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Forced Union Dues To Work
NurseRobert, I agree with you.

But fair is fair. Those who do not pay dues should be ALLOWED at the bargaining table.

Just as the Unions forced the Owners at the tables they shouldn't BLOCK others from the table.

Besides you all assume everyone wanted the Unions to bargain.

Many Workers are mad at the Unions for making things worst. Causing people to lose their jobs.

Some are force to strike without real compensations from the money dues that was promised to them when they have to strike.

It's all a scheme for the heads. They have private luxury hotels, golf courses and live the high life when the union workers are always left high and dry.

Our union President embezzled over $50,000. Scheme!

How To Confess Sin
NurseRobert, I asked David and refused to answer.

BTW, no Catholic who is truly 'concern' about his confession would come on a Prostestant website (who do not believe in confessions) for advice.

That's like me going to Afghanistan website asking the men should I wear my dress above the knee or below the knee? And would I go to hell for for revealing any part of my leg?


Keep Your Children Home
StrongAxe: You're assuming that just because he doesn't want to be killed at school,//

No, I KNOW because he said FOUL words against Senator Ted Cruz for SUPPORTING the NRA who didn't do ANYTHING TO HIM.

He has a foul mouth dropping bombs to everyone EXCEPT to those ACTUALLY responsible for the school shooting.

The march he 'helped' organized, had signs attacking the NRA but NOT ONE to the FBI, afraid Cop, Obama's policy or the Sheriff department. NOT ONE!

He been all on the News outlet telling everyone he wants to get rid of the 2nd amendment.

//HE didn't throw the first punch. The guy who MURDERED HIS FRIENDS did.//

RIGHT! Now do me a favor and CITE just ONCE of Hogg using his foul mouth against him?

Trump Kim Prayer
NurseRobert: Haz just keeps on proving my point. All he does is rant. It's a shame you cant see that..//

You just Proved my point!

No shame for insulting people.

As a True Leftist as Haz been saying you used one of Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals'

Rule 5: Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.

Your example doesn't prove anything.

Plus, if you REALLY felt that way you would have insulted Kathr a long time ago. With plenty of her posted blogs as an example.

Trump Kim Prayer

StrongAxe: I tend to be somewhat long-suffering, and it takes me a long time before I totally write someone off as completely irredeemable.//


Please, you LOVE these debates and you know it!

Besides, you all on the left LOVE to control each other and others. Why?

You all are so mean. NurseRobert and Kathr are calling people names.

They can't debate so they try to isolate people just because they can't handle the debate.

Kathr even tries to convince the Moderators to kick people off CN when she is losing debates.

Now NurseRobert follows her lead by trying to get people to stop engaging others whom he disagrees.

People on the Left are the meanest even on a Christian blog website.

Keep Your Children Home
StrongAxe: Why do you automatically assume the worst about the character and motives of anyone who disagrees with you politically?//

What! I didn't know the kid UNTIL he started trying to TAKE AWAY my 2nd amendment RIGHT!

He isn't MAD at the FBI who dropped the ball TWICE.

NOT MAD at the Sheriff department who dropped the ball 23 times.

NOT MAD at the Cop who refused to enter the school to stop the shooter!

NOT MAD at the school system who REFUSE to get the Shooting help.

NOT MAD at the Obama's Administration who made the Shooter's priors not Felonies that WOULD HAVE prevented Cruz from buying a gun.

But mad at the NRA?

You know, if you don't want to fight then DON'T throw the FIRST PUNCH!

Trump Kim Prayer
NurseRobert: That's funny. YOU'RE the one who supports Trump//

Supporting Trump doesn't make me wanting peaceful results from the summit.

//his kissy kissy with NK..//

It was Clinton who not only kiss up to his father but gave him MONEY and Nuclear technology capability without knowing if the NK was going to change.

But you are mad because Kim JongUn released American Captives WITHOUT a deal. Promising to denuke WITHOUT MONEY?

You SUPPORT Democrats who PROMISE to continue killing babies via aborting and you think it is funny for calling you sick?

I DO KNOW who you support from your posts on CN. You constantly criticize Anti-Abortion Politicians while speaking favorably towards pro-abortion Politicians.

How To Confess Sin
I don't think David is even Catholic.

Keep Your Children Home
StrongAxe: You wrote:Hogg reaction to the incident his only response was 'silly flank'. REALLY?//

Where did you see this? When I google "silly flank", I find only one reference on the entire internet, and it isn't from Hogg.//

I also couldn't find it when I google it. But I know your problem.

My primary web browser is Duckduckgo. When I type the key words 'swat team and silly prank' it gives me all the details.

You do know that Google monitors and edits contents?

Anyhow, Hogg said it to ABC and BPR (Business and Politics) Article:

'David Hoggs reaction to S.W.A.T incident at his home is a big red flag' June 6, 2018 Tom Tillison

Type Duckduckgo then type info. If you really want to know.

Bill To Ban Some Counseling

Cluny: In other words, you have no evidence to back up your claim made that LGBT people are changed by becoming Christians.//

I gave the evidence. Check out the group called 'Courage'.

He isn't saying they are changed by desire but by their will not to continue in the LGBT life style.

Haz is correct. A true Christian (practicing Christian) doesn't murder people. He just used word 'kill' as you all are not aware of the difference.

Murder and kill isn't the same thing as in the intent.

Every Country that is taken over from by Christians is favorable to women and Gays.

Look at every Country that is ran by Majority Non Christians.

Women and Gays are mistreated horribly. Just open your eyes.

