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No Jail Time Bergdahl
Kathr, Cluny error.

**Sept 14, 2001 Congress in effect declared war when it passed the Authorization for use of Military Force (AUMF) AS a joint resolution. In the House 420 Ayes, 1 Nay, and 10 not Voting, In the Senate, the vote was 98 Ayes, 0 Nays, and 2 Present/Not voting.--Congress Declared War on Sept 14, 2001 by Michael S. Rozeff

Obama was the ONLY President who went to war in Lydia WITHOUT Congress permission.

//Sorry you did not get the outcome you wanted.//

It ISN'T about me! The dead were not in my family!

//Many did not either with OJ Simpson.//

Are you stereotyping again?

You think because I am Black I was happy OJ got off with killing his wife?

I wasn't happy with OJ's verdict!

Are Statues Good Or Bad
Kathr: I posted OTHERS defending him by saying its NORMAL for a grown man to molest young girls//


You are still calling Roy Moore a child Molester!

No one has to defend him for molesting a child because HE SAID HE SAID HIMSELF DIDN'T MOLEST THE GIRL!

//using the Bible to hide behind,//

And you using to Bible to WRONGLY JUDGE other people. Matthew 7:1

//So sending Warren Jeffs to prison for raping 12-14 year old girls he forced to Marry him was Wrong after all,//

No, but guess what. Jeff Warren had a TRIAL FIRST before going to prison. REMEMBER?

//Maybe in some third world country...BUT HERE IS AGAINST THE LAW//

You bet, one is INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY in America!

Left's Abortion Platform
StrongAxe, the OBAMA's Administration Kathleen Sebelius was denying a dying 10yr old Sarah Murnaghan from having a lung transplant claiming she was too young for the procedure. Her mother had to sue the Government to change Organ regulations FORCING Sebelius (Obama)to let her LIVE.

So don't tell me the Left cares about children. You think DEATH 1ST at all times.

//..religious right bases their entire political agenda on one or two issues (abortion, LGBT) that Jesus never mentioned,//


Matt 19:5 "..For this reson a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his WIFE, and the two will become ONE FLESH. So they are NO LONGER TWO, but ONE FLES."


No Jail Time Bergdahl
StrongAxe, Kathr didn't say: "Nicole, I believe you made a mistake, those 6 Soldiers didn't die because of Bergdahl."

She made a clear statement claiming their deaths were FAKE NEWS!

It's bad enough they died trying to rescue a deserter, now you both want to deny their bravery? Yes I am mad.

//Many people erroneously take offense at things that turn out to be mere accidents.//

Right? Note how Kathr is doubling down on her original statement.

I know Kathr, you are just bias.

I am starting to think she is your sister or something.

//if I accidentally step on my dogs, they know I didn't do it on purpose.---StrongAxe

They also know a purposely kick as well!

Not stupid.

Left's Abortion Platform
StrongAxe: I never defended left pro-abortion policies.//

Read the question. 'Remain Silent' operative words. That is her point.

Silence is just as bad as defending policies in our minds (Haz and mine).

//You shouldn't believe the left is totally evil//

Yes we can! Killing babies is TOTALLY EVIL!

//and the right is totally good either.

Because you think I refuse to fed a baby means you can kill a baby?

So in your mind, you REJECT the RIGHT because they refuse to feed, house, clothe and educate the Poor but LET their Babies LIVE.

You EMBRACE the LEFT who feeds, house, clothe, and educates the Poor but KILLS thousands of Babies daily.


Are Statues Good Or Bad
Kathr, you are priceless.

You called everyone else a Hypocrites while being a Hypocrite yourself.

Go to the Bergdahl blog site where you accuse me of condemning a man who pledge guilty while you condemn a man who professes his innocent.

Then you preach to us about Jesus.

That's why people call Christians Hypocrites. Because of people like you.

//Roy Moore just may be one of these Hypocrits-Kathr

I will ask you the same questions you asked me.

Are you a judge or a lawyer?
You claim you were selected as a juror before.
Did they tell you to form an opinion before all the evidence were introduced?

Calling names again I see.

