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How To Open An Orphanage
I want to open an orphanage in the Philippines. Have you started one yet?

Salvation Based On Doctrine
Do you really believe you can be "Saved" (from something ?) just by A. Feeling bad about yourself and B. Asking "Jesus" to forgive you for whatever ? "correct doctrinal beliefs" won't save you from the "Hell" that incorrect doctrinal beliefs Create. Wake up ! salvation can only come to those in need and I am quite sure your correct doctrinal beliefs have not only saved you from "something" but have supplied you with "something" to be saved from. Woo Hoo !

Demon Jumped On Me
I was lying on my side and I closed my eyes to go to sleep and suddenly after 2 minutes or so, I couldn't move or even breath, not open my eyes either. I wanted to wake up to do something, but something was holding me in that position for a while. Of course I was panicking and after calling the blood of Jesus Christ, it let me loose and I could open my eyes and move. It happened to me twice and I thought after the second time, let me check the internet if there were more people who had the same situation. At first I told someone about it and that person told me it could have been that I was very tired or something, but I didn't think so. I was very surprised to see that there was a christian site and topic about it.

Are Israel Jews Saved
Saved from what ? Shilo, Shalom, Sheol ? What part of this PEACE are you saved from ? You may wish to take a better look at the Jewish Faith before asking a question like this.

Is Praying In Public Wrong
Thanks to all the replys some very good points taken onboard. Robin sorry to reopen the case.I would like to explain my concern better,traditionally (yuk) my family and I would would gain everyones attn just before mains to give thanks for the blessing usually the homeowner would lead in prayer, weve been doing this as long as I can remember all is fine if all are Christian, here is my concern usually all are not Christian and I have been noticing some negative responses from the unbeilivers. I want to be a shining light for Christ drawing poeple to Him not driving poeple away. So I question my/myfamily actions in light of scripture. Someone been through such an ordeal in their prechristian life love to hear your first time experience.

How To Spot A Cult
The word cult is used by people to show they think something falls outside of a religious norm. Some say a cult has significant leaders that their followers look to, yet we have Moses called by God to lead a whole nation. Some would say a cult has extra biblical teachings, but then they have to bring in man-made creeds to help bias people's thinking to get others to believe the way they do. Others think cults have unbelievable teachings, but then they themselves believe in miracles (which by definition are things so unbelievable that their is no explanation except divine intervention). Others think cults have weird teachings, but then they believe in a sacrament that is a symbolic drinking of blood and eating flesh.

Why Living Under The Law
Jesus never did away with the law but he fulfill it, Jesus said "He came not to destroy he law but the fulfill it." The hebrew word translated for law is torah which means instruction, teaching, guidance and law. The "sacrificial laws" and "tithing/offering laws" and "feast law" were giving as means of worshipping and communing with God. They are all part of God covenant with them, in which they were command to observe. That why Deut 28 start of by saying "if" you obey my commandment & etc. But we have a better promise built on better covenant. Besides there is no script to support christian during anyone them in the new testiment.

I Want To Believe In God
I feel the same way. I don't know if i can accept him. like.. i Used to try and it never worked out. Right now i am having a BIG problem. Will he help a person even if they are not sure whether to believe in him or not? I really hope so. This might sound bad but if he answers my prayers and helps me with this problem... then i would believe in him honestly. Until then ill still pray to him in hope that he will help me with this problem.

What Is Predestination
In whom also we (believers) having obtained an inheritance being predestinated according to the purpose of HIM who works ALL THINGS after the counsel of HIS OWN WILL.
More over whom HE DID PREDESTINATE...READ ON... GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON, AND GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT, DID, DO, AND DOES, ALL THE WORK. IT'S CALLED SALVATION BY GRACE!!! It's free it's soveriegn and it's "GOD whom shows mercy and compassion on whomsoever HE wills" Rom.9:15

Did Jesus Die For All
No 1000xNO as in Noah's day all (the whole world) were judged save 8 did Christ propitiate for them? No.. 1Samuel 15:3 did Christ propitiate for the Amalekites? No.. God commanded Saul to destroy them ALL "man, woman, infants and nursing children, ox sheep camel and donkey" His name shall be called Jesus and SHALL SAVE HIS PEOPLE FROM THEIR SINS every last one of them.

Doctrine Of Christ
Mima and John.. the 'doctrine of Christ" is the gospel, the gospel is the promise of God;the promised Messiah fulfilled in Jesus. what does that mean? John 17 :3 one of MY most favorite verses and there's A LOT too know BUT,simple enough for a child,which all God's sheep are no matter what age they are before GOD given faith Ehp.2:8 and they shall all b taught of GOD Jn.6:43-45 the rest of that passage tells you not too have fellowship with those whom hav not this doctrine. Spiritual discernment!!

Did Jesus Die For All
Hi Mima, I can see not many have been called, at least yet or will be by their response; that's God's business, though those of the faith are called to be ambassadors.key words: propitiation;-divine satisfaction to God's law and justice; whom did He sacrifice Himself 4. world,kosmos;-Jn.17:6 and then 9 Christ prays not for the world read all of Jn. 17 the ONLY people Rev.5:8-10 that is the world out of Jews & Gentiles

Doctrine Of Christ
"what does the doctrine of Christ refer to? 1. the promise of God. 2. which entails; from the virgin birth, His life and the work He did on earth which HE finish without anyones volition (free will)"I finished the work the Father gave me". Unbelief or acceptance's is sin. If Christ died for the whole world justice must be enacted they MUST be justified or God is unjust sin is sin if it's paid for IT'S PAID FOR-EVER study your scriptures the devil has many advocates proclaiming Christianity

Once Saved Always Saved
John10:28 if your truly a Christian (BUT GOD saved you) Eph.2:4,8 that not of yourself)it's eternal and that means eternal Rm.8:31-39;Phil.1:6;1Cor.1:8-9;1Thess.5:23-24;
2Thess.3:3;2Tim.1:12,4:18 hope this helps you and I pray that you are saved, otherwise these promises are only for the people they were written.

What Is Sound Doctrine
Matt.7:21 not everybody who says Lord,Lord is a Christian you will know them by their fruits (doctrine)Mat.7:13 straight is the gate (Christ)narrow is the way (Christ)1Jn.9 he who has not the doctrine of Christ is none of His, you better know this doctrine. 2Tim.2:14... study to show yourself approved
Isaiah 28:9-10 line upon line here a little there a little; hope this helps

Does God Unadopt Us
2Jn.9 he who abides in the doctrine of Christ has both the Father and the Son. I think Romans 8 sums up a believers state pretty good
nothing shall separate a believer from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus. actually there's quite a few verses in God's word confirming how the saints preserver in this life

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