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Is Socialism Wrong
The first Christians were not communists.

Even Peter told Ananias the land or money belonged to him.

And he DIDN'T have to give anything to the Disciples.

In a Communist country you don't have a choice and you CAN'T leave the Community.

No one was force to give money and couldn't get out of the community.

But lets just pretend they were communists

They prove the communist system doesn't works within a short time.

Acts 6:1 In those days when the number of disciples was increasing, the Hellenistic Jews[a] among them complained against the Hebraic Jews because their widows were being overlooked in the daily distribution of food.

Armed Guards At Church
Tell Christians Churches in the Middle East not to have armed guards.

Even they can't have peace in their own churches without worrying about bombings.

Our Priest hired Police Officers. One Officers standing in our foyer for all Masses.

They have their police car at front to let any gunman know a Officer is inside.

I am happy our Priest hired them.

Also any Officer is allowed to be in inform with their weapons during Masses

Follow Jesus Christ Go
Steveng, that Administration is out so don't worry.

Trump Administration is protecting our rights better than the last 4 Presidents.

But I agree with Kathr and Joseph.

I buy as many Madonna with Child Christmas stamps as I can and use them all year long.

That's the ONLY way to get Jesus on a postage stamp.

USA Foreign Invasion
Kathr: Bob Jones University only recently allowed Blacks in their schools and Calvinists Churches.//

Your point?

They are allowing Blacks now

Are you suggesting I should be upset because at one point in their history they didn't allow Blacks?

Okay, so why are you NOT MAD with the Democrats?

At least the University wasn't trying control a Black man.

Wasn't trying to entrap a Black man

Wasn't selling their own babies.

Wasn't whipping Blacks when they ran AWAY from a HORRIBLE existence.

Wasn't raping Black women.

Nooo, all those horrible acts belongs to the Democrats.

Democrat's past vs Bob Jones University's?

BJV wins everyday and 7 times one Sundays!

Revoke The 14th Amendment
Kathr: We were the ONLY COUNTRY who allowed birthright citizenship. Wrong, 33 countries do.//

Only 2. Canada and us.

//My nephew was born in Spain to his American military parents, had duo citizenship,//

Left something out? One parent must have duo-citizenship already

Spain refugees' babies are not Citizens.

//he was allowed to choose..which country he wants to be a full citizen.//

Duo means full citizenship in BOTH countries.
Israel is the only country that allows it people to be citizens without parent citizenship or birthright. As long as you prove you are Jewish by their standards.

A group of people deserve to be Americans than anchor babies, but DENIED citizenship.


USA Foreign Invasion
Kathr: What will have to change for that to happen? Many Black Americans say they are Americans.//

Of course, but Democrats make them (not me, I can think for myself) say 'what kind' of American.

//AMERICAN is not a Nationality.//

You are correct.

America actually is comprise of many countries from the North to the South.

That's why Trump said Nationalist.

Because he wasn't elected to lead Canada, Peru or Honduras.

So Trump as usually is right.

One man leading the world has another title. Anti-Christ.

Please start correcting your party the Democrats.

You all LOVE identity politics

USA Foreign Invasion
//The dark skinned people brought here on ships as slaves are unaware of their true ethnicticity or nationality. Therefore has accepted whatever label placed upon us.//

'Us' are you Black?

I agree about the label part place on us.

That's why I do not call myself 'African american'.
That label was selected by Jesse Jackson as he self appointed as our spokesman.

Cluny is correct as anyone born on that continent should use that label.

That's why I call myself 'black'.
But because I have a strong Spanish accent I include Hispanic after the Black.

I wish one day I can say American and leave it at that.

God Or Jesus Miracles

They are One

USA Foreign Invasion
Josef: I curious nicole, which of your parents were so called "black"?//

For some my response wasn't posted.


Mom is from Alabama
Dad from Puerto Rico.

Slaves went to Puerto Rico centuries ago.

My dad is mixed with African, Natives and Spanish.

My DNA came back as:
72% African
22% European
5% Native American
1% Asian

But in America if one parent was born in a Hispanic country they deem you Hispanic regardless of your DNA make up.

My last name is a common Spanish name. It is hyphenated with my mom's miden name which is Lacey as the traditions of most Spanish countries.

Revoke The 14th Amendment
StrongAxe: It's strange how Republicans are oh so ready to re-interpret the 14th Amendment//

That's RICH coming from you.

Jerry and I ALWAYS have to break down our laws because you re-interpret them often.

You ALWAYS mix Canadian laws with America.

//out of existence to suit their own xenophobic agenda,//

You don't know us. Judging all the time.

I paid for a Kenyan woman's citizenship because she DID the right way.

Have you?

You all are so mad that Trump married 2 immigrant women.

//but scream bloody murder whenever anyone does anything even remotely similar to the 2nd Amendment.//

Why CAN'T Democrats just follow our Constitution?

Is that to much to ask of you all?

