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Is There Beauty Discrimination
StrongAxe: Nobody mentioned hell. We're not talking about hell, but about discrimination. This is getting VERY far off topic.//


You go OFF topic and I my response to YOUR off topic statement makes me going off topic???

****Me: God expects that of every single person.

You: If God expects that from everyone, and it's impossible for virtually everyone, God's expectations are unrealistically high. Do YOU expect it from everyone as well, and CONDEMN them all if they don't live up to those expectations?---StrongAxeon 10/17/17

What do you mean by 'condemn' if NOT hell?

Criminalize Christian Beliefs
StrongAxe, millions of Native Americans died not by blood shed but by viruses and bacteria. They didn't have the immune system to fight even the simplest flu.

Are you SUGGESTING the Settlers knew they could wipe out Tribes via germs?

Mao killed 100 millions lowest estimate.

Stalin 50 to 70 millions lowest estimate

Hitler who exactly killed the least at 12 million.

The rest were from all Communist Countries from 1915 until today.

North Korea is already has millions dying and STILL COUNTING since 1948

Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation --'North Korea under Communism 1948-2014' gives severe stats of the nightmare going on since it BECAME COMMUNIST.

Secular Nightmares not Christian.

Jesus Takes Our Sin
Mark, Kathr is only using the bold coloring feature to try to cover up her nasty oreo joke used on me in another blog.

She is too proud to admit she crossed the line and make an inappropriate joke.


Saying sorry goes a long way.

Are There Christians Here
John: While one maybe confused in understanding these doctrines it is a casm when they directly deny and reject them, they cant and are not "Christians."...

you asked a good question.---john9346on 10/18/17

I believe Loony is speaking about our bad behavior.

He(she) told Karen if someone states he or she is a Christian he(she) will believe that person.

Loony has been scandalized by our tone, speech and anger towards each other.

Marry Girlfriend Maybe Christian
Congratulations Loony!

Now WHAT did you get your wife for your 50th Anniversary?

You both need to give marriage classes in your local area. (actually premarital classes.)

Today if a couple makes it to 20 years it is a miracle.

Revolutionary Communist Party
Kathr: I also made NO Oreo joke. What joke? There's no joke here.//


You used it in response to other people calling me an oreo as a SICK NASTY RACIST JOKE.

As I said, I am NOT excusing your old age for any of your racists jokes. SHAME ON YOU!

//I have no clue what you are talking about Nicole, a source for what?---kathr4453

All those so called articles you cited from about Puerto Rico but refuse to cite the name or author of the article.

Remember you placed them in a special typing tallac?

Blogs Problems
How come the blog about 'Salvation by works,or not' keeps disappearing?

Cross Or An Upright Stake
The symbol of the cross comes from the Hebrew letter 'TAV' or Tau in Greek. 'T' that looks like a cross.

Criminalize Christian Beliefs
StrongAxe: You blame the Left for the murder of millions, yet ignore Christianity and "Christian"-based regimes through the past 2 millenia's murder of tens of millions. Mote. Beam. Eye. Pot. Kettle. Black//

You have it backwards. The Left meaning you as well ALWAYS swap facts to benefit the Left's agenda.

The last century alone has killed over 200 millions of people than the 1st 19 centuries COMBINED.

All the killings from wars and dicators are from SECULAR rulers or Communist Leaders.

Religious wars can't get close including the Mulsims who have killed more people than Christians wars.

Secular/Communist 1st, Muslims 2nd than Christians

Jesus Takes Our Sin
Correct Mark.

People are not aware that Jesus was just citing Psalm 22.

Just as if anyone would start citing Abraham Lincoin's Gettysburg Address.

All they would need to say "Four score and seven years ago..."

If that person stop speaking everyone would still know the rest of the address.

Works Pleasing To God
Chria: works themselves don't save.//

Please explain WHY the lack of works would be the primary reason for entry or not entering heaven as spoken by Jesus?

