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Cursed If You Don't Tithe
Well tithing is good but if you don't tithe then I think God will give someone else your money/blessing so that they can be a channel. But I don't believe he curses you.

But when we don't give God what is already his then we miss out on his blessings. And always remember God owns everything it's not our money it's his. So if you don't want to be God's channel then he will use someone else to do the Job.

God Or Demons Speaking
As long as it alines with the word of God it will be from God. We all know the Devil won't tell you to love your neigbors and to love God. He will tell you things like your life sucks and other negative things.

My Obese Pastor Wants $70
Well I think he is trying to loose weight if he is planing the weight loss program. Some things just don't happen over night. And because he don't have a six pack it does not mean he can not preach on this subject or talk about it.

Pastors are not perfect because only God is Perfect.

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