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Tell Them To Leave
Well Folks, I am going to do the same as JS1234 and call it quits.

I enjoyed debating with you all.

But I have to focus more on my inner soul and worshipping Jesus as He wishes.

Sorry Jerry, it seems you will be the only person to carry sanity on CN.

Take care and know everyone on CN are in my prayers.

Netflix The Family
Cluny: However, boycotts are ineffective.//

Sorry, but you are wrong.

//They never affect those who make the objectionable decisions,//

Angie's list had to make their website free after many cancellations including me.

***Bill Oesterle, co-founder and chief executive of Angies List, announced he is stepping down from his position just weeks after the company took an outspoken stance against Indianas Religious Freedom Restoration Act.--The Daily Signal April 23, 2015

Target sales went down AFTER their bathroom rules changed.

I stopped going to Target.

Many boycotts are successful.

Tell Them To Leave
StrongAxe, Jam 2016 Gallup reported that "Americans rated black-white relations much more negatively today than they have at any point in the past 15 years, " White optimism dropped 27% in the last 2 years, with black optimism down 15%.

Just because you liked the Obama's yrs doesn't mean the rest of the Country wasn't damaged by Obama.

//hate crimes have increased dramatically (See "The Effect of President Trump's Election on Hate Crimes")//

You mean FAKE hate crimes, like Smollett.

//When do Democrats tell ANYONE how and when to worship?//

When Obama's Admin. tried to CHANGE the words of 'Freedom of RELIGION' to 'Freedom of WORSHIP.' when they went after the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Do Men Wait For Marriage
Very little. The same goes for women.

BTW, has anyone heard from Melody?

My Job Is Harder
StrongAxe: Leftists are for raising minimum wage.//

Not Bernie Sanders. He was paying his staff less than $15 hr.

When they complained publicly, Sanders got upset with them.

He give them an option. Get $15hr, but LOSE their health ins and work LESS hours.

Which STILL gives them the SAME amount of money they were getting before, but NOW they lost their health insurance.

//Leftists are for raising minimum wage. Rightists are against it.//

As always, Leftist cheat people. Now they don't have health insurance.

Maybe, they should move to California and pretend they are an Illegal and work under the table.

At least they will have free healthcare, make more money and not pay any federal taxes.

Tell Them To Leave
Cluny:..Planned Parenthood, the one in my home city is in a middle class white neighborhood.//

Name your city!

I Google it and the closes they came up was upper Boston, not middle class.

It is mostly White, but mostly young with high poverty rate.

Very few even lives in a house, and less own a house.

Few even have cars, most ride bikes. Medium income was $33,000 which as you know that's poor in Boston.

I made more than twice that income in Alabama. Alabama considered me high middle class ONLY because I wasn't married or have any children. Otherwise it's isn't middle class.

BTW, not all PPD perform abortions. THANK GOD!


Because they can find VERY LITTLE doctors to kill babies.

Tell Them To Leave
StrongAxe: it IS about elitism. "We are good. You are bad".//

Exactly, that's why Trump won in 2016.

Democrats think they are the elite and need to tell us how to eat, how and when to worship, who can discriminated. 'Discrimination pecking order.' What kind of cars to drive. They only want people to smoking marijuana not cigarettes/vapors etc.

//The Squad's constituent's love them, while Trump's approval rating is only around 42.//

Nice Trick, but WRONG.

Approval among Republicans is 93%. 42% among everyone.

If you do the same for the Squad it's worst.

AOC 22% and Omar 9% That's ONLY among Democrats. Add Republicans and it's WORST!

Either way, Trump is better liked than the Squad.

Tell Them To Leave
JS1234, StevenG is right. I am a Black Hispanic woman in Alabama. The Democrats are still the same and the Republicans are the same.

I am called derogatory names by Democrats all the time. NEVER by a Republican.

All PPD clinics are in Black/Hispanic neighborhoods. More Black babies are KILLED via Abortions than born according to the CDC

As before, Republican Abraham Lincoln, SAVED Slaves, as today another Republican Gov Kay Ivey is trying to SAVE Black babies. LITERALLY!

President Trump is TRYING to SAVE Black babies by appointing Conservative Justices. But, Democrats want to KILL Black babies AFTER birth

Democrats want to break Statues, BUT REFUSE to CHANGE their own party's name.

What's up with that?

Famous Quotations Started
Kathr: I personally like the quote : "DUMBER THAN DIRT"//

Okay, but can you tell how that phrase got started?

That would be interesting to know.

Tell Them To Leave
Amen Steveng. DEMOCRATS! Also, the party killing babies even after birth.

Strongaxe, I am sure I told you to go back to Canada.


Because you are white?


