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How To Tell Wife Of STD
I think that it all boils down to one thing, following the lusts of the flesh and not of the spirit. You have to remain faithful to your partner Give honor to marriage, and remain faithful to one another in marriage.
Hebrews 13:4)
God will surely judge people who are immoral and those who commit adultery. (Hebrews 13:4)However if you come to the throne of the most high with repentence from your heart, he is forever merciful and can forgive you provided it is not a repetition or a sequence of unfaithfulness. On the other hand, as a result of your sinful behaviour you have now perhaps contracted an STD and on top of that you have put your wife at risk.

What Is Sowing Your Money
These pastors exploit the greedy and the gullible. There is no scripture to back up this teaching although they will throw a few verses at their congregations when necessary. Scripture is not used in context by these people.

They love the phrase "God will reward you 100 fold" but want this to apply only to money. If they give a pair of shoes to a begger they will not be too happy if God gives them 100 pairs of shoes.

I feel really sorry for members of such churches. They turn up at their churches in their old battered cars, seeing their pastor is his fantastic car, dripping jewels and gold chains and in the most expensive suit and cannot see that this scheme only works for the pastor himself.

Spanking Young Teenagers
I remember in school , when the boys came back from the principals office clenching their buttocks with tears in their eyes. it usually changed their attitude immediately ! imagine for yourself : you want to do something bad , but you know that when you get caught ..... swoosh ! Pants go down & bottoms come up for a paddling ! wouldn't you think 3 times .. SPARE THE ROD SPOIL THE CHILD

Spanking Young Teenagers
alan. since you were never caned, you're probably good natured, but some boys have bad habits and traits & need to be properly disciplined and there is nothing more effective than a few good strokes with a cane across the bare tush. the boys know " if you Push , you'll feel it on your Tush" .

Spanking Young Teenagers
alan . I think, that boys and teen boys should be disciplined by females. I remember the male teachers smacking the boys in the face out of anger. females are much better disciplinarians . spanking should only be on the Tush. by lowering the pants, you're giving the culprit a chance to think what he did. then taking him over the knee and Tan His Tush. !!! if you do it right , you won't have to do it often ! For the girls, a slap on the hand is enough . maybe stand her up against the wall & a few good slaps to her tushy

Spanking Young Teenagers
alan of uk. are you from uk ? in uk they discipline the old fashioned way . didn't you get the cane applied to your BARE TUSH ?

Spanking Young Teenagers
generaly I would say that spanking should stop as they get older , but the threat should be there and everybody could use every now and then a good over the knee Bare Bottom Spanking ! I even administered it recently on my 22 yr. old and YES I had him lower his pants & took him over my knee. he now knows better !

Why Do You Believe In Jesus
Because he truly is the son of God and no-one can say this unless they have the spirit of God. Once the holy spirit convicts you of all sin, you automatically repent of all your sins and jesus fills your entire heart and being. he becomes resident in your actions, your thoughts and even your speech. This is something so miraculous that just happens once you have accepted him. I believe in Jesus because he is the best teacher who ever lived and yet he had no degrees. He is the best doctor that ever lived and yet he did not attend med school. JESUS YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

Pray For My Friends Son
Good morning.God bless Ryan and protect him.My prayers will be with him.I pray he knows how much God loves him and trusts god to see him through.Jesus will be with him through it all.I am sorry to hear about what ryan is going through as I don`t really understand about the disease but he will be in my heart and my love is sent his way.

Church Furniture Grows Church
You shouldn't worry weather your church has new furniture. I think the prime concern here should be whether we have a renewed heart and mind to go out there and preach the gospel like Jesus did.Jesus did not worry whether he wore new clothes or not. The fact is that Jesus looks for a new heart and new furniture doesn't even matter. Your church needs to examine themselves before they can even begin to examine the furniture. Seek he first the kingdom of God and ALL these things will be added unto you.

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
The word says that wine drinkers, drunkards and wine bibbers will not inherit the kingdom of God.
When jesus turned water into wine it was not left to ferment as normal wine, therefore there was no chance of people getting drunk on it. Back to the temple of God. Our bodies are the temple of God and we must not defile it in any way. We cannot serve two masters. The rest should be self explanatory after giving you all the biblical evidence

Women In Photos Need Clothes
the flesh is temporary, what matters is the soul that christ is reaching for, and that particular soul's works for christ

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