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Marrying A Younger Man
Dear one
Please do not be condemned by the judgement of others. Bless them and let God vindicate you and deal with them. It may be a challenging union (but whose isn't? Perhaps like 2 individuals of different backgrounds or race??) but if God brings 2 individuals together, that's it. Fullstop. Let His small still voice guide you. Submit it prayerfully to your leaders and Godly friends (who often see through us, see us through...) God will give you peace. His peace surround you and give you clarity and hearing ears.
Have you ever read "Appointment in Jerusalem" by Derek Prince's wife? It may prove very valuable for you.
In Him


Does God Pick Our Mate
God already knows the outcome (He knows end from the beginning). I picked a mate I assumed God had picked for me. A disaster! An arrogant, insubmissive, abusive & delusional individual. I hadn't received counsel. Had no friends speaking into my life. Was very zealous with little wisdom. Needy, broken, desperate. A recipe for disaster!
So we're back at square 1. Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all THESE THINGS shall FOLLOW YOU.
In Him is freedom.Lots of choices but look for the things you can't live with, get counsel, be brutal as you weigh the odds & be open to God's direction. He could say "no", "yes" or "wait"...


What Is Holy Living
Pleaser of God,
Regarding "worldly": Alcohol abuse causes problems.Cigarettes destroy our bodies (and those around us!) But what of Insecurity,Resentment,Competitiveness etc...? We all struggle.Yet God deals with his individual children in different ways, in different measures in different seasons of our lives'. Tender,understanding yet jealous. Wow.Key: openness& realness.God reaches over& loves you, helps& gives grace. Avoid: strife& Satan's lies!Take heart dear one.linda7569

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