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Grace Through Faith
Thank you wivv shown Jesus fulfilled the law. UNDER the law was also the promise of the earthly kingdom reign, and it absolutely will be fulfilled at Jesus second comeing. But only Jesus can FULFIll this.

Those saved by GRACE ARE "UNDER GRACE". Those who dont understand GRACE, are those who make up rules to add to GRACE.

NO scripture says we are UNDER Any laws. GRACE completely covers any misconceptions one feels God overlooked stating it's not enough to keep me on the straight and narrow.
GRACE is defined in Romans 6. Or DIDN'T YOU KNOW THAT?

Super Blood Wolf Moon
Anyone who claims they have never suffered as a Christian TODAY, have never been saved by GRACE through faith. It's clearly a telling sign they are not saved.

1 Peter 4:1-13. Is just one place out of so many many. Phil 3 ...the fellowship of His suffering. Another.

Those who today who have departed from these truths are lost as lost can be, no matter if they believe they are prepared to suffer through the great Tribulation but not now.

Baptize Our Babies
God chose the hebrews to take his words to all the world. They failed thinking it was only for them.
---Steveng on 1/19/19

Can you back this up with Scripture Steveng? Where does God tell Moses and Company to take " what words...the 10 Commandments? To all the world? I see no scripture where Israel was commissioned to take the Law and blessings and cursings given to Israel to all the world.

Many did in fact JOIN ISRAEL. But was Israel commissioned to put the world under the Law of Moses? Please show us where God gave that directive. Were they told to go into Gentile nations like the crusaders and convert them or kill them? Were they told to force everyone under a sabbath law? Please show scripture.

Should Churches Be Taxed
Neither is Scientology , but they get a tax break. And the Unification Church AKA THE MOONIES get one as well.

So CHURCH in America does not have to do with Christianity. There was a great show on HBO, with John Oliver on this very subject called "Televangelist". It was a brilliant expose on the subject. He as a joke filled out the paperwork for a tax exempt church status, stating his audience was his church, and as a joke the audience participated in some rediculous name for it, and stated their beliefs were ..again something really off the wall, calling it " Our lady of perpetual exemption" Or something rediculous like that....and WALLA. It was several months ago since I saw that, so I'm paraphrasing here.

Why Confess Your Sins
David, you simply fail to read all of what I posted AND ASKED OF YOU.

Romans 6 take care of your law of Righteousness, as those who are crucified with Christ, and raised up a NEW Creature ARE automatically vs 18 says you BECAME a slave of Righteousness. There is NO LAW HERE.

You keep interchanging the meaning of LAW here. The Law of Christ, stated in Galatians 6:2 say nothing about being UNDER. So again you like many false teachers embellish the truth by ADDING to it.

We are UNDER "GRACE" PERIOD. If you know what that is, you would not be on this attack.

You never gave a list of what you claim the Law of Christ consists of. So again, YOU failed to make your case.

Is 666 The Mark Of The Beast
The number is cumulative of the whole fallen world with all its fallen humans and human governments.

Those IN CHRIST are no longer part of this world, as we are crucified to the world, dead to the world, dead to our old Adam 1.... Where heaven is our home, Colossians 3:1-4, As opposed to those still in the world, Philipians 4 say are enemies of the cross....who Thesselonians states those who have disobeyed the Gospel will be deceived by this Christ wanna be. Actually many who claim to be saved will be deceived ..those who believe in kingdom now theology, dominion theology etc.

Why Confess Your Sins
Nicole, no, the law was a YOKE AND BURDEN to those in Israel. We are FREE IN CHRIST without the law.

Nicole, only IF there was a law FORCING everyone to get a license regardless of whether they hunted fished or drove would be a law EVERYONE would be under. We don't live in Russia or N Korea..remember. Many have the FREEDON TO CHOOSE. Now with the LAW in Israel, EVERYONE was under the LAW. There was no such thing as not participating. And the LAW brought DEATH...not FREEDOM.

So again I really don't know what you and David are trying to get across here. It just doesn't make sense to me what you are saying. ONLY "IN CHRIST" Is one FREE.

Baptize Our Babies
I think we are in agreement Nicole.

Rahab and Abraham were both before the LAW. So to those who want to mingle Faith and works of the LAW and use James....need to take into account like YOU also said....Rahab was a Gentile, and not under the LAW. Her ACTIONS in protecting the spies "PROVED her faith" in the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. And in the end, when the scarlet thread ( symbolic of BLOOD) much like the Passover, was put in their window, The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob SAVED THEM.

Is 666 The Mark Of The Beast
Oh and Cluny, you don't have to be an Einstein to know that either. You don't even have to have perfect spelling. Ha! Have a nice day. That truth comes through the Holy Spirit who doesn't rely on your so called human intellect. Thank goodness Peter was an unlearned man. God chooses the base Cluny, to show folks like yourself how much God hates self serving pride.

Baptize Our Babies
Nicole, you need to REREAD my post again. I'm going by James. Rahab put into action what she HEARD AND BELIEVED, AND LIED TO SAVE the Israelites lives, the spies who went in. Her lie protected them. But Lying is against the LAW isn't it. So works here is not the works of the law...WAS MY POINT. Your comment is not in disagreement with my post. Thanks for backing it up.

