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Divorce Second Husband
I feel your just looking for opportunist answers, to do what is really in your heart. Might be best you leave your second husband, he's really the one coming up on the short end of the stick having you for a wife.

Is There Everlasting Hell
Let me guess? A lot of you have read Mary K Baxter's book, A Divine Revelation of Hell and are scared crapless b/c of what she says. My one arguement is the fact that biblically, Satan is not in hell torturing people. He's ROAMING THE EARTH, SEEKING WHOM HE MAY DEVOUR! He doesn't want to be in hell & he's deceived even himself into believing he can overthrow God-(CONT)

Is There Everlasting Hell
For whether or not there is an ETERNAL BURNING hell, I'm frankly not sure because I've studied both schools of thought (Hebrew understanding & Greek Understanding) and they actually BOTH make sense in several ways, but I do strongly believe that God does not want us serving Him out of terror (fear of hell) because I can say from experience that you WILL go nuts if you focus on hell and punishment all the time as I did in 2000 and it took me quite awhile to get my mind back.

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