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Mother Of Abominations
StrongAxe, if the comment doesn't pertain to you then don't worry about it.

Samuel, I never heard of the Roman Catholic Church as you all call such Church.

You all make up stuff without citations.

Next you all would blame the Catholic Church for WWII.

Oh wait, you have already.

The Catholic Church who cared for the Jews people 1000 to 1 than any other Country or Religion.

But still you all are not happy.

Blaming Catholic Church for any Ruler that did things on his or her way doesn't isn't a citation.

What's next? Blaming the Vatican for Henry VIII beheading his wives?

Please back up your claims with objective info not with your subjective info.

Judge Amy Barrett A Christian
Kathr: when you decide to get off the drugs and have something to say, then I'll get back with you. I'm not going to argue YOUR NONSENSICAL blathering with you. You come up with the most bazaar reply,//

Listen everyone, Kathr just used #5 of the 13 'Rules for Radicals' by Saul Alinsky.

"Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." There is no defense. Its irrational.. It's infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions- Saul Alinsky.

Not with me, Sweetheart.

You can't explain your position so you can ONLY call names or attack me.

A simple 'I don't know' will do.

//I really have better things to do than debate WITH YOU.//

Yup, esp. when you are losing.

Are You A Faith Expert
Kathr can't help herself. She enjoys debating me as I enjoy debating her.

Once and awhile we stop talking to each other, but sooner or later we renew the flames again. :D

Is Living Bread Literial
The Bible is clear, Jesus read minds and CORRECTED THEM. Matt 9:4

Even in John 11:11 Jesus said Lazarus asleep (symbolically) and He was going to wake him up. V12 "Lord, if he sleeps, he will get better."
The Bible tells us in V13 that Jesus was speaking of his death, but His disciples thought He meant natual sleep. V14 So then He told them PLAINLY, "Lazarus is dead.."

So when Jesus is speaking symbolically or not both the Narrator and Jesus will LET US KNOW.

But you want us to believe ch 6 the Narrator and Jesus REFUSE TO TELL US.

Jesus even walked until evening time EXPLAINING Himself Luke 24:13-35, but NOT in John 6, He rather let most of His Disciples leave Him over a SIMPLE misunderstanding

Judge Amy Barrett A Christian
Kathr: God only asked them to LOOK UPON the serpent, acknowledging they were sinners.//

No, no, no, no. They made a graven image as God commanded and by Moses hands after the 10 commandments.

Shame on you!
They didn't sin against the statue, but against God!

Num 21:7 telling Moses We have sinned in complaining against the Lord and you. Pray to the Lord to take the serpents from us. THEN God instructed Moses what to do next.

Guess what? Moses KEPT the statue. 2 Kings 18:4

Why? The people were healed.

Knocking down your statements point by point with logical responses make be rambling to you if you are not logical

//does not apply to a clear directive from God not to communicate//


Are You A Faith Expert
Kathr, I quote more from the Bible than anyone on CN.

I judge little of other people because I don't think I am God. I follow Jesus in Matthew 7:1

I believe Jesus in John 6. You all don't believe Jesus and make excuses so that you don't have to convert to the Catholic Church or the Orthodox Church.

No matter how clear Jesus is in John 6 you all have to make dumb, ridiculous, strange, made up insert words NOT in the chapter to stay in your comfortable denomination.

You want to choose your KIND of Christianity to your liken. And if you get tired of that denomination, no matter there are over 30,000 other denomination. You all want to mold your Christianity as you wish not as Jesus commanded.

Is Living Bread Literial
Josef, you keep staying they all parables. Go to Luke 15, 16 and 17. When it is a parable the Bible states it is a parable. Or Jesus uses the word 'like' The kingdom is like....

Real people Jesus says 'there was' a man when He spoke about the rich man and the poor men Lazarus. A True story.

In Matthew 3:9 And do think you can say to yourselves, 'We have Abraham as our father.'I tell you that out of these stones God can reaise up children for Abraham.

Question, Do you think God is capable of stones telling children or will they be symbolic children?

How limited do you think ofJesus' capability?

Mother Of Abominations
StrongAxe: The Vatican is not Rome, but is IN Rome. The seat of the Catholic Church is literally in Rome.//

Wrong. Rome isn't a Country. That's likes saying Haiti is in Santo Domingo.

Vatican's Secretary of State is Pietro Parolin,

Secretary of State of Italy is Ciuseppe Conte

Major of Rome is Virginia Elena Raggi

Cities have major not Secretary of State because it isn't countries.

Sorry, no matter how much you want the Holy See in Rome it isn't.

I guess so keep saying Roman Catholic Church.

What do we know about the Mystery Bablyon? She sits on 7 hills. That could be Rome, Jerusalem, Mecca, or even San Francisco.

Read your OT, Cluny is right. Israel is alway called the harlot.

Judge Amy Barrett A Christian
Kathr: and dodged a bullet from some nut case, and believed that Mary saved his life.//

You got is wrong. He didn't dodged the bullet. The bullet was removed his body and placed in the crown of our Lady of Fatima

//his funeral when he died years later, his coffin had a HUGE "M" on the coffin. M we were told represented MARY, according to the announcers.//

And are point?

People have the American flag on coffin. Worshipping flag?
Some put names on the coffin?
Worshipping self?

Is Living Bread Literial
Josef: He said I thirst//

Because He was fully Human and fully God.
He became severely anemic. He was whipped hard and His clothes took some the rest of His Body.
All anemia people are thirsty. People you see craving and eating ice are anemia.

Strong Axe: "Metaphors indicate a reality that is not physical, but is still real."//

As it is raining cats and dogs?

Chria: "the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life."//

AFTER John V 61-62

Does this shock you? What if you were to see the Son of Man ascending to where He was before?