Because you are trying to CHANGE this Country from it's original concept.

It is enough to fight born Citizens, but we don't need an outsider who we welcomed with opened arms to try to change us.

Race has NOTHING attached to that phase. As Congress women shouldn't be in office if they hate the people they serve.

That's like an adopted child joining birth children beating their parents.

People would say it's a shame the kids beat their parents, esp. the adopted one.

The adopted kid is looked at twice as being ungrateful.

Famous Quotations Started
Kathr: just for the record, Nicole changed the subject here to LENT.//

Yup! And guess who allowed me to change the subject?

The Moderator!!!!

Yet, always respond?


//Pick up YOUR CROSS, OR PICK UP HIS CROSS. Which one ? You have two sentences contradicting one another.//

All Crosses are His. Act 9:4-5

//When I died with Christ..ALA being Crucified with Christ, our whole life 24/7/364 is Denial of self//


According to you that doesn't give you any time to SIN.

We both know you have sinned and will sin tomorrow.
In denial is right, but not in a good way.

You RESUSCITATE yourself daily.

That's why JESUS said to pick up your cross DAILY Luke 9:23

Pope Of The Sabbath
Cluny: Nicole, the fasting rules of the Eastern Catholic churches, especially of the Byzantine tradition are much stricter.//

Yes. I am only speaking about the Latin Rite which is the largest of the Catholic Church.

I speak on what I know and practice.

I am telling Kathr, not to comment or criticize other's Faith she knows little about their practices. Matthew 7:1

//Note I did NOT say Orthodox here.//

Now, that's a whole different matter. All I know about their Lenten observance seems to me are your severe reverence into Jesus's deep sorrowful Passion.

Do We Have Free Will
StrongAxe: If someone looks at the world's problems and is told "God is all powerful, loves you, and can solve all your problems, and the Bible talks all about him", he might ask "Why does God allow all this suffering to go on?//

If they read the Bible they would have gotten their answer.

They would understand about our free will granted from God. (Which BTW He didn't have to give us free will)

People with that argument always forget about the Garden of Eden. It was Perfect.

//They will dismiss the Bible without reading it.

Yet, those SAME people who are capable of stopping the starvation REFUSE to share their food.


Pope Of The Sabbath
Kathr, the CC only have 2 DAYS of the year when we fast TOGETHER.

Fasting is defined as 2 regular meals and one meal that doesn't equal a regular meal. No meat

Only healthy 21-59 yrs of age are bounded to fast.

14-20 yrs old are only bound from meat

Meatless Fridays during Lent (Ash Wednesday) in America (All Fridays in most Countries).

Only 2 days of the year are fasting days.

Giving up chocolate during lent is called a mortification.

We are called to do some type of mortification during lent.

Some give up chocolate, relations if spouse agrees, coffee, smoking, arguing, watching TV, internet, smart phone, yelling during traffic, parking as far as possible from the store's entrance etc.

Loved Ones Are In Hell
Cluny, if you USE the WRONG oil which makes you our fault for using the wrong oil.

StrongAxe: How can you even convince someone to read the Bible in the first place, if they see all the problems in the world,//

If they CARE and are looking for solutions there wouldn't be any problem.

//the fact that God isn't fixing them either means he doesn't exist,//

See what I mean? You as well do not understand the Bible.

The whole Bible is ABOUT how He is fixing problems.

//or he doesn't care (meaning he isn't all loving).//

Again, the Bible is ONLY about God's Salvation plan for us.

He cares so much He sent His ONly begotten Son to save us.

You know your favorite verse in the Bible: John 3:16.

Pope Of The Sabbath
Kathr, I don't know why your so obsessed with my following your traditions.//

Please focus. I reminded you that you are NOT BOUND to our traditions.

***BTW, you are not Catholic, so you are not bound to fast on those days
So, stop arguing about something that doesn't pertain to you.--Nicole_Lacey on 7/24/19

Then you SAID:

***one mans tradition should never be rammed down the throat of another.---kathr4453 on 7/25/19

So, I said AGAIN to you:

***..STOP worrying with Catholics fasting ways and days?---Nicole_Lacey on 7/26/19

So yes, you are obsessed with the Catholic Church method of fasting.

I will address your error in thinking of Catholic's fasting.

Loved Ones Are In Hell
Chria, maggots also promotes tissue regeneration. If there any eschar (black hard dead skin) the wound underneath can not heal. So its helps to debride the tissue.

BTW, we use sterile grown maggots with consent by the patient.

Strongaxe, people who blame God for the bad and evil events in the world are not reading the Bible correctly.

If I misread a 'how to change oil in a car, and it breaks down. Is it the manual's fault or me?

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