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Christian Track Evangelism
It is part of it, but not everything. Sometimes all you can do with someone is give them a tract. Other times it is a great followup to a conversation. I also like to put them in places where people will find them - when I go running, I place them at bus stops and parks.

Student Loans Remove Curses
Generational Curses are the opposite of Blesses and it born from the first sin, and only Christ Jesus the Lord could remove them. So you must reborn again as a Christian meaning you have to leave your old life and open your heart for Christ put your totally faith in HIM and growth with that faith and let the Holy spirit leads you daily then you will experience the great miracle in your life to achieve your prosperous life. Because Christ came for the poor to bring them into a abundantly prosperous life.

Mummy's Boy Husband
I am in that same situation, except my Mother In Law has help from my Sister In Law. I have been married for 10 yrs and looking at a divorce bc of his family. He even admits our marriage failed bc of them and his lack to defend me and our marriage.
Good luck honey !

How Do I Help My Husband
thank you so very much for all your reply. I know that I need to pray for him constantly and for me. I will look for Naranons for family, and just keep on find counsel in God's words. God bless you all

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