StrongAxe, has Roy Moore called Kathr a name?

Are Statues Good Or Bad
StrongAxe: I constantly call out name calling here, from anyone.//


Yes, it that is Kathr, the ONLY one I have NEVER seen you CALL OUT!

//However, when kathr (whom you disagree with) does it just once or twice in response to much more from the other side,//

NO, she is the QUEEN of name calling on CN. Everyone knows that on CN.

//you suddenly complain about her, then condemn ME for doing so too. Perhaps your outrage is a wee bit selective?//

Again, you are Sooo bias, you still refuse to remove your blindfold. I said you are one sided. I said you correct everyone. That is almost everyone but Kathr.
Go ahead. Repost a correction of Kathr if you can?
I will apologize if I am wrong.

Left's Abortion Platform
Cluny, StrongAxe isn't the only one on who is prolife on CN but very silent on abortion.

Or share their support for Candidates who are very vocal on Pro Abortion issue.

Plus, it doesn't matter about being right twice a day when you deny a person the time of day in the first place.

When they kill babies why would I care that they care about feeding hungry children?

Remember there was a serial killer who was also a Sunday School Teacher and a Boy Scout Leader.

Abortion is so bad, there isn't anything or combination of things on a platform that can excuse or make up for the evil of abortion.

No Jail Time Bergdahl
Kathr: it's obvious you have already condemned Bergdahl before and after his trial.//

He plead guilty.

Where have you been?

He has been saying he walked off for years.

Do you think some Afghans men kidnapped Bergdahl without a fight from our men in 2009?

Why do you think people were mad at Obama about the 5 terrorist swap for a deserter?

//You would never have been selected as a juror, based on your opinion not knowing ALL THE FACTS.//

Me? You seem to be lacking in the info dept. yourself.

Besides, it was a MILITARY trial not civil. No juror selection.

//Are you a judge or lawyer?//

Military Brat.

Please STOP disrespecting the Dead to win a debate. Isn't nice.

No Jail Time Bergdahl
Kathr: There's still questions about the 6 as being DIRECTLY killed because of it being exclusively due to Bergdahl.//

Let's simplify it.

Bergdahl walks off without permission during combat and walks TOWARDS the enemy.

Now the Units has to drop existing plans and make a NEW PLAN calling it 'RTD' or 'RSB'. Code names they decide to call the mission.

'RTD' means Rescue the Deserter.
'RSB' Rescue Selfish Bergdahl.

Now they are forced to enter the Villages. Naturally isn't set up for advance protection they were sent into several ambushes and were killed.

Those people didn't die because of the Army, nor because combat.

They died because of one person REFUSING to follow a command. Matthew 8:9

Are Statues Good Or Bad
StongAxe, your chastisement of Haz is so wrong because you are one sided as always.

You would have more credence if just for once on CN you would ask Kathr to tone it down a bit?

Just for once?

You have read all the nasty, vicious, vile, crude and name calling she has posted just in this year alone and kept your mouth closed.

You rightfully chastised me at time, but it is getting old when I am noticing you straining the gnat but swallowing the camel over and over on CN.

Be fair

No Jail Time Bergdahl
//One of those articles is found in the military's own newspaper, Stars and Stripes.

So there is some question about this.---Loony1

Please cite the article.

Also remember that the Army has secret rescue missions with Soldiers dying all the time. The Army still denies those mission attempts.

It's doesn't mean the Soldiers didn't die nor the attempts were not made. It only means the Army will not confirm them.

Remember the Army wouldn't call the 2009 Fort Hood shooting a Terrorist Act even through everyone KNOWS it was an act of terrorism. Maj. Hasan isn't any different than the Idiot from New York except he used a gun and killed more people and the other guy used a truck. Both did it in the name of Islam

Christians In Politics
StrongAxe: Jesus didn't accuse people, not even woman caught in adultery.//

Yes He did.

He didn't condemn her. There is a difference.

I can accuse you of stealing from me is one thing.

But the Judge sentencing you to jail for theft is condemning you for stealing.

Jesus told her not to sin again. Which means He is accusing her of the sin that has to stop.

