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Is The U.S. A Christian Nation
No they are not..just see what most people believe in the USA.every vile games etc begins in the U.S.A we once were a christian nation till our government turned away from God..they have..and the blessing has gone throughout the world more so..I will never go back to the U.S.

Why Baptize Babies
Bcos they havent the light of God yet..they are just following the catholic's tradition .. just as other denominations do, they follow the teachings of man..

Is The Internet Of The Lord
Read your bible well dear, it says in Dan 7..knowlege will increase and men will run to and from..look at today, technology is so far beyond my reach now that I cant keep up with it..thats knowlege increase..and God did predict that rightly..if internet is not of the Lord, then who gave man the brain to use to develop these methods etc.I will agree that it is of God..and what we have today is meant to be used according to God's way

Cremate In The Open
I am all for open air creamation..absolutely saves valuable realestate..and no ugly looking tombs to have good memories of your loved ones in your heart and minds where no moths etc will contaminate it..tombs etc in time will deteriote and look ugly..

Is Santa Claus Wrong
why should they do is insulting to God to be celebrating the Sun God instead of the True Living God Jesus Christ our Lord n is not the day that Christ was born..a great big lie..teach our kids the truth..and no, we shouldnt participate..

Can We Believe Jesus Was Married
those who belive that He was married are atheists or non beliver and taking the mickey out of the bible..I feel for them at the last day

Seventh Day Adventist
hahahaha Lee: over 1.5million left the church hahaha thats a true exageration..absolutely..last I know is only 360 hahahah what a good lie you make Lee..I also know that just this year,1.5 million came to God in China, Africa and South America. yes, thru SDA evangelist meetings and thru 3abn satelite tv...whatever are you going to lie next???hahahah

Seventh Day Adventist
I wish every anti EGW bloggers here will leave poor Elen alone to rest in peace..SDAs dont worship Ellen or think shes God..she is the most honoured God given prophetess wo uplifted God (not herself) all thruout her writings..those who go against her are workers of the enemy who doesnt want truth preached..

What Day Is The Sabbath
Defiant hearts: disobedient followers of Christ (if u r) Read Gen2 and the 10Commandments of God..He says, REMEMBER THE SABBATH TO KEEP HOLY 6days u may do your work but the 7th is the Lords Day..Daniel 7:25 already prophesied the changing of God's laws, times and it..the Roman C Pope changed it. Sunday is a pagan it? thats r being deceived of the devil...

Why Paintings Of Jesus
I dont agree that we should since noone can remember ever what He looked like etc..the images that we see today is only an artists expression of Christ's person..He could be an ugly man or handsome...who knows..some say He had a ruddy look about Him..wheres the evidence? Isnt it queer that no record ever was kept of His looks etc???

Pastor Rod Parsley's Salary
Chris, why do you want to know? Does anyone ask you how much you earn? Please, leave God's servants alone..they are doing His work while you sit in your pretty seats criticizing the workers..bad luck for you living in poor houses..get out perhaps and do God's work, He may just reward you materially..if your lucky and stop judging and criticising..

Sin To Eat Steak On Friday
Andrea says it is foolish to judge people by foods n days: It is the bible jusging us Andrea, not is the bible which says dont eat unclean foods in Leviticus..Read it friend and understand it..Day is 7th days Sabbath of God who is the Word made flesh himself..Adventists didnt command it it, the Bible did..God did and your disobedient to His holy commands Andrea

Sin To Eat Steak On Friday
The Catholics have every right to do what they want to do..Why do you mudsling the catholics just bcos of what they do? What about you friend, are you right with God dear?

What Day Is The Sabbath
Andrea: noone goes by the laws of moses 4they are done away didnt you know that? It had to make way for Christ the new covenant didnt you know thaT? A LOT you dont know dear..just stop your EGW boasting..shes not the bible..she only help us to understand..stop boasting indeed.

Holy Spirit Confuses Us
theres much difference bcos the majority prefer to go by man's teachings and the truth bearers stick to total scriptura..many has been deceived by modern teachings instead of the bibles teachings..

Was Christ Crucified On Friday
Jody: the day you honour the First Day is not even Biblical..Jesus said REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY:first day is not the Sabbath remember that..It is important and is not a cultish believe but biblical unlike yours which is man's day.Jesus never said remember the first day 2keep holy..never.

Is This SDA Church
Lee: The law of Love n Liberty: 10 Commandments of God.A Transcript of His Holy Character we all need 2 conform 2 tobe Christlike Rom8:29.Read 1John4:8. The 10C expresses God's prefect will of love 4 His people. Christs character of love is revealed in the Laws of God. He said all His 10C r sustained by love.Mt22:37-40 Read.First 4 define how we can develop an intimate love relationship with God.Final 6 Ex20:12-17 define how we can love our neighbor as we love ourselves. (c)

Is This SDA Church
Lee: Read what Jesus said in John 14:15 and 15:10.Paul wrote, Love is the fulfilment of the laws of Love of God Rom13:10.In Greek, it means Love fills Gods Commandments to the fullest. The 2 different Laws .. Ceremonials and 10Commandments of God. Do u love God and obey Him Lee?u say there is no text 4such..Dont be a stiffneck Lee: obey God..

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