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Explain The Trinity
The trinity originally came from Babylon to Egypt as the father, mother, and son.
When the modern day understanding took hold it was changed to father, son and spirit. Question: The Father and the Son are Spirit so where does the "other" spirit come from? The trinity started in paganism and is still representing paganism doctrine,yet accepted and preached today.

Where Do The Dead Go
Neither question is right. When the Messiah comes it says that the dead in faith are raised. They do not come down from heaven to be laid in the earth and then be raised. Therefore no man but the Messiah has gone to heaven when they die. Those who have died in faith are raised, then those 144000 who are alive and faithful to the truth will be changed in the twinkling of the eye to meet the Messiah and the dead in faith, then all those, led by the Messiah come down to the Mt of Olives and then march triumphfully into Jerusalem

What Job A Perfect Man
Was Job perfect. Our Father says he was, read the start of the book of Job. If still unsure read the end of the book and see who had to repent and give an offering. Not Job. So what was Jobs problem? He didnt quite understand till he was shown, and thats not a sin.

How Does God Speak To You
I've had s=situations where God spoke to me using Billboards on the Hiway. (I used to drive a truck) A good example of this was i saw one saying "the wolves are coming" The next one said see the wolves. Anything from a situation, something you see, or hear, oor feel, and even the "voice in my head..."

Jesus Dead 72 Hours
Acts 1:12 =A Sabbath day this occurred. Acts 1:9 Yahushua ascended to heaven. Acts1:3 It was at the end of 40 days of teaching, so count back the 40 days and you will come to "mans Tuesday". As Mary was comming early, "NOT The 1st Day, an error in translating" it must have been just before the dawn of this "Tuesday" which is "Monday night". Still counting backward M/N, M/D, S/N, S/D, Sat/N, Sat/D cont 2...

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