StrongAxe: He only screamed at Pharisees - leaders who taught one thing but practiced another.//

Jesus didn't scream at them either. He made a statement and continued to write in the dirt.

They left Jesus and the Lady without fussing or arguing with Jesus.

StrongAxe, what Bible are you reading????

No Jail Time Bergdahl
I guess only Rob understands because he was a combat himself. Maybe he can explain it to you all. Or you all need to watch war movies to understand the severity of desertion.

My father who was drafted. He would have been horrified if an Enlisted Man covering him left his post thus leaving him wide open to die.

I am not upset over someone deserting the Army from Fort Beginning or Fort Bliss. I can care less and no one will die over that decision. It isn't the same.

Not all desertions are the same.

Remember to whom Jesus said had the Greatest Faith in all of Israel?

A Roman Soldier.

Matthew 8:10 and Luke 7:9

Rules Matters

No Jail Time Bergdahl
StrongAxe, you are not MAD because the 6 wasn't part of YOUR FAMILY! No one you love DIED because some IDIOT decided to desert his post!

You can be so insensitive at times. Have some compassion.

Loony, maybe I can reason with you.

My grandfather got a Purple Heart in Korea. My father was drafted into the Vietnam War. War time isn't a time to decide to go vogue.

Everyone is depended on everyone else on following EVERY RULE AND COMMAND giving as GIVEN in order for EVERYONE to go HOME ALIVE.

Bergdahl plead guilty as Haz posted.

There is a man who can no longer talk, feed himself or walk because of Bergdahl's desertion. His wife has to care for him for the rest of his or her life.

What about them?

Christians In Politics
Monk, I guess you are agreeing with me?

I am sick and tired of people making racist remarks against Jews and think they can get away with it.

Levitt has the nerve to PRETEND to defend Jews and at the SAME time TEAR them down.

So Levitt successfully does what America does best.

Discriminate against the 2 top beloved religion in America.

1. Jews

2. Catholics.

No Jail Time Bergdahl
No one died looking for Bergdhal---kathr4453 on 11/8/17


Sometimes if you don't know what you are talking about you should keep your mouth shut!




'The 6 U.S. Soldiers Died Searching for Bowe Bergdahl' by Mark Thompson Time online.

They have pictures of the DEAD MEN YOU CLAIM ARE FAKE!


Christians In Politics
Looney, thank you citing your source.

Before reading the article I already realized that Amiee Levitt made up facts because Catholics do not use the words 'infidels'.

Muslims uses that word not us. That's like accusing the KKK of calling Black people infidels.

In fact the ONLY word we use is 'Pagan' not 'Infidel'

Levitt has the Religions mixed up.

Next she is a Racist herself when she has the NERVE to claim the only profession Jews had in his time were 'money changers'.

That is exactly what the Racial Leftists say today is using slur professions towards Jews as 'Moneychangers and Diamond Jewelers' today.

Lastly, she doesn't CITE her sources.

No Jail Time Bergdahl
It seems that the Ones who have answered with no problems also has never been in the Military.

Loony have you been in the Military?

The problem with the no jail time is that it teaches other Military Personal they can do the same thing.

6 people died and many others were harmed looking for him all because he deserted.

We have rules for a reason and other people lives are depended on everyone following the rules.

If I decided not to wash my hands after seeing my last patient and seeing you as my next patient I am sure you would not be too happy.

You would want me to follow the CDC's, Hospital's, and Nurse's rule of proper hand washing after and before each patient care.


Works Pleasing To God
Sorry Chria, Jesus FINISHED that verse in Matthew 7:21 by saying ONLY those will enter Heave who DOES the WILL of His Father

"Not believe in Me, or have faith in Me.

But 'DOES' as an Action - Verb.

Chria: Also,goats apparently thought they had sufficient works//

Again, you are implanting your wishing and thoughts into Jesus' Words.

The Goat DIDN'T do a THING!

Not one WORK to build on to think it would be sufficient.

It's one thing to come up short on your bill, but another thing to come up emptied handed.

Remember, Jesus said if you give a cup of water to a Prophet you are still blessed.

That is a Work which the goats still would do.

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