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Okay To Watch Witchcraft Shows
Christianity is starting to sound more and more like an authoritarian government run amok. People, step back and look at this question... Do you really believe that "god" would want you too seek the approval of ancient, unverified, historical-inaccuracy ridden texts in order to watch a silly, FICTIONAL show? I feel sick knowing that these people are electing our leaders...

Reading Harry Potter
What a ridiculous paradox! If the high and might was so high and mighty, why would he be concerned with his "followers" reading a fictional account of a school for wizardry? Much less, a fictional story that has inspired unimaginable numbers of kids to be excited about reading?

I Have Feelings Of Hate Toward God
I wonder if this will actually make it to the board, or if the admins will find it scary and go to church instead....

Maybe, just maybe, if Humanity, Christians in particular, will start realizing that people DO die for no reason whatsoever, there may NOT be a god deciding who lives and who goes, then maybe, just maybe, we will accept death, instead of having to deal with all this bs.

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