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Under The Law Of Tithing
David, I corrected because I didn't proof-read. You asked, why won't the 144,000 also be raptured? I believe those saved during the great Tribulation, will be those who will be alive in their human flesh during the 1000 year reign. I believe the Church ...which will be translated out and return with Christ at the 2nd Coming ( the rapture is not the 2nd coming) will be in their Glorified bodies who will reign and rule with Christ during that time. There are many promises to this.

If anyone thinks the Church is going to reign OVER anyone in Heaven, that's strange, since 1st Cor 15 state AFTER Jesus Reigns that ALL will be delivered up to the Father that He may be all in all. No one is going to rule over anyone in Heaven but God.

Under The Law Of Tithing
David, you didn't answer my question. You gave a Kellyanne Conway answer. Now again, Do you believe the KJV is incorrect and God is going to torment the 144000 for 5 months. Yes or no.

The discussion was suffering Christians, and you twisted a verse to make it look like Christians will be TORMENTED BY GOD FOR 5 months.

Just as Noah and family were SEALED IN THE ARK, and not touched by death or personal torment, neither will the 144,000.

Christians In Politics
Europeans shocked that brainwashed PC westerners like you embrace the Left's "utopia" of the hell hole of Communism, which their countries escaped. Haz27/////

Haz27, you're so full of crap. We have one here,REPUBLICAN Arnold Schartznagger ( sp) who made an awesome video rebuking Trump on this very thing, not accusing Dems, but Donald Trump himself, where Arnold did come out of Nazi Germany Europe, and recognized Trumps lame excuse as those who also in Nazi Germany excused and looked away.

Justice Roy Moore Accusations
Obamasboy, it's Not One word against another, it's 6 and counting, with more than 30 backing up the claims Moore was a creep and child stalker, at malls, HS football games and more.

Justice Roy Moore Accusations
A 6th woman has come out. I'm proud of Ivanka for making a statement she sees no reason to doubt these woman. As one here put so much faith in Geraldo Revera over Puerto Rico, he, an attorney came right out after listening to Moore's radio interview with Hannity did not hesitate to point out Moore is lying. WOW! Also others Hannity had on his show...also FOX contributors,and now Hannity had given Moore 24 hrs now less to address his contradictions. There may be a senate hearing..who knows. But the accuser is ready and willing.

Trumps silence speaks volumes ...I'm sure he's involved in something to either get Sessions to take back the seat to SAVE the Republican Party...or to find a way to legally put off the vote until 2018.

No Jail Time Bergdahl
Obama should get jail time for freeing five hardened terrorists in exchange for the traitor.
---ObamasBoy on 11/15/17

I've always been bothered by this. Something just is so wrong about the imbalance of this trade ...

Christians In Politics
Haz27, the Jim Crow folks were southern democrats, called DixieCrats who are TODAY the ALT RIGHT.

Just like Kennedy, a main stream Democrat went after Wallace, a DIXIECRAT in Alabama .....two totally different animals, we also have as Republicans TWO entirely different animals...main stream Republicans McConnell, etc, vs Bannon, Stone, ALT RIGHT Republicans who HATE the mainstream Republicans.

And this NEW Alt Right who wants to say how RIGHTEOUS they are don't listen when one of their own is accused of immorality. That to me is awful. What a contradiction of conscience it SHOULD BE, but frightening it is not. And when Evangelicals like Falwell and others try to put lipstick on this SICK.

Under The Law Of Tithing
(Revelation 9:4-5) And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree, but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads And to them it was given, that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.

Kathryn & Barb
Have either of you ever noticed, in the above verses, the 144,000 are to be tormented for five months?
---David on 11/15/17

Actually David, ONLY those without the seal of God are tormented. Why would God torment His own and NOT the ones without the seal?

You read that wrong.

Are Statues Good Or Bad
Haz27, I don't think Strongaxe believes good works gets you to,heaven. So stop twisting here.

Also,remember Haz27, that while we were yet sinners Christ died for our sin. I mean the sin of ALL mankind. I don't believe in the Calvin interpretation of that verse either. And the story of the Samaratian has nothing to do with anyone trying to earn their way to heaven by good works. Please don't project your lack of understanding on others.

Under The Law Of Tithing
The 144,000 are Jews now on the earth preaching the EARTHLY KINGDOM, where Jesus will reign and rule on earth as promised under the LAW to Israel. And we, His Body will reign and rule with Him.
---kathr4453 on 11/14/17///

Correction, the 144,000 are NOT "NOW" on earth preaching the Kingdom....they WILL BE on the earth preaching the Gospel OF THE KINGDOM , that is earthly kingdom AFTER the church is translated.

Sorry I put the word NOW in there. My mistake.

Under The Law Of Tithing
David, The Elect Church, and Elect Israel. The Elect Church belongs to Jesus Christ, and Elect Israel belong to God the Father....always have, as we see in Romans 11.

There cannot be two different Gospels so to speak on earth at the same time.. After the Church is Translated out, the Gospel OF THE KINGDOM will be preached. THAT Gospel belongs to Israel the NATION. Not to be confused with Jews and Gentiles TODAY, who are saved by the Gospel of Grace, making one NEW man, neither Jew or Gentile..where OUR Kingdom is NOT OF THIS WORLD.

The 144,000 are Jews now on the earth preaching the EARTHLY KINGDOM, where Jesus will reign and rule on earth as promised under the LAW to Israel. And we, His Body will reign and rule with Him.

