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Did I Curse God
hi, i was in the same situation, getting sick and showing symptoms of OCD. my friend helped me understand that everyone has inappropriate thoughts. this is normal. you need to let them pass, let them go, without thinking that you are a monster. EVERYONE has "bad thoughts". if you concentrate on them and obsess, your own fear will cause them to surface more often. let them go, you are NOT sinning, you are a normal person with stress, fears and problems like everyone else. you wont be damned, nothing will happen to you. it takes time and it's hard to believe, but i can tell you from experience that it is. god loves his children, he is not sending anyone to hell. our fears about this are unjustified.let them go. you are not a bad person.

Age Of The Grand Canyon
The 6 days, surely 24 hours was not the days in the Bible.Take nature, and life spans,take an ant,its lifespan is minute compared to ours,then take a giant tortoise, our lifespan is minute compared to theirs,or giant trees, who we know live for thousands of years,to me it is all relative.perhaps to trees, their day is the summer, and their night is the winter when they sleep,i might be wrong.But if we look on things in a similar scale then it puts a whole new perspective on the 6 days in the bible.morgana

Age Of The Grand Canyon
i have never seen the Grand Canyon, or been to USA, i live in England, but from what i have seen on TV it is a wonderful place. As for when or how it was made, i can only assume the scientists, who have made life long studies of such places, know what they are talking about.

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