How To Confess Sin

David: I become aware of sin after a confession, I am ignorant of, before the confession.//

Are you Catholic? If you are you should speak to your Priest instead to Protestants on a blog.

But I will let you know you are not responsible for sins you were not aware about at the time of confession.

If the sins are not grave/moral sins but venial sins they will be forgiven when you receive Holy Communion.

If the sin is grave/moral then you should return to Confession as soon as possible. Do not receive Holy Communion until you go back to Confession.

If you are not sure ask your Priest. Go to confession again.

//What have you experienced after a confession?//

Closer to God and relief. Lighter.

Keep Your Children Home
StrongAxe, Hogg reaction to the incident his only response was 'silly flank'. REALLY?

NOT a silly flank! 2 elementary school were shut down because of the so called 'silly flank'.

Hundreds or children were scared to death because of the so called "silly flank"!

His response tells me he is behind the "silly flank".

No anger on his behalf because he KNOWS the "silly flank" came from his party.

I truly believe he was hoping for someone to be hurt or killed so he could get another 15 minute of fame!

His response PROVES he was behind the incident!

If it was a gun advocate it would be all over the fake media. Since it ISN'T it means his party made the call.

Trump Kim Prayer
Nurse Robert and Kathr, you all are sick sick people.

You all don't care about the millions of NK people are in camps starving or beat to death.

NO PEAK from you all when Obama DID the same thing with Cuba and Iran!

How do you all think they got his knowledge of making those nuclear sites? BILL CLINTON Plus NK is sharing that knowledge with Iran.

What would you all suggest? Nothing

People are dying, but all you all can do criticize.

Kathr: we have Haz and Lacey ramming this idiot down our throats...//

Haz didn't say word about Kim JongUn.

Cluny STARTED this blog asking us to pray. But you left his name out? Why?

I guess it was Cluny ramming Kim JongUn down your throat as you said!

My Job Is Harder
NurseRobert: I learned as a nurse is to befriend people in those departments. They will bail you out every time..//

AMEN! I was personally bailed out by a Janitor

As you said, EVERYONE's Jobs in the hospital plays an IMPORTANT role in caring for our patients.

If the EMS doesn't clean the room properly they can make the next Patient sick not to mention Medical team.

Dietary helps our Patients to get stronger. So we don't have to provide nutrients through venous routes which you and I know it leads to possible infections that can kill patients.

Maintenance and Supply makes our advance technology possible.

As you know there are 3 things that makes Patients Happy: Pain free, Food and an Operational TV

Keep Your Children Home
NurseRobert: Where are you getting this??//

From the Illegals THEMSELVES!

Poll: 13% of Illegal Aliens ADMIT They Vote June 3, 2015 By Stephen Frank in the California Political Review

Note this was in 2015 and these are ONLY those who were BRAVE to admit they voted.

Remember the experts rule of thumb of numbers? 1 out of 10 only admit or complain.

Plus, they would have invested interest to vote in Nov 2016!

//Only a cynic would think otherwise.//

Cynic: 1. A person who believes all people are motivated by selfishness.


BTW, I am cynical of Democrats and the Illegals.

They want to stay in the Country and Democrats ONLY care about them for their voting arm

Trump Kim Prayer

StrongAxe: Which has a bigger visibility?//

You mean VOLUME?

//A 3" ornament of Mao that is seen briefly, or Hitler on the front page of Time as Man?//

As you said, Man of the Year isn't STATING the person is good.

It also doesn't celebrated as a GOOD person.

You all complain about Catholics having statues of GOOD people who are SAINTS.

But now you all are BUSY trying to explain AWAY Obama's Christmas Ornament of Mao when it is a TIME of joyous excitement of God being born to us to SAVE us from death into life.

But nooooooo, the Obamas and their anti-God display (IN FRONT) a man who KILLED 100 million people.


Stop making excuses and admit the Obamas were WRONG!

70 Week Prophesy Of Daniel
StrongAxe, why are you acting as if I disagreement with you?

I was answering Cluny's question.

I didn't understand his question in relations to the blog. I wanted him to continue.

I didn't say it wasn't operational today.

I am aware people are STILL suffering from the first disaster in 1986.

I watched documentaries explaining people with cancers even down to their children today.

How some are trapped today in the area because they can't afford to leave.

Plus many of them have the highest natural sterilizations in Russia.

Trump Kim Prayer
Kathr, Cluny was asked you NOT me. BTW, it was you who started insulting Trump instead of praying.

Because of you we all went off topic! Calling people names as usual.

LOOK BACK on the 7th and see how everyone agrees to pray, but you started calling names instead.

StrongAxe even had to ask you who was RG.

***Both are capable of treachery, which will be concerning. And now after RG shot off his ignoramus mouth,( can he get anymore senile) who knows what or even if its still a go. OR maybe RG did that on purpose with approval, just to have it called off, where Trump will be able to personally save face, because of other issues coming up that wasn't originally in the works. Lets wait and see.---kathr4453 on 6/7/18

Keep Your Children Home
StrongAxe, 3 million extra Voters were in California. The same State that gave Illegals driver licenses for the purposes of voting not to drive

The State doesn't want more people driving (EPA Lovers). Thus their high gas prices to discourage driving.

BTW, I said EPA Lovers who threaten Pruitt's life. Are you claiming all Democrats want to kill Pruitt?

//You said "left", not "Antifa". If you meant "Antifa", you should have said so.//

I said EPA Lovers and Antifa are interchangeable words.

//How do you know who is "trying to kill Pruitt"//

I don't have to know, the Gov Security Detail gathered the evidence and DEEMED he and his family needed 24/7 protection.

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