John the Baptist's water baptism......also verified in Acts when those Paul talked to those who said they only were baptized with John's baptism and hadn't even heard of the Holy Spirit AKA the Spiritual Baptism of Jesus Christ that was promised AFTER Jesus Resurrection....the one they waited for at Pentecost.

Christian To Be President
Yes it is Cluny....Matthew is to the Jews concerning the earthly Kingdom, and Kingdom law. Also Matther 24-25 is all about END TIMES.....And the reason so many foolishly co-mingle kingdom law with GRACE and just can't reconcile the opposite requirements. No one UNDER GRACE will need to poke out an eye or cut off his hand to enter in. WE ENTER IN by being Crucified with Christ and are raised up together with Him a NEW CREATURES. Every part of us is IN CHRIST, sanctified.

But be free to believe what you want Cluny. We all know we don't share the same doctrinal beliefs. We just have different views on end times.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
Cluny learn to READ. You're so obsessed with ones spelling or perfect punctuation...again a neurotic personality disorder, that you can't see that ONE CAN RUN, BUT NOT WIN. HE RAN! AS A REPUBLICAN. And did not win..He also RAN for president in 1992 ,as a REPUBLICAN just like the 24+ Dems RUNNING for president today. Are you really that stupid, or just argumentative making yourself look stupid?

Go take your meds Cluny, and please get someone to change that diaper. Diaper rash does cause irritability.

Go find someone else to stalk too.

IRS Tax Exempt Satanic Temple
Cluny, you must be awfully bored to stalk me around EVERY SINGLE BLOG QUESTION and want an altercation.....

Why are you encouraging RAPESTS and child molesters, and pedofiles and fathers who abuse their daughters? That's the real question?

This has always been my with it.

God's Grace On Noah
with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season,

26 Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt: for he had respect unto the recompence of the reward.

27 By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king: for he endured, as seeing him who is invisible.

Abraham offered Isaac, believing God would raise him from the dead....that ONLY CAME THROUGH CHRIST WHO SAID I AM THE RESURRECTION. ...just read Hebrews 11 Cluny. Jesus said of Abraham, Abraham rejoiced to see my day..he saw it and was glad.

AND yes, having had a stroke, my spelling will no doubt get worse. Just deal with it Cluny. I have.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
Haz27, do you all have PUBLIC libraries and if so, have you ever used one? Ever, I mean from school age on up? Were you sent to private school,or public school? Did your parents ever take advantage of public immunization..say like Polio Vaccines or the booster given afterwards? Do you all individually own your own private fire department, or do you just let personal property burn down? Have you ever had to call the police or call for help in any way?

If you answer YES to ANY of the above YOU are a LIBERAL.

God's Grace On Noah
We do see a tradition of casting lots, as we see in the beginning of Acts....BUT THE DECISION of the 12 Th Apostle was in fact of the Lord who chose Paul.

God doesn't cast lots, men do. And God can and does override those "lots" if it's not according to His will.

Most importantly, it's evil to take verses like Proverbs 16:33 and apply it to salvation. The chapter is not talking about salvation. This is again HOW CULTS START, and how the ignorant follow these cult practices who take verses out of context to defining their false teachings. Nothing new.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
( Correction) David Dukes was a "one term" REPUBLICAN in the House of Representatives before running as a REPUBLICAN for Congress. He did serve......a prision sentence....and is today a staunch supporter of Donald Trump. These White Supremacist are part of the 36% of Trumps base.

As I said Haz27.. HERE IN THE USA, the yesteryear Southern Democrats are today's Republican Party. WE ALL KNOW THIS, so when someone tries to make your statement blaming Dems, we know they are talking out of their own ignorance in hopes to gather followers of our most ignorant population. We do have a lot of ignorant people here who believe everything they are told, because they can't read.

Christian To Be President
I have to disagree with Strongaxe here. There have been many wonderful humanitarians in the world doing wonderful things for the poor sick etc. even whole countries do humanitarian works in other countries, but that doesn't give anyone access to Eternal Life.

The verse in Matthew talking about Jesus brethren IN THE FLESH, which are the Jews during the end times when persecution of the Jews , GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE, ( Isaiah 14) will come to a climax with the earthly return of the Lord to set up His Kingdom.....Zechariah 12-14 also explain. Gentiles who did not turn on Jews are allowed to enter into the 1000 year reign.

