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Mother Of Abominations
Kathr: People should be able to say what they want without these personal childish ATTACKS.//

You are the QUEEN of making personal childish attacks.

Samuel: Roman Catholic Scholars//

Are you talking about Catholic Scolars who live in Rome, Italy?

Jesus made Peter the first Pope as evident in the Bible. 2nd Peter lived in Jerusalem as in Acts

//Bible teach Peter had to report to James.//

You wish. Cite that verse.

//So non Roman Catholic Scholars and the Bible agree. The RCC scholars are the ones who dispute the Bible.//

I just PROVED you dispute the Bible. You give lip service without Bible citation. Then you start citing non Biblical stuff. Corner stones are NOT foundation stones.

Explain James 5:19-20
Kathr: why are not all Catholics healed of their physical ailments or even mental ones when they confess to a priest.//

Because they are NOT sins.

Are you suggesting illness are sins?

Plus, ONLY sins confessed are forgiven.

Do you think I confess to the Priest any of my illness?

"My back hurts, I have a terrible headache and a bad wound infection in my right knee."

WOW, is that what you really think goes on in the confessional?

Back to work. Not because of the Priests, but to all my medical Doctors.

My Priest didn't know I was sick. Nor keeps He Holy Oil in the confessional.

//So what seems to,be the problem?//

Your lack of understanding.

Important Christian Things
Love God with all their hearts, mind, soul and strength.

Live for God in the present age and in age to come forever.

Everything else will follow

Mother Of Abominations
Samuel: The Pope made his capitol in Rome as stated by the RCC//

Capitol? What statement?Give citation that states Peter made Rome the capital.

//with Peter in Rome being the first Pope. A untrue fact.//

You rather believe your false Scholars instead of the Bible?

Acts 15 states Peter is in Jerusalem.

Remember Paul and Barnabas WENT UP to Jerusalem to see the Apostles and Elders about this question....

V6 states Peter got up and addressed them:

That PROVES Peter and the Apostles were in Jerusalem as their CAPITAL not Rome.

//I was just pointing out that a search of Scholars and truth will show you are incorrect.//

And the Bible shows these Scholars and you are incorrect.

Explain James 5:19-20
Johnny: The passage is ambiguous. It could mean the sins of either party, or both.//

Okay and I agree.

But did you notice how either one had to DO sometime to cover a multitude of sins.

What do you think about the last statement?

The word 'all' isn't used.

Only 'multitude' was used.

Are You A Faith Expert
Samuel, you are not sharing a pizza.

You are not asking them to pray for you and themselves.

If you are having an operation you are not asking someone to share the surgery and pray to Jesus together. No sharing.

//It helps me to know they are praying for me.//


Do you have to have a number of requests to Jesus before He can grant the request?

If yes, what is the number?

BTW, my complain is that you are judging all people who do what you CONSIDER wrong, but do the same thing in a different way.

I believe Jesus in Mark 12:26-27

Or do you believe Jesus was speaking symbolically here as well?

Do you think Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were alive when Jesus was walking on earth?

Billy Graham Used By God
Samuel: Protestants do realize that they are telling the RCC which was part of the first church.//

Trust me not all.

Samuel you are not charitable as you think.

You are mean and rude in a way.

You know that I keep telling you that as a Catholic we don't use the word 'Roman' in front of CC.

But you don't care you keep using that word.

When Black people asked everyone to STOP calling us 'Colored', people stopped.

You wouldn't dare call a Black person 'Colored' because you understand it is hurtful.

When Indians said to call them Native Americans you agreed.

Illegals asked to be called undocumented instead of Alien.

So why do you REFUSED to accommodate Catholics?

Are Christians Gullible
Samuel: we have only one High Priest. His name is Jesus.//

Who is claiming otherwise?

//The Pope is not it.//

Cite a Catholic saying the Pope is the High Priest. We say the Pope is the Vicar of Christ.

You all make up your own dialogue and add us to your script.

