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Was Iraq War Worth It

before obama critics say that it will be a mistake to pull out US troops
consider this
bush & malaki agreed to pull out troops in 12 2011 & then the show throwing incident happen.

I Will Never Obey My Husband
Headship/helpmate/completor are Roles. Neither is superior or inferior to the other but desinged by God to help a marriage family run smoothly. Can you imagine the chaos if a big company didn't have a president, what would happen if there wasn't someone with a final say?
I was once told the submission issue should very rarely come up if it is a constant issue there is probably something wrong with the headship going on, Meaning the head isn't loving sacraficially but trying to Lord over.

My Husband Is Narcissistic
Narcissism is not an easy thing to deal with in a spouse, however it is not a cause for divorce either. Read the boundaries in marriage, set healthy ones and Focus on yourself, not on his behavior, remember you are still to honor him, and submit, (unless he asks you to go against God in someway) but even then decline respectfully.) Love is a choice, so is submission and respect, but they are not dependent on whether he "deserves" it or not, but to be given unconditionally.

Divorced And Now Dating A Girl
Peter, unless there was fornication (a sexual affair) that divorce paper means nothing in God's eyes. I don't know how long you have been divorced but the bible says let not the wife depart from her husband (or husband from wife) if she(he) does let her(he) remain unmarried or reconcille with her (his) hsband/wife. go find out where you were at fault, repent, and stand for your marriage. You would be surprised how much true repentance can change a marriage. Your wife may be waiting for you to "get it" figure out where you were at fault.

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