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Where Did Giants Come From
Giant existed before.Gen 6:1-6.It states clearly that,"there were giants in those days and also after that when the sons of GOD came in unto the daughters of men and bare children to them,the same mighy men which were of old men of renown."

How To Hear God's Voice
Because you love this man, pray for the desire of your heart. But hold him loosely, for unless God speaks to you from Heaven, sends an angel messenger or it is clearly written in Scripture (He will keep you strong to the end, so that you will be blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.-1Cor.) then the voice you hear may not be His. Too many people have been wrong following Kays advice. Gods promises cannot be broken.

How To Hear God's Voice
Kay and ljt
You and God know better what is happening in your situations than I, but I encourage you to care more about what God is doing for eternity: molding your character, revealing his glory, etc. than grasping so fervently something that will pass away. There is no marriage in Heaven. God cares more about what you are becoming than what you want. In the end, I hope you have more of God through this, regardless of if the man comes through.

Christians Embrace All Religions
I am I
Would love to discuss where sin resides, though it is dead in Christ. Since it is dead, where does it live, for it is certainly still present.

Cursed If You Don't Tithe
I really do not know why so many people are caught with the tithe situation. God does not make you do anything. It is only and act of obedience. He does not need our money. H has everything in the palm of his hand. What ever preacher you say, is saying these things that you will be cursed for not tithing..Cont'd

Cursed If You Don't Tithe
#2 What ever preacher says that you are cursed because of not tithing is a liar and the truth is not with in him. God does not work that way. He does not do the things that we are capable of doing, as getting revenge on someone because their spouse or friend does not tithe. This is only an act of obedience . What kind of HEATHEN PREACHER, NOT A PREACHER, BUT WHAT HEATHEN would say something like that. Not ONE OF GOD'S own

Should Tithing Be Abandoned
Tithing is in obedience to God. Give unto God what is God's.....In our world today,money is required to survive. The churches need money to stay open and to minister to others with. God doesn't stop blessing us so we should not stop paying our tithes. If we do, we are in disobedience to Him.

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