Kathr, explain why ANYONE from the Head of Community has to come to anoint someone to have their sins forgiving.

Kathr, you response to Samuel about me actually crack me up.

It was funny and amusing. GOOD ONE.

//Especially with Nicole who is arrogant in her replies back to those who do dip their words in chocolate. And sugar coat.//

Cite my response and if right I will apologize.

Are You A Faith Expert
Samuel: Have I ever asked a friend or family member to pray for me? Yes.//

Why? Did you think Jesus wasn't listening to you? Serious, I am not getting smart.

I truly believe Protestants want is both ways. You want to dictate how Catholics can communicate to Jesus.

BTW saying we can't ask a Saint or the Blessed Mary because you believe they are dead doesn't mean you are right.

Anywho, because you THINK they are Dead thus I shouldn't communicate in that route.

As if Jesus CAN NOT hear my request. But He CAN hear your request as you request it THROUGH another person. ???

//I did not get on my knees to them//

Disagree with our posture? Which the posture is DIRECTED to God not the Saints. Matthew 7:1

Billy Graham Used By God
Kathr: Yes, there are those too that think because they were baptized as babies and belong to the right denomination....try to recruit for their church, rather than share the GOOD NEWS.//

Nooooo, I DON'T think, I KNOW I was SAVED when I was Baptized as a toddler (late, but thank God they didn't much later)

Not a denomination but to a WHOLE Church.

You see, you keep calling yourself a denomination because you don't realize you are admitting you are part of a whole Church.

Look up the word denomination.

As Protestants don't realize that that word means they are 2nd.

Protesting against the 1st.

Are Christians Gullible
Kathr: Nicole James 5 says NOTHING about going to a priest//

James 5:14-15 ..Let them call the ELDERS of the Church to pray over them and ANOINT them with oil in the name of the Lord (StrongAxe, one of the Sacraments)....If they have sinned, they will be FORGIVEN.

Why call an Elder if you can just pray themselves?

// says one another. And it says FAULTS, that you may be healed....not forgiven.//

WOW, THAT'S IN V 16. Right AFTER the word FORGIVEN at the END OF V 15.

After V 16 in V 17 James speaks about Elijah praying to God to CONTROL the rain.

Explain V 20 I thought Jesus paid for ALL our sins and we didn't have to DO anything? Explain over a multitude of sins. BTW, it doesn't say ALL either.

Mother Of Abominations
Cluny here is an official prayer used before V2 where the priest refers to the ROMAN church.//


Please be more specific in your citation.

V2 doesn't tell me anything. Are you talking about Eucharistic Prayer number 2? A Saint?

Again CITE the Vatican using the word 'Roman'.

Samuel: if you type in Roman Catholic the Internet will take you to what you have renamed the Catholic church.//

Goggle isn't the spokes person for the Catholic Church.

It's a search engine.

Do you believe EVERYTHING the internet states?

You can ONLY type 'Catholic' and STILL get the same results.

You can type African American and Black and get the same results. But they are wrong.

Are Christians Gullible

Kathr: levels of Priests in silly costumes//

Are you saying Jewish Priests have br>
Catholic Priests copied Jewish Priests wardrobes that God Himself DESIGNED.

So ONLY Caiaphas was sacrificing animals?

Plus why is there an 's' behind the words 'chief priests'? Matthew 26:3

And why were the chief priest still not the a high priest?

Plus, I don't know what you think the word 'chief' means but I understand it to mean their are LOWER priests than them.

BUT, there seems to be a higher priest than them because the high priest was named.

**Then the chief priests and the elders of the people assembled in the palace of the high priest, whose name was Caiaphas. Matt 26:3

Are You A Faith Expert
Samuel: I never called you a witch.//

Sorry you thought that, I was speaking to Kathr and put the initials (OT) by the name.

I did ask you if you thought the witch brought up a demon looking like Samuel?

Going against the Narrator of the Bible who tells us the witch brought up Samuel.