Are Statues Good Or Bad
Actually Nicole, yes I am. Just another today, willing to testify before a Senate Hearing, was violently assaulted AND I BELIEVE HER AND ALL THE WOMEN WHO HAVE COME FORWARD. I know with this today even more will come forward. Things like this don't just STOP. You can call it anything you want.

It's appalling how ALABAMA Republicans want to make child molestantion by grown men legal. Or STILL have the mindset it's the child's fault or its OK.

Oh I hope and pray Hannity bites the dust, and all those hiding behind the...OH THE DEMS ARE PERSECUTING US WITH LIES AND FAKE NEWS.

WELL, NEWSFLASH...The latest woman is a REPUBLICAN who voted for Trump. PRICELESS. That's what I call RICH.....

Under The Law Of Tithing
David, We have elect Israel, also having promises still to be fulfilled, and the Elect CHURCH, which is the Body of Christ, a mystery kept secret until the New Testament. It's most important to understand each one AND the different promises to each. One must study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman not to be ashamed ..RIGHTLY dividing the Word of truth. So we need to rightly divide who the elect in each group and the DIFFERENT promises to each.

Also concerning Matthew 24:29 and Rev 6:12-13 may very well be symbolic or again literal. Literal would give the Pre Rapture folks a good argument. Where I may be wrong in that area. That's why I'm not dogmatic about it.

Justice Roy Moore Accusations
The Lord works in mysterious ways. Because of the Weinstein K. Spacy and now others every day coming out having themselves kept these truths quiet for YEARS one has accused them of lying for any reason. Also the women assaulted by R. Moore were teenagers at the time I was a teenager...where these things were just not talked about. Even those abused by RCC Priests for years and years didn't come out until they were adults and also BECAUSE OTHERS WERE COMING FORWARD. The latest woman, who gave a press conference today has a horrible story....and is a REPUBLICAN and voted for Trump. So this is not politically motivated. It's motivated by #metoo. I'm so glad people are coming forward about all the abuse no matter who or what or when.

No Jail Time Bergdahl
Rob, my heart and prayers go out to all in these places we have our troops. The 4 that were recently cut down as well...HORRIBLE. I think, like the Vietnam Nam war, this one also is one that messes with the mind. With that, accepting anyone who was already known for having a mental breakdown while in the coastguard ...(not even in War Zone territory) was totally negligent.

Then here comes Trump, who NEVER served, used bones spirs as an excuse more than once to dodge the draft, pointing a finger gun at Bergdahl is shameful. I'll also bet you a million dollars IF Trump had kept his mouth totally shut on this subject, Nicole would never have asked this question. Just continuing the hate mongering like the NFL issue.

Christians In Politics
More misinformation from Haz27...Churchill was NOT a Nationalist. He was a NON-Nationalist. His mother was American, father British. Now Chamberlain and Halafax were Nationalists and did not want to go to war against Germany. Churchill a NON nationalist did.

Even your other two listed is also WRONG Haz27. Living under the oppression of English rule and wanting freedom doesn't give true definition to Nationalism like Hitler did in Germany murdering those he believed were less than human to PURIFY the German people..blond hair blue eye WHITE PEOPLE. HE DIDNT JUST RUN THEM OUT OF Germany, that fool wanted to totally exterminate them all across the world and redraw the lines of Germany.

Are Statues Good Or Bad
Haz27, I have to object to your idea that Christianity is not helping the needy of the lost. Franklin Graham would NOT agree with you there. Remember the Good Samaritan vs the Pharisees? We are HERE to show the LOST through love and caring the Love of God and share the Gospel. That's hard to do when you say...oh sorry your dying of hunger...but our food is only for our people... I also believe Charity begins at home. It's so hypocritical to give around the world TO BE SEEN OF MEN...OH LOOK HOW WONDERFUL AMERICA IS, and not even care for our own. But with Trumps AMERICA FIRST mentality, we may actually see we don't help other nations either like we use to....which actually is not Christian. We're not even helping PR, our OWN!

Under The Law Of Tithing
David, I also see Enoch, as a type and shadow of the translation of the Church, and Noah as those saved through the Great Tribulation. When Jude states that Enoch..the 7th Generation from most interesting ...7 also meaning complete, has significant meaning and was not stated without a good reason. As we too are COMPLETE IN CHRIST, are a 7, having entered His REST is also very significant. We've ENTERED IN. Heb 3-4 and Heb 10 will explain Not the same as KEEPING. those KEEPING are still WORKING, and in Rev there is also a reference to those who worship the beast as those WORKING day and night....Obviously NOT at REST, or those who have ceased from their own works. Also stated in Revelation.

Under The Law Of Tithing
David, those IN CHRIST are not gathered by we are ALWAYS PRESENT WITH THE LORD. Also we know according to scripture the CHURCH was kept secret in the OT, therefore the prophesy in Isaiah I posted also reiterated in Matthew 24 Is to Israel.

The problem ..the real center of this issue is many fail to grasp the CHURCH is Not Israel. If you don't believe that they are two entirely different entities, you will never get It.

read 1 Thesselonians 5 very carefully....Referring to "The Day of the Lord " AKA the day of His WRATH prophesied in the OT. ....WE THE CHURCH ARE NOT going to be subjected to His wrath to come, prophesied to come at the end of the age. Zechariah 14 for more details on that very thing.

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