How Much Holiness Is Enough
Holiness in the OT was to be set apart. Holiness in the NT is also the be set apart. Set apart from what? In the OT, the gentile world and paganism around then. Today, when we are baptized into Christ and raised up together with Him a NEW Creature, we are also crucified to the world and the world to us....BEING SEPATATE, and this state of Holiness is walking IN CHRIST....HIS HOLINESS. We have no separate individual holiness we achieve or can achieve or earn. Sanctification is another word for Holiness. Hebrews 10....WE HAVE BEEN SANCTIFIED ONCE AND FOR ALL THROUGH THE BODY OF CHRIST. Galatians 2:20-21. We are now COMPLETE IN HIM. Make sure you are IN HIM and He is IN YOU.

Canada Hate Bill For Speech
I agree with Cluny...a little leaven ruins the whole lump. haz27 mixes leaven with his version of a bogus Gospel that teaches sinlessness. ALSO Mixing the worlds politics with Christianity is no Gospel at all. That in itself is an accursed gospel...OR DOES THE VERSE SAY THE PERSON IS ACCURSED, who brings another Gospel. Paul, Peter NEVER brought a Gospel that included world politics. Those who do ARE ACCURSED of God. Nothing to scoff at here. But Haz27 will scoff at God.

IRS Tax Exempt Satanic Temple
No Monk, I'll stick with the Christians who believe in the 3 exceptions, rather than the puppy mill mentality. I also think with the extreme , if passed, we'll see a higher suicide rate, not to mention back door butcher shops.

Even in the OT, women were stoned for this or that and NO SCRIPTURE supports waiting first to see if a bun is in the oven.

Also during the Crusades and it slaughter....were expectant mothers exempt from the slaughter of war? So the hypocricy is just a little stinky for my taste.

God's Grace On Noah
Cluny, 1 Peter 3:20-22 shows the ARC was also a type and shadow of salvation, RE THE CROSS, REPRESENTING DEATH AND RESURRECTION LIFE....

YES, the JUST, were those STRONGS # 6662 just, lawful righteous.....The JUST shall live by faith....were those who looked forward to the coming redeemer, announced in Genesis 3:15. Just as we see in Hebrews 11...Moses chose the sufferings OF CHRIST over the riches of the world.

Please don't say you believe no One knew a Redeemer was promised? That he would die for our sin..Isaiah 53, also that Abraham saw the resurrection in a vision, even JOB said I know that my redeemer liveth. You may want to study the word JUST in the OT and New. You were either JUST or UNJUST starting from Abel on.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
Haz27, I simply don't agree with all you stand for. sorry. I personally believe TODAY there are more white supremacist in the a Republican Party than in the left. That's why those who may be Dems actually run on a republican ticket, because there is more of a stronghold in the Republican Party. I also don't advocate capitalism at any cost. Who knows what the heck has been going on with Manifort , Trump etc and their ill gains from what and we see the Republicans having no moral compass in wanting disclosure of these immoral gains, shares their guilt. I wouldn't change my mind on that even if Trump passed a $20 an hour minimum wage. Some people just can't be bought with filthy lucre. Go ahead and keep your 30 pcs of silver.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
David Ernest Duke (born July 1, 1950) is a prominent American white supremacist, white nationalist politician, white separatist, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier, convicted felon, and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Failed as a democrat, succeeded as a Republican, won seat in Congress as a Republican 1988. Ran as a Republican in 1992 for President.

There are a few more in our government openly white supremisists , antisemitic, who are REPUBLICANS. Trump has changed his political party over 5 times is now REPUBLICAN and has followed this same formula as Ford, Duke, etc.

Our Dems and Rep may not be the same as yours. Originally HERE, the Southern Dems are now the REPUBLICAN Party.

Canada Hate Bill For Speech
The other sheep not in this fold is not saying there is another way to heaven.

When God said, I will have Mercy on whom I will have Mercy, He was talking about Israel the Nation....not salvation of individuals arbitrarily.

Was Hitler Left Or Right
Haz27, Ford was a registered Republican. May have tried to run as a democrat , but was a registered Republican. Also note Ford was against Unions, which Hitler liked and followed that idea, is a right wing thingy...not a lefty thingy.

So to just totally slam the left here as it being exclusively left I can't support. I see it as an idiology that is co-mingled in left and right politics. Also Ford profited off WWII, and financially backed Hitlers war, as did a few other Capitalists in the USA. STANDARD Oil, IBM,.... Which Roosevelt openly in a speech rebuked, that I totally agree. OK. I'll own it then if standing against tyrant murders and antisemites and the morally depraved makes me a lefty. I'll wear that badge with honor.

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