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Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
NO, MARY WAS NOT BORN SINLESS. She was begotten in sin just like all of Humanity since the Fall of Adam. It was Adam who God commanded not to eat of the tree. God ,being creator of all things, planned one way for man to come into being.Thus,the Son of God ,Jesus Christ had to come the same way, to redeem mankind from the curse that the first Adam brought upon us. Mary, being a virgin, (never defiled by "MAN" and his sinful nature) was a "favored unsoiled vessel" by which God chose to bring forth the second "Adam".Jesus Christ was Born "free from defilement" because His Father is God and His mother was Mary.Thus the immaculate(pure and virgin) conception.(Conceived of God)

St. Patrick's Day Celebration
The bible says that we aren't hold any day in high regard (sabbath,holy days, new moons). We pick the day of rest(sabbath). I just recently read this in the Word and it is new teaching for me.My grandmother was of Irish heritage. I have grown up with a family tradition of making cabbage and corned beef,and the wearing of the green.I won't stop doing these things on March 17th. Is this "participating in St. Patrick's Day"?I see nothing "unChristian" about it.No celebration should be a license to sin. We shouldn't judge one another, so lets's leave somethings to the Final Judge.The Holy Ghost gives conviction when we do wrong so if we all get the Holy Ghost (as on the day of Pentecost), He will lead us into All Righteousness.

Christians Marry Muslims
i have a muslium boyfriend and we are thinking about marriage, i am a christian and i believe that Jesus is not God's actuall born son, but apart of God, and musliums believe that Jesus is apart of God, and that's maybe do a little research, every muslium has their own beliefs so find out and then make your own decision. Who are we to tell others what they should take from the Bible? Educate yourself, then make your own decisions.

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