I am asking you to EXPLAIN Matt 25 on Jesus' Words not using Paul's words to explain Jesus' own Words.

It just seems that when a person can't explain Jesus' Words they pass the Gospels to Paul to try to explain the Gospel.

In other words can you explain again WITHOUT using Paul's Words.

Because if we only had the Gospels it would be enough to explain our Salvation.

Revolutionary Communist Party
Kathr: Nicole, Well, I italicize AKA SLANTING a text to indicate I have SLANTED its meaning trying to send CODED messages to the Chinese Government. When I underline, ..I'm really signaling aliens ( from Mars) to give me an update on when they plan to attack. Often I use CAPS...that's a signal of secret code to ZOMBIES ....You may just want to check your microwave Nicole...The Aliens told me to warn you. Your fillings have a receptor in them....did you know???? So exactly when is your labotemy scheduled?????I hope sooner than that. So that we can all get back to normal discussions here..--kathr4453




Is There Beauty Discrimination
StrongAxe, sorry, I meant to say they hide their pains from the families by smiling.

If God expects that from everyone, and it's impossible for virtually everyone, God's expectations are unrealistically high.//

No that's why He sent His Son for His Graces to assist us to do the impossible.

//Do YOU expect it from everyone as well, and condemn them all if they don't live up to those expectations?//

If they REFUSE to trust Jesus then it is their choice to go to hell not God's cholice

//but he DID question God's judgment.--StrongAxe

No you said he argued with God. I said he was questioning God

I Like A 16 Year Old Girl
StrongAxe: Did Rosa Parks sue the bus company? No. She just sat down, period.//

You see? That statement above PROVES you don't understand the 1st Amendment.


Know the difference!

The NFL Players are getting PAID for being out on the field.

//The REFUSAL TO STAND is the REFUSAL of political speech - which IS protected.//

2nd example. How is standing political? Are you claiming all the Cop Killers were Republicans?

I said because you were not born here you didn't receive the proper American CIVICS in school.

Ever heard of the Living breathing Constitution? No such thing but the Left wants it declared it as living.

Is There Beauty Discrimination
StrongAxe, no because the Doctors are made aware of the reason for the smiling. They know patients hide their smiles from their families.

Now if patients whimper in pain while the Doctor examines them, but smiles afterwards are DENIED pain meds.

//Job was a rare exception, a pillar of virtue and morality.//

WHY NOT? God did when He boasted to Satan.

//You can hardly expect every single person on the planet to live up to his lofty ideals.//


No God expects that of every single person.

//And even Job eventually broke and argued with God.---StrongAxe

Not according to the Bible. Job was questioning God not arguing.

The Bible claims he NEVER SINNED AGAINST GOD during his pain. Job 42

Criminalize Christian Beliefs
StrongAxe: It is one thing to believe in certain principles, and another to to force those beliefs on others.//


What do you think Obamacare was doing to the Catholic Church?

They were forcing their secular communist principles on Catholics!

Everyone knew that Catholics do NOT believe in birth control for centuries, but they DIDN'T CARE.

They knew if they toppled the Catholic Church every other Institution will crumble and submit to their principles.

Revolutionary Communist Party
Kathr: There is black on black oppression..the SOUTH, she said she never ran across,//

I said Black Democrats called me Oreo. What part of that do you NOT understand?

//now states she has, being called OREO, by BLACK PEOPLE.//


Who do you think taught the Black Democrats? WHITE DEMOCRATS!

//I never knew what that word meant,...heck, I just got chewed out because I spelled it wrong.//

Yes you did! We went round and round on the OREO topic 5 months ago.

//when I BOLDED my answer back at her nonsense, she accused me of being racist...because my words were MORE BLACK I guess than the unbolded black words of hers.//



Jesus Takes Our Sin
Mark you are correct. Jesus NEVER stop being God even on the cross.

People have a hard time understanding that concept because they are still drinking milk.

Can Objects Bring Demons
YES. Even on our food. That's why we BLESS our food before eating it.

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