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I Really Hate My Husband
Divorce him, God is forgiving and there are special circumstances for a divorce abuse is one that you really should not put up with. If you have tried everything, and nothing is working then it's best you get out for the safety of you and your kids. I'm sure him being violent and abusive is something that you can handle but when you have kids, you sometimes need to put your marriage aside and ask yourself if your kids are in a safe environment? I pray that things can be fixed, but if things do in fact get worse then I also pray that you find the courage to leave.

Husband Doesn't Defend Me
Pharisee, I agree with you for the most part. However, I will not dismiss the fact that it is both our jobs to protect our marriage. So, we both have something to work on, don't we?

Just curious, is it possible you have had some similar issues? You seem rather angry. You don't have a son and daughter-in-law with similar struggles in their marriage, do you?

Sad AND Angry Wife

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