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Are Divorced Christians Failures
Divorce is a hard thing. Marriage is for life. Some times children are envolved and you have to think what is best for them.
You may have to decide, whether God is getting glory through your marriage. What would change in your life. Would things be better for you and/or the children? How would things be better? How would God be glorified without her as your wife?

Ministry Or Family First In Life
Many preachers have given up family for the Lord. The right relationship with God first then your first ministry is to your family.
So many preacher, in past years, gave up their family and went out preaching God's word. They later found their family went to the dogs. If you don't take care of them spiritualy as well as physicaly it could happen to you. God expects you to take care of them and do your work for Him at the same time.

Heart Transplant Problems
Yes, before the transplant one of my children told me not to ask her for help and nothing has changed. My sister and brother do not come to see me or have anything to do with me. They must be afraid I will need them to help.
God is helping you and me, so don't give up. Look to Him and Him alone. He is there.

Are Catholics Truly Saved
Worshiping stone, wooden or anyother images are a sin for our Heavenly Father is whom we should worship and He cannot be seen with the necked eye. It is by faith that we worship and serve Him. Salvation is up to the individual and God by what that person has done with Jesus Christ? Did he/she accept Him into their heart? Romans 3:23-24

Christian Rock Music OK
Satan uses Rock Music to catch the attention of a person. The more you listen to that type of music, the more you will find your heart is going in a different direction. You begin to receive the beat and find yourself needing the beat. He will blind you to the words of God. You will begin to easily appreciate the other rock songs. Eventually, it will not matter what song you are listening to. The music will have a hold on you ---- not the words.

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