//It says Saul perceived or thought it was Samuel.//

Noooo, The Narrator first said it was Samuel and Saul back up the Narrator. Do you believe the accounts of the Bible or not?
//In Hinduism they say they do worship the statue but the god the statue represents.//

I don't practice Hinduism so why tell me about their beliefs?

Cluny answered you but you won't answer him.

Billy Graham Used By God
StrongAxe: You wrote: I said to be a Church you have to be ALL Sacraments. The Catholic church teachis this, but others do not.//

Of course NOT. If they believed that they would be Catholic or Orthodox

NOT A RITUAL. That's like saying the Resurrection was a ritual.

We got the number of 7 because there were ONLY 7 mentioned in the Bible.

2 for Protestants because you ONLY practice 2 of the 7 mentioned in the Bible.

I even said that non-Christian have 1 Sacraments because they practice marriage.

How can the CC dictate to others? Because we FOLLOW the teaching of Jesus.

If anyone said Jesus rose on the 5th day would you not CORRECT him? Why?

Because the Bible states He rose on the 3rd day.

Are You A Faith Expert
Kathr: you continue to twist scripture to support worshiping graven images, and praying to Mary,//

Here we go again.

1. I ONLY worship God.

2. I NEVER used Scripture to support worshiping creatures or graven images.

3. I KNOCKED down your crazy claim that I was worshiping a statue just because I was kneel or looking at the statue by using Scripture.

It has not pass me that you or your friend hasn't or CAN'T ADDRESS Number 21:8-9 every time I use it against you all.

You dance, jump, or scream around those passages

//I never gave my daughter Jesus statutes, Mary dolls, or dolls of Saints.//

So I guess you DID give her other GRAVEN IMAGES?

Release The Last Penny
Josef: saved, but only as through fire...As a "purgatory" of mentally burning with unfulfilled desires for that which one seeming can not possess, nor understand why.//

No, you are trying to change the meaning of 1 Cor 14:15

V13 tells us it is an action in the form of WORK.

V 13 their work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each persons work.

14 If what has been built survives, the builder will receive a reward.

15 If it is burned up, the builder will suffer loss but yet will be saved even though only as one escaping through the flames.

Are you claiming Heaven and hell is in one's mind

Are Christians Gullible
David, please don't take this the wrong way.

But you or people like you stop going to Church because you don't want someone telling you how to worship God.

That's like a Jew stop going to the Temple or Synagogue because they don't want to follow the rules set by men.

But you are forgetting that Jesus told the Church how He wants to be worshiped Him.

What do you think about Matthew 23:2-3?

Also in the same chapter Jesus gives the Pharisees and Scribes a tongue lashing.

Are Christians Gullible
Kathr: It wasn't u til AARON and sons, along with the building of the Tabernacle, and all associated with the tabernacle ...Mercy Seat, Ark, Holy of Holies etc that we see a very specific priesthood.//

NO YOU didn't see a specific priesthood and still do not understand. But I saw it before Exodus 28

Aaron and sons were HIGH Priests.

As in the CC we have levels of Priesthood. Bishops have the fullness of the Priesthood in which they can ordain a person. Priests can not.

Everyone man is a Priest of his household.

Look at the Passover. Each family procured a lamb for their household. Exodus 12:3

Just because you are unaware it doesn't mean someone else is wrong.

Release The Last Penny
Josef: However she never gave the location.//

We don't know the exact location of Heaven and hell, but still believe there is a Heaven and hell.

//Yet, he's the only one specifically mentioned, biblically, as the believer's adversary.//

No, in the Bible Jesus and Paul speaks fighting against each other.

//You say "Once you are in Purgatory you are SAVED. Satan can't touch you. There is only one way out. Heaven" And you base that statement on what, exactly.//

1 Cor 3:14-15

//"BTW, you put your interpretation in my mouth and ran with it." How so Nicole?//

When you decided we both agreed that satan was the adversary in Matthew 5:22-26. Then compounded on that idea.

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