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Friend Becoming A Mormon
I agree with Sophia that religions cannot teach different doctrines and still all be entirely correct. And, if incorrect, they cannot be entirely of God, because God is perfect. I think that it is a combination of grace and works. We cannot resurrect ourselves no matter how well we accept Christ or home well we do his works. Therefor the actual act that brings about our resurrection is contingent upon God's grace. Nevertheless, as with any gift, it is the gift giver that can set conditions, we cannot. If God says that some repentence is necessary to receive his grace, that is His right. If He says accepting Christ in our hearts is necessary, that is also his right. If He wants works, what standing do I have to demand otherwise?

Should I Approve An Atheist
Sounds like control and manipulation on her part to have you compromise her own choices. Does she know Christ as her Saviour? You not responsible for her choices. If the truth be known, she isn't asking for your approval. She wants to know if you'll still love her no matter what choice she makes. As a mother you're able to do that. God imparted that into you. Keep praying for her. Ask the Lord to open her eyes and reveal who He is and allow His will be done in her life. BlessU.

Tribulation Or Rapture First
Hi.. Personally I would love to go pre-trib. but whose to say really when Jesus will come!!. More importantly, in the meantime while we wait, souls can be reached for Christ and have your hearts ready for the King who is to come!! are you ready? I wanna be ready..

Where Are The Single Christians
Hi.. yes God will do in His time. Be specific. Make your requests known to God with prayer and supplication. Then start thanking God for your husband/wife. Question for you is: do you have room in your heart for a mate? Perhaps when your not looking also is when God will show up suddenly.. bless you..

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