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Can The Dead Contact Us
I have been having songs for months- on and off. Sometimes I wake with them, and it seems just like radio playing, . . . but there is no radio. Sometimes I find myself humming but it at first does not dawn on me, then when it does I figure out it is some old song, that I haven't heard for a long time, sometimes decades and there would be no reason I could pull it out of thin air. For some reason when I first started having this, I also oddly thought about my mom, who died more than 5 years ago. My mom did accept Christ and died in peace. These songs, though always seem to come when things are in question or there is some sort of strife with my fiance who I dearly love. They are secular in nature and always from usually long ago.

No Bible Believing Single Women
do you need to see it spelt out or are u seeking faults which am sure,you found and will continue to find?some people are willing to write or say what they know u want 2 hear whereas they are actually a pack of lies!good luck.

58 Year Old Man Wants 29 Old Girl
peter8567,what's being african got to do with it?so what if the 29yr olod girl the 59yr-old man is in love with is african?what then?

My Wife Hits Me And Wants Others
I hate men who hit women but it breaks my heart that some men(often the kind ones) are on the receiving end of domestic abuse cos that's what this is.It's a scary thought that she won't get disciplined by the law cos 'she's a woman'. Get a lawyer if u're sure u've done nothing wrong. recommend counselling. If she doesnt change,let her go. U deserve better.

Men Interested In Large Women
curt,u scare me!after reading ur replies to some blogs,i'v had to ask "Do u even understand the questions?", "Are u only playing devil's advocate?", "Are there people who are really as hard-hearted as u,who see cries for help as an opprtunity to trample wht is left of others' feelings under the guise of 'am being honest'?" Dont mean 2 sound harsh,but I hope I never meet people like u whn am in a crisis-I'll believe there is no way out.

I Want A Relationship With Him
I dont get what u're tryin 2 say cos u haven't helped at all!Since when is asking more than once the same as stalking?Did u even get the question or are u just writing cos u feel a nd 2 ans?Cos that's the impression I have.I'm grateful for the reasonable, BIBLICAL answers others have given!

I Want A Relationship With Him
Sorry,Joshua,I dont think u can.I'm sure you're a great guy but you would be different.Thanks,anyway.

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