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OK To Marry Divorced Person
I think alot of christian are just too judgmental regarding this subject. Jesus was not judgmental person.I thought as children of Christ that we are trying become more like him. There is too much quoting from the old testament under Moses law, which we are not under that law any longer. I believe there are so many reasons for divorce that are correct and just that the bible does not cover. Personally before evr making a decision, I feel its best to lean on God and receive understanding.

Friends Keeping Me From God
First let's look at the positive the fact that you realize what the problem is. Next I would pray on the situation, and keep in mind that who you associate with could hinder not only your relationship with God, but blessings as well. If your friends are not on the same accord with you, it is hard to maintain a relationship. I don't think you have to completely cut them off, but lessen the time and still try to speak the word of Jesus to them. Lead by example.

Do You Get Discouraged
We are human therefore we get discouraged, but remember this is a mind set that the enemy uses to distort our attention from God. What we must remember for every discouragement there is a purpose there is a plan. Steadfast in his word daily and that discourage will disappear.

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