So according to YOUR logic, Jesus symbolically gave His Body and Blood to us and SYMBOLICALLY ascended into Heaven.

Finish It Here August 2018
Kathr: Matthew 25:40 And the KING shall say to them
Can anyone see this is NOT the Great White Throne Judgement?..GENTILE NATIONS who DID NOT come against Israel during the Tribulation.//

??? I don't know you are trying to convey, but I think if you back up to V31

Jesus clearly states When the Son of Man (Him) comes in His Glory, and all the angels with him, He will sit upon His Glorious Throne, all the nations will be assembled before him.

All nations includes the Jewish people. Israel is a Nations.

Like in Matthew 28:19 Go, therefore, and make disciples of ALL nation, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of The Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Are you suggestion Jesus didn't want the Jews included?

Judge Amy Barrett A Christian
Kathr, never seen Elvis Presley dolls? Anywho

//do children treat them as some mystic object to be revered.//

I hope not!

Well at least NOT with Catholic children. I can't speak about Protestant children.

//Just look in the OT to see exactly what these objects represented, //


Num 21:8-9 God told Moses to make a bronze serpent and placed on a pole. And if a serpent bit anyone, he would LOOK at the bronze serpent and live.

Why not fast, pray to God for a healing? Why didn't Moses tell God, that's worshipping an object?

Because God, Moses and Israel knew they were NOT WORSHIPPING the object.

Only people like you passing by them would THINK they were worshipping an object. Matt 7:1

Prayer For Kerala India

Please pray for them. My best friend is giving me update to day of the horrible news.

It seems to be worst than Hurricane Maria.

Not only because they don't United States to send them needed supplies and each persons gets ten's of thousands of money to help rebuild their lives.

Also they can't move to another part of India because of the different culture and language of the States in India.

Kerala it mostly Christians in India that goes throughout India to help non-Christians survive in India.

St. Thomas (one of the 12) himself went to Kerala to spread the Gospel. Kerala never changed from it's Christian's roots.

Mother Of Abominations
Everyone seems to think it is Rome. According to my Bible's footnotes: The punishment of Babyon is now described as a past even and metaphorically under the image of the great harlot who leads people astray into idolatry.

Babylon, the symbolic name of Rome, is graphically described as the great harlot. The pagan kings subject to Rome adopted the cult of the emperor.

As we all know the Christian died because they DIDN'T adopt the cult of the emperor.

But before anyone tries to connect the Vatican with Rome please remember that the Vatican ISN'T in Rome.

Vatican city is a Country.

Rome is a city in another Country called Italy.

Are You A Faith Expert
Kathr: why are you "communicating" with the dead.//

I believe Jesus in Mark12:27/Luke 20:38 He is not God of the dead but of the living.

Or do you think Jesus was speaking symbolically here also?

//King Saul did and he suffered//

I thought Samuel was DEAD to you?

The witch didn't rise Samuel from the dead. Samuel asked why you disturbed me not raised me from the dead. Also Samuel knew what was going on with Saul and what would happen to Saul in the future. 1 Samuel 28:16-20

If DEAD how did he know that info?

BTW, your nasty witchcraft comment isn't true.

We don't ASK to see Mary or the Saints when we pray to them nor do we ask them to speak BACK to us. We ASK THEM TO SPEAK TO GOD!

Why Do Good Works
Neither in my opinion, because the Spirit of God gives the grace to love our brothers and sisters.

Some do good works to make themselves feel good.

Thank God He still accepts the imperfect good works anyway.

Also it can't be because we already have eternal Salvation because
God addressed the fact the if a man does good all his life, but does evil at the end of life he is going to hell.
(I can't remember where it is in the Bible to cite it)

So doing good works can't be because they already have eternal Salvation according to the Bible.

Should We Break The Law

//Parties switched their stances on racism", etc.---jerry6593 on 8/18/18

TDS disease is very contagious with no cure in sight.

The funny part is that it self inflicted.

The Left can't understand that caring for the poor can't be a forced.

Forced charity isn't charity.

They should know because they want another people to care for the poor as they can keep their money.

I believe I heard that 60% of the Left wing media haven't paid taxes in the last 3 years

Is Living Bread Literial
Josef, Jesus also said the flesh was weak. Matt 26:41. He was speaking about our flesh NOT His Flesh.

Jesus spoke in the 1st pronoun in John 6 not in the 3rd pronoun in Matthew.

StrongAxe: John 15:1,5 "I am the true vine"
John 10:7,9 "I am the door"//

Those verses do NOT have the word 'Living' as in John. That's my point.

Those were symbolic and not the Bread.

//It is PLAINLY OBVIOUS that this CANNOT be literal.//

Do you think Abraham could have taken a slave boy to symbolically offer to God as his son?

Do you think any of the Prophets could have sent their servants to speak in behalf of them when God told them to go speak for Him?

Why would Jesus do less than them?

Finish It Here August 2018
StrongAxe, you rejected my Matt 25 explanation.

That's the same nonsense here:

StrongAxe: Most people who reject Jesus do so because they haven't REALLY heard the gospel to understand it//

What? The gospel is simple Jesus became Man, died for us and rose on the 3rd day.

Either you heard it or not.

But you can't say they didn't REALLY.

That's like saying I'm not REALLY pregnant.

Either your or not.

//they've just heard some imperfect presentation that drove them away.//

No, they heard it but didn't SEE it in the person's life. A difference.

Gandhi said he like Jesus and would have converted to Christianity but didn't because he couldn't find a Christian that behaved like Jesus

Thank God For Gift Of Faith
Yes, esp. knowing I could have been in a strict Muslim Countries where the Gospel is hard to hear about. Esp. impossible for women

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