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I Have A Broken Heart
Suffering loss isn't a winter looked forward to by anyone. A broken heart may very well be one of life's most difficult valley's. Broken hearts can avalanche... into broken lives and broken testmonies. Today it's very hard for you. Tomorrow it will be very hard for someone else. Blanketing yourself around the fire of His Word letting 2 Cor. 1:3-4 be a quilt your Father sent to help remember... winter... comes to pass. On both sides of any valley is a mountain-top... but we must look up to see them.

The Old ChristiaNet Bloggers
New kids, turf and numerous denominations bringing on conflict? I think not. If conflict exists, it exists between man and God every time man rejects His Holy Word. If you honestly think new kids, turf and numerous denominations are the source of conflict with this truth... He will resolve it for you at the judegment where His Word is forever settled.

Do You Have The Truth
Feeling good saying what we think... Psalms 12 promises preservation of God's truth. Hebrews 6 promises God will not change. He swore that with an oath, and He can not lie. Therefore, nestled in the pages of His Word harbors answers to life's problems and problem makers. It's sad when delivering God's counsel comes to blows. Hardware stores sell rat poisening containing 97% wholesome food, however; this wholesomeness is delivered in a 3% poisen base. Delivery of truth may mean more than many think.

God Calling Me To Africa
Burdens are wonderful blessings, however; they are feelings... not choices! Faith and trust being necessary to follow every call of God are choices... not feelings! Born-again children drawing close to their Savior can not help but be burdened for other peoples or their plights. While these feelings are a blessing, they are not a call. If and when God calls you to Africa, or any other place, it will be without repentance... and... will require a deliberate choice of submission by faith.

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