Abortion Point Of Views
Haz, when it comes to abortion people on CN rather be polite and let the killing continue.

They truly believe they can be personal against abortion but minding their own business.

Many Christians on this website are moral relativist.

They never fight for the unborn because they are more afraid of hurting a cruel right of a woman than saving the unborn.

They speak ill about Hitler and German's Holocaust, but fail to understand we are worst than 40's German.

We will enter history as the MOST VICIOUS kind of people ever walked on this planet.

May God have mercy on us.

USA Foreign Invasion
Samuel: They will be using Jerry's money to live in America.

They refused to ask for asylum in our embassies in 2 Countries.

So that means they are using the 'asylum' excuse to get into our country.

//In the 1930's many spoke of the Jewish invasion from Europe. So they put a limit on those who could come here.//

Guess who put the limits?


Remember Cuba?

Obama ended their asylum claims because they vote Republican.

You cited racism from the past, but none today.

Please tell me how it's alive and well TODAY?

Because as a Black Hispanic in Alabama I am have trouble seeing all these so called racism Democrat CLAIM affects people like me.

Can Christians And Jews Marry
As long as he doesn't forbid you to worship Jesus Christ.

As Paul said in the Bible, you might lead him to Christ.

Revoke The 14th Amendment
Strongaxe: Birthright citizenship is a key part of the 14th amendment//

ONLY babies born to American citizens. Slaves of parents born in America.

Not Brazilian slaves Mexican or any other slaves from other countries.

Only American ex-slaves and their descendants.

I deserve to be a citizen because my ancestors were slaves.

Why do you think Chinese, Mexicans, Russians and any other Country's descendants deserves to be a citizen?

Again, I know birth right citizen is part of the 14th.

The argument is WHICH birth applies to the 14th. read the whole 14th amendment.

That's why they took the time in the 14th to say WHICH births BORN on American SOIL does not apply.

NOT ALL births are equal.

Abortion Point Of Views
StrongAxe, the Bible does speak about a unborn baby being a human being.

Exodus 21:22-25 22 "If people are fighting and hit a pregnant woman and she gives birth prematurely but there is no serious injury, the offender must be fined whatever the woman's husband demands and the court allows. 23But if there is serious injury, you are to take life for life, 24eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, 25burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise.

Life for life is used because the unborn child is a life.

So abortion is murder

What Type Of Pastor
Samuel: history says you are incorrect. Why argue about it?//

I am not arguing with History.

I am arguing with you changing history and with the present.

Please answer this one question:

Why is it so IMPORTANT for you to change another religion's name?

It's very odd to me.

It's like if you heard people calling me 'Nikki'.

A nickname.

Then you tell me it's my name because for 45 years people called me Nikki.

I tell you that isn't my name, but you tell me I am wrong because of history.

I show you my birth certificate and you STILL say it's my name.

Then you have the nerve to ask me WHY argue about it?


Shouldn't it be me asking you that question?

USA Foreign Invasion
Kathr: Folks, no one is trying to INVADE America. Please learn words and definitions before joining the idiot band wagon.//

How about 'mob'?

So, we are using OT terms?

Okay we will say 'Alien' instead of Illegal.

Plus, they have to FOLLOW all our rules as the Alien did in the OT.

Which means they have to stop in Mexico for protection.

What Type Of Pastor
Samuel: I am just saying what History and the RCC have said about itself for Centuries.//

Samuel, I am saying that the Catholic Church NEVER called itself 'roman' centuries ago She STILL DOESN'T called Her self 'roman'.

I am SAYING Protestants call the CC 'roman' centuries ago and TODAY as you.

//You can call it what you want.//

I don't NEED your permission to call Her by Her proper name.

I think that is what bothers you. That I refuse to call Her by your made up name.

//But Scholars will not agree with you changing the rules.//

Which Scholars?

Protestant Scholars?

What do I care about their agreement?

They lied and NOW they want me to agree with their lies?


What Is The Gospel
Samuel, you receive sanctification from the Holy Spirit.

We can't sanctify any of our sins. That's needs Grace.

Justification doesn't belong to us.

Mercy is the only thing we can claim from Jesus.

//Through faith alone.//

That is a made up concept since the 18 century.

Kathr: It doesn't surprise me that you Nicole or even Steven automatically want to jump on me, when you have NO CLUE what is being discussed.//

It doesn't matter about your discussion, your statement is wrong NO MATTER the discussion.

You can't fit your statement into anything to make it correct.

Can I Remarry My Ex
Cluny: It's not showing up on my computer, therefore I cannot quote it, can I?//

I asked you to remember something of this so called statement of mine.

Not me help you.

My post wasn't removed.

I think you are confusing another post with mine.

Since I did the posting you need to believe me when I say it's all there.

Did the wonders of the cyber world.

In my cyber world I see all my posts.

I have never seen the Moderator remove a post. They just NEVER release the post.

I have seen them stop the subject blog all together when people go over board.

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