If you and David actually gave some THOUGHT AND RESEARCH to my posts, you wouldn't always be looking for disagreement. So, is the problem not reading them, or not reading them?

Why Confess Your Sins
Nicole, I simply do not understand or follow your statement. My mother never learned to drive, and at 92 never will. There is no law about driving she is under, except if she now wants to drive she'll have to get a license.

So does that mean, if I want to start sinning I'll have to get a license to sin? And then once I get my license to sin, I'm no longer under the law? Correct?

There is no LICENSING LAWS in scripture stop trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole just to impress David. The analogy was BAZAAR and is not applicable no matter how hard you try unless you're snorting crack or dropping acid. Then you are free to believe anything you want...even believing you can land on the next comet fly by.

Why Confess Your Sins

I obey the Gospel according to the mystery...Romans 16:25-27. Which is the LAW OF THE SPIRIT OF THE LIFE OF CHRIST JESUS has set me free from the law of sin and death. There is therefore no condemnation to those IN CHRIST who walk after the spirit and not the flesh.

Davids threat in Thesselonians are to all those like himself who have not OBEYED Romans 6-8,Which is the Gospel according to the Mystery of CHRIST IN YOU Colossians 1:24-27. We live under the Law of CHRIST IN YOU showing Galatians 2:20-21 as much the Law of Christ as Romans 8:2

Also Galatians 6:2 is about LOVE and fulfilling the Law of Christ, LOVE being the fruit of the Spirit Galatians 5:22-25

The only CRACK here is in your head David.

Why Confess Your Sins
David what makes you think I do not obey the law of Christ? I'm Getting tired of your false accusations. To be clear, and be very specific here please LIST FROM SCRIPTURE exactly what these or this law is.

Maybe we just have a different understanding of the Law of Christ.

ALSO with your specific list, please reference scripture, and then PROVE where I clearly say I do not obey this Law. I don't want scripture YOU THINK is the Law of Christ
I want an actual list like the 663 commandments and statutes.

Why Confess Your Sins
The idea of legalizing GRACE is just as wrong as saying its freedom to sin. Peter, John, James or Paul etc never teach GRACE is put back under the law, or is lawlessness. Those who promote either misconception simply have never been saved BY GRACE THROUGH FAITH. They have never experienced Romans 6-8 SHALL WE CONTINUE IN SIN...GOD FORBID.... Or Peters 1 Peter 4.. Supported by Philippians 3 which is what James 1 is about. The testing and trials OF YOUR FAITH, which incorporates SUFFERING, for the purpose of becoming perfect and entire lacking nothing.. Again supported by Hebrews 5:8-9 just to name a few places. This is the GRACE we also continue to live under while we are growing into the fullness and stature of Christ..Ephesians 4.

Baptize Our Babies
Just to be clear, the works James talks about is not any works of the law, as Sacrificing your first born, or LYING as Rahab did, was never a law. If you say..I have faith the chair will hold me, but never sit in it, is just words without proof you actually believe the chair will hold you. Faith Paul says, OBEDIENCE OF FAITH, show action with words. Like.."put your money where your mouth is" ... And we know the Law is not if FAITH.....FAITH being something totally different. The LAW is not the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.

Our faith is in the PROMISES OF GOD. Rahab BELIEVED the report that God was going to destroy Jerico. Abraham believed God would raise Isaac from the dead.

Is 666 The Mark Of The Beast
Cluny, calculate can also mean consider. One clue is it is a number...the number of man. Man was created on the 6th day. That's also written in Hebrew. The New Creature IN CHRIST is no longer a 6, but a 7.

That kind of calculating. Not some numerology junk.

Should Churches Be Taxed
Actually in today's evil world, yes. Then Scientologists, Mormons Moonies, Paula White Benny Hinners etc etc, and all those fake Christian orginizations hiding under this falsehood can't scam the country anymore by being some tax exempt entity making a farce out of Christianity. These are TRAFFICERS in Christianity. Just as evil and corrupt as any TRAFFICERS.

Baptism A Public Testimony
David, we Christians, unlike you, believe all scripture is God breathed.

Scripture teaches scripture, regardless of who God used to write through.

Really getting tired of your attack on Christian values and principles. And somehow you seem to be focused on attacking me, and stalking me here. Sounds a little perverted now that you think of it.

Christians don't attack other Christians like you seem to be doing David.

Mormonism is NOT Christianity. That's what is bothering you. Sorry, buy I will contend for the TRUE GOSPEL. Deal with it.

Why Confess Your Sins
They remind me of Saul, before he became Paul. And look what God had to do to change his mind!
---David on 1/17/19

Actually David You can read about what Saul/ Paul said about himself before he became Paul in Philippians 3. One of my most favorite chapters totally debunking everything you teach and stand for. I believe and understand Philippians 3 quite well, as only hose CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST, and have entered the fellowship of His sufferings would understand...EVERYTHING YOU ARE ARGUING AGAINST.

SAUL considered himself BLAMELESS under the Law as did all Pharisees, who did not believe Jesus was the Son of God. WE DO BELIEVE JESUS IS THE SON OF GOD. SO Those UNDER GRACE are as far from a Pharisee as one can get.

Is 666 The Mark Of The Beast
For what it's worth,, the Greek letters of Iisous Xristos add up to 888.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 1/16/19

What does that have to do with anything? Nowhere are we asked to calcalute and add up any Greek letters .

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