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Finish It Here April 2018
StrongAxe, I was born here and you were not. Haz seems to know more about what happened in American before 1865, 1960 and what is happening now.

Democrats has ALWAYS kept Black people down and will continue to keep Black people down.

There are usually two types of successful Black people in America: Corrupt Democrats or Republicans

A one combination you never hear about is a successful Black Democrat that isn't corrupt.

Slavery ended and Civil Rights are enacted.

Everything Haz has said about race relations in America is CORRECT!

BTW, it is SAFER for a Black man to live in Mississippi/Alabama among White people than in Chicago among Black people.

A SAD FACT that only a Black Woman can post on CN

What Is Ecumenism
How true! Esp. in works of mercy.

I lived in a town where all the Churches got together and agreed to send all their resources to one Church. (We picked the Salvation Army Church)
So if anyone came to any Church's doorstep for food or clothes assistances we sent them to the Salvation Army.
This helped cut down fraud and abuses. Plus we sent staff from each Church to assist the Salvation Army in these works of mercy.

This lead to several Churches having a 3 hour long Good Friday Service divided up from 6 different Denominations.

To me Ecumenism isn't any different than Race/Culture Relations except for your beliefs

Prayer For Your Church
My prayer for my Church is that She will follow Her Groom wherever He leads Her. She will always stand against evil even if She has to stand alone.
And never turn Her back on the poor, lonely or helpless.

Catholic With Muslim Boyfriend
Sorry Haz, I didn't know.

StrongAxe: That's painting with a very broad brush.//


Of course as with anyone it doesn't including 100% but that's why the word 'steroid type' came into being.

Catholics don't read their Bibles. Protestants make up their prayers. etc.

//How would you know that?//

I grew up 1/2 my life with them. I use to Church hop.
They ALL told me I wasn't Saved. I had to say the 'Sinner's prayer' each time just in case I didn't say right in the last Church.

//How many different Protestant churches have you actually studied the teachings of?//

15 to 20? I really never sat down and counted them.

How is your childhood mind different from my childhood mind????

Explain Daniel 3:57-88
Josef, please tell me when I disrespect you?

I gave you answer thinking I was debating you. Your response to me was immediate accusing me of being angry.

Please point out in my post where I was rude to you?

I NEVER have a problem saying SORRY.

Samuel: Dear Nicole Jesus is saying talking about the resurrection not people living in heaven. Mat 22:31//

Jesus first address how people live in Heaven before stating they are alive in Heaven during their conversation.

//There is a Christian movie called Hell and Mr. Fudge. You might enjoy it.---Samuelbb7 on 4/22/18

Never heard the movie, but will keep it in mind

Finish It Here April 2018
Excellent points John.

Samuel, I NEVER said you said he was king. I was accusing Obama for acting as if he was king for creating DACA.

That's the Legislation Branch department.

Come on.
I believe you are older than me. We both learned this by the 5th grade.

Are you claiming Obama doesn't know Civics?

Are you claiming States were not suing Trump over DACA last year?

Stop blaming Trump!
Democrats wanted 800,000 DACA people to be citizens.

Trump up the number to 1.6 million with strings attached.

Democrats PROVED they DID'T CARE when they turn down Trump's offer.

Now DACA are realizing the Democrats are using them and are getting mad with the Democrats themselves.

Did Paul Forgive Sins
Well Monk, Kathr must be nondenominational since she claim her faith is the faith of the Gospel which includes everyone on CN

Explain Daniel 3:57-88
Josef, we are not arguing but debating.

Maybe you take it as a argument because you not happy with the outcome.

I am proving how Matthew is speaking about people are ALIVE after immediate death on earth.

But if you refuse to listen to Jesus who am I to believe you will listen

Finish It Here April 2018
Samuel: Now Trump is responsible for what he does and causes which is things like backstabbing the DACA children. Each person is responsible for some things.//

The Courts said DACA was illegal.

Obama isn't KING.

Remember Trump had to stop DACA because several States sued the Executive Branch for NOT ending DACA sooner

Mark Of The Beast
Samuel, Popes NEVER had a military to kill anyone.

You as many have confused Catholic Leaders of countries with Pope.

Not ONE POPE lead a military war.


Explain Daniel 3:57-88
Josef, please quote from Jesus not Paul.

Because it seems Protestants try to win a debate using Paul's words over Jesus' Words

Go to Matthew.
In Matthew 23:22-32 the Sadducees are clearly speaking about men dying and rising after death. So they give Jesus a scenario of a woman marrying 7 brothers on earth.

Jesus not only corrects them about our marriage status (which is none) in Heaven but people who died are NOT DEAD while Jesus walked on earth and during their conservation stating they were ALIVE as they spoke.

If you discredit Jesus' statement of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob being alive, then you have to say Jesus is wrong about marriage status in Heaven since He spoke about both issues at the same time.

Catholic With Muslim Boyfriend
I dated a Muslim in 1992. He was a so called moderate Muslim man but still had hard core beliefs as Haz spoke about in her post.

I broke up with him because he had a DEEP DEEP hatred of Jewish people.

We would have long debates about Jewish people, but I couldn't convince him that they were not devil's children.

He truly believed ALL Jewish people were evil or cursed.

I realized he was taught these notions as a child and I wasn't capable of convincing him otherwise.

Of course NOT all Muslim people hate Jewish people.

You know better than all of us how he thinks and acts from your private conversations.

Roman Chinese Christianity
I am SICK and TIRED of people BLAMING Trump for the world's evil acts.

Black lives matters came before Trump. They were blaming the police for their violence.

Now it's Trump's fault?

Radical Muslims are bombing, stabbing and running over people for 17 years now in America. Is that's Trump's fault as well?

People on TV and YouTube have been cursing and beating people up for a decade now. Is that's Trump's fault?

People on the LEFT have been beating Trump's Supporters ONLY because they DARE to wear a red cap saying 'make America great again' is that Trump's fault?

News Flash: Since 1950 to 2015 people have being bullying, cursing, beating and killing people!

Did Paul Forgive Sins
Monk: However, when you speak of errors made by the RCC, then I am allowed to speak against your errors.//

How true. I have been saying that on CN for over a year now.

I think that went over someone head.

Have you notice how we DON'T know the Faith of some on CN?

Kathr, exactly what if your Faith?

You go around on CN correcting other Faith instead of promoting your own Faith.

Mark Of The Beast
I just saw your challenge. Your notice that the Pope is the Beast is ridiculous because She has NO earthly power.

Her only support is Jesus as promised in Matt 16:18 without military support.

Which proves She isn't on Satan's side because in Matt 12:24-28.

Many Beasts long ago, but in the 20th Century Mao killed 100 million, Stalin killed 50 to 70 million, and Hitler who killed the least at 12 million. Why people use Hitler's name as the most evil man in the 20th century amazes me. Anyway they killed over 200 million combine.

The 20th century killed more people than all centuries combined.
And killed more Christian Martyrs than all centuries combined. Martyrs not by other Religious faiths but by ATHEISTS

Catholic With Muslim Boyfriend
Most marriages between Catholics and Protestants are harder for Protestants than Catholics.

If any faith threaten to disown a love one 99% of the time it comes from Protestant families NOT Catholic families in United States.

Hard core Protestants are more difficult to live with than hard core Catholics.

Protestants even state Catholics are not Saved.

Catholics state Protestants who truly believe in their Faith are Saved but through the Church.

We state they do not have the fullness of Faith

They claim we DON'T have any Faith.

Catholics are more understanding.

But it seems according to your question you are not a practicing Catholic anyway.

Go to a Priest if you are a Catholic.

Roman Chinese Christianity
As I said in my last post, some are privilege on CN and others are monitored.

But the ones who are allowed to say whatever and however they wish better remember Matthew 12:36

Explain Daniel 3:57-88
Josef: Nicole how does the verses prove people are aware of their surroundings after death?---josef on 4/12/18

Because they are claiming 2 groups of people praising God.

He speaks of Servants of the Lord and other people living in the verses prior to 86 esp. V82 Bless the Lord all people on earth.

V86 Bless the Lord, spirits and souls of the righteous, sing praise to Him and Highly exalt Him forever.

That proves the Dead people are NOT Dead but alive as Jesus said in Matthew 22:32.

God's Spokesperson
Mark and StrongAxe, you both are so right.

I have been warned so many times. Many stories of protection due to listening to the Angel sent by God or His Spirit.

Once I was driving on a 3 lane interstate. I had a strong warning to move out of the passing lane. I ignored the warning making excuses as if I was making up the warning because I wanted get home quicker.

Within minutes after the warning 3 cars in front of me slammed on their brakes. We all went into the outer side lanes safely.

I apologized to God for not heeding His warning and thanked Him for showing me mercy.

Roman Chinese Christianity
Monk, some of the Moderators are bias (not all) as not all are Cowards. Because to my surprise some have released my posts.

As I have told StrongAxe I know that every other weekend one Moderator will not release any hard negative response to him.

StrongAxe doesn't know the Moderator, but that Moderator seems to protect him anyway.

Many Moderator (if not all) have some odd respect for Kathr and so ALLOW her to say the most nastiest, vile personal attacks against anyone and everyone.

That's life.

As a Catholic you know we have to deal with the most (2nd to Jews) religious discrimination in the world.

SADLY, those discriminations comes from